Report: The music industry, still upset over Arcade Fire’s big win at the Grammy’s…why?

People in the music industry & fans are still upset that the Arcade Fire won big at the Grammy’s this year. My question is, why? The Arcade Fire deserves it. The long time hip hop music exec, Steve Stoute, slammed the Grammy’s for choosing the Arcade Fire to win, “Album of Year” and says Eminem, Kanye West or Justin Bieber deserves it more.

Read the full article, here.

Well, somebody sounds jealous. I don’t understand why the music industry and music fans are so upset that Arcade Fire won. Arcade Fire is a phenomenal band, I fucking love them! Their win was well deserved. The Arcade Fire didn’t get this over night, they accomplished a lot in their career.

This inspires a new videoblog that I will make this week. I will explain why Arcade Fire deserves it and defend the band on video. I should have the video up later this week. The video might have potential to have a lot of views, it might be controversial. So be on the lookout for that soon.



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