When it comes to Bob Saget’s death, what are they hiding?

Well Bob Saget’s family were successful at getting autopsy reports, photos and videos of his death blocked and they will never get released to the public. Why?

If he died of a simple fall backward like they claim then they would release that stuff. Yeah, “privacy” was used as an excuse and the photos/videos being too graphic was being used as an excuse too but what are they hiding?

I feel he died of something much worse.


I don’t want to sound like a conspiracy theorist that he was murdered but maybe the “accident” he had was something much worse than a simple fall and they didn’t want to get that out? Anyhow, don’t rule out a murder/homicide ’cause that can be possible too. I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out to be that.

The family knows what really happened to him and it definitely wasn’t a “fall” ’cause from what I’ve read, everything doesn’t add up at all. He had severe skull fractures… so bad that a simple fall couldn’t have caused that, ya know?

Sure, a simple fall backwards and hitting your head on the floor can kill ya definitely but that won’t give you head fractures that bad. Anyway, it’s very rare that people die of a “simple fall”. Most survive that. I fell on the floor and hit my head many times and I’m still alive and breathing. I hit my head against a car door once.

The real truth will get out there, though. I think Bob’s friends and all the “Full House” crew deserve to know what really happened. So how come no one is talking and why are they hiding stuff?


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