Nicolas Cage finally explains why he went from being a blockbuster big screen star to an indie straight to video actor, simply because Hollywood wasn’t interested in him anymore???

Nicolas Cage did an interview with GQ magazine and in it has a very interesting piece on why Nic Cage went from being a blockbuster megastar to an indie straight to video actor very quickly. Cage says in the interview that the calls stopped coming in all of a sudden. It’s just that big time Hollywood stopped sending him scripts and calls for whatever reason.

When Nic Cage was a big screen actor he did so many hit movies that made big bucks… movies like “The Rock”, “Face/Off”, “8mm”, “Snake Eyes”, “Con Air”, “Moonstruck”, “Gone in 60 Seconds”, “National Treasure”, etc. were some of the biggest movies he done.

Now he’s done lots of indie VOD movies… well, Nic Cage had to keep working somehow right? Acting is what he does ’cause he loves it so much. It’s a passion of his so he kept doing all these VOD movies not caring whether they were good or not. He did them ’cause he had to keep working and to get himself out of debt ’cause even a guy like Nic was in financial trouble. It was the movie he did, “The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent” that helped him get out of debt.

What got him in debt? Was the dinosaur skull? No… it’s because he bought real estate, trying to help his elderly mother and things like that.

I hate most celebrities and Hollywood people like most but there’s a few good ones left and Nic Cage is one of them. Nic is an interesting guy and after reading his GQ interview which you can find online, makes me respect him even more.

I’m a Nic Cage fan and I try to watch a lot of his movies as much as possible. I’ve seen a lot of his blockbuster films and a lot of his VOD stuff. Not all of his movies are good, though and even Nic admits that too.

He does say however, that he’s going to be more selective and picky and make every movie like if it’s his last. Meaning he wants all of his upcoming movies to be really good, he’s no longer going to be random when it comes to picking scripts. He’s going to be more picky and choosy from now on.

Now I really want to see that movie, “Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent” which I plan on buying the BluRay to that movie sometime in the future.



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