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Thoughts on the new Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees of 2019… yes, they are all worthy even Janet Jackson!

Well I’m pretty happy with this year’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees. They did a good job this time. The Cure, Def Leppard, Janet Jackson, Stevie Nicks, Radiohead, Roxy Music and the Zombies. I admire and respect ALL of these musical acts.

Yeah, there are gonna be some that are gonna question Janet Jackson and Stevie Nicks being in there but they are both worthy totally. Stevie may be already in the Hall of Fame under Fleetwood Mac but this is her as a solo artist, though. Her as a solo artist is definitely worthy.

I also know that some are gonna bitch and complain about Janet Jackson being in there. The haters are going to make assumptions that Janet is not “rock” and say she’s a pop artist but Janet is rock n’ roll. I know how some out there gets upset that pop artists getting inducted in the Hall of Fame but pop music is rock. Many don’t think so but it really is. Rock n’ roll exists in all styles of music including hip hop. That’s why you are starting to see hip hop artists being inducted too.

With that being said, Janet’s career is pretty legendary and I’m a fan of her stuff. Loved her for a long time and still do. Her induction in the hall of fame was definitely long overdue. I agree with her being in.

Other than that I’m happy with the other inductees too. Even though I never bought any of the Cure’s records, I do like that band and want to start getting their stuff. I’m also a fan of Def Leppard… when I was a kid I used to own “Pyromania” and “Hysteria” albums on CD but got rid of them. Would like to get those two albums back and I plan on it at some point. Radiohead? Fuck yeah, totally worthy for sure. I’m a huge Radiohead fan as I own pretty much all of their albums except for “Ok Computer”, “Hail to The Thief” and “A Moon Shaped Pool” but I plan on getting them soon.

As far as Roxy Music goes, I didn’t listen to them much over the years but the only album I’ve heard of theirs was “For Your Pleasure” which was a great album. Bryan Ferry is a talented singer.

As far as the Zombies goes, I’m glad they’re in finally. This one was long overdue for sure. I never bought their records but I’ve heard plenty of their songs, though. Songs like “Time of the Season”, “She’s Not There”, “Tell Her No”, “This Will Be Our Year”, etc. Oh man, they wrote so many great masterpieces. To hell with the Beatles and the Rolling Stones… you wanna listen to real music, listen to the Zombies.


Here’s a song in the videos below for each inductee… enjoy!

The Cure “Lovesong” 

Def Leppard “Love Bites”

Janet Jackson “That’s the Love Goes”

Stevie Nicks “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around”

Radiohead “How to Disappear Completely”

Roxy Music “If There Is Something”

The Zombies “She’s Not There”


Why Janet Jackson is totally worthy for the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame…

I know this choice of a nomination is kind of questionable but Janet Jackson is totally worthy. Her music is rock n’ roll all the way whether you want to agree with it or not. She’s more pop/rock than anything but she’s still rock n’ roll. Even though she’s mostly pop/rock, she still has some songs that has some great guitar playing on them with songs like “Black Cat” and “If”, hear the tracks below for a little flashback.

Janet is totally worthy. The Jackson 5 and Michael Jackson’s solo career is in the Hall of Fame but not yet Janet but she will be soon, though. I think she’s gonna get the induction for sure.

I’ve listened to all of her albums and I would say her best albums are “Rhythm Nation 1814”, “Janet” (1993), and her newest album, “Unbreakable”. I enjoyed all of Janet’s albums but those three are my favorite.

I’ve always been a fan since high school and still am a fan of hers today. She had a successful career and her music is fun and enjoyable career. She’s had a very positive career for the most part. She was never those type of artists who got herself into any celebrity gossip and didn’t bring her personal life into things too much. Except the only controversy that she got herself into was her wardrobe malfunction at the Superbowl with Justin Timberlake but that’s about it and that isn’t a big deal.

Janet Jackson is a great artist and accomplished a lot on a positive note. She always had my respect. Her music is fun and enjoyable to listen to. I’m a big fan of all the Jacksons. We need more of Janet and less Kanye West.


Pop & rap is rock n’ roll, it’s not that hard to understand…

A lot of people these days would criticize the hall of fame. Music fans would accuse them of not including enough rock in the induction roster  and many would accuse the Hall of Fame of inducting some of the most famous bands really late.

I’ve always believed in the Hall of Fame and believe they know what they’re doing “genre” wise. Many people mistakenly believes that rock n’ roll is just nothing but guitar playing. Not exactly true you see, rock n’ roll exists in all forms of music and that includes pop music, R & B and rap/hip hop. Pop music is rock n’ roll. R & B is rock n’ roll. Yes, rap/hip hop is rock n’ roll too. All those genres came from rock n’ roll. Without rock n’ roll, then pop, R & B and rap/hip hop wouldn’t have happened. I believe the Hall of Fame knows exactly what they’re doing with “genres” so they’re fine with that.

My issue with the Hall of Fame is they haven’t inducted a lot of really good bands & artists that are deserving of a Hall of Fame induction… snubbing bands & artists that are deserving. They are right nominating Janet Jackson ’cause I’m a huge fan of her music. I just finished listening to all of her records on Apple Music and I even bought a physical CD of Janet’s new album, “Unbreakable” (which is a really good album, btw, her best record for sure). They are also right nominating the N.W.A., the rap group that I love.

There’s a very good chance that Deep Purple and YES may actually get an induction this year ’cause they are getting a lot of votes this time. I also agree with Cheap Trick ’cause I’m a fan of them too.

I was never a big fan of Nine Inch Nails, though. Just never got into their music as I think NIN is pretty overrated.

I also agree with Los Lobos and the Cars getting nominated ’cause they are great bands as well.

Hopefully, Deep Purple and YES will make it this time. I’m crossing my fingers for them.




Really digging the new Janet Jackson song, “No Sleep”, not too bad at all!!!

Look like Janet is about ready to drop a new album pretty soon. She finally released a new song and it’s not that bad at all. I’m digging it really. I’ve been listening to a lot of Janet’s music on Apple Music and listened to 4 of her albums already.

Like i said before, I dig this type of music sometimes. I’m into all sorts of music even though I mostly prefer to listen to rock & metal, though.


Cool Video: People pay tribute to Janet Jackson in the streets of L.A.

I hate Janet Jackson but this is really quite amazing, you can’t deny that. Regular people like us, pay tribute to Janet the pop star by dancing along to her songs in the streets of L.A. Janet herself watches from above.

They probably just want to make her happy to help her get over the death of her brother, MJ. Not just to respect her as a music artist.


Report: Janet and the Jackson brothers may do tour in tribute for MJ…

A Jackson 5 reunion may happen after all, but of course without Michael Jackson but the lead singer would be replaced by Janet Jackson. They are planning a U.S. tour to cover MJ’s hits.

Billboard reports:


Hmmmmm…as long as the Jackson brothers keep Janet’s bra on as their dancing around on stage, I’m all for a MJ tribute tour. There’s probably going to be full of lip synching though, just a warning.


Thought: What is wrong with Janet Jackson?

So Janet Jackson is cancelling a bunch of shows because she is feeling ill for whatever is wrong with her. My thoughts?

Who cares. Let her rot.

She is an untalented worthless piece of trash. She is also one of the biggest egos in the music industry.

Why does this have to be news? Everybody gets sick. It happens to everybody.

Her boob controversy at the Superbowl that year with Justin Timberlake is what made her turn into a bitch, she said it was an accidental wardrobe malfunction when I don’t buy it at all. I think it was done on purposely just so people can care about her again. She also blamed the label of her failed new album which is also a turn off and offensive.

Who cares. She deserves to suffer after all the shit she treated the music industry. Why feel sorry about this stupid woman. She’s taking the high road like her brother Michael. She’s an ugly skank who is not hot looking at all.

She should just end her career and quit. Let her suffer. I’m sick of her.


Report: Janet Jackson drops Island Def Jam record label…

Janet Jackson has quit her record label Island Def Jam records after being part of the label’s roster for 14 months. She released her new album “Discipline” through it. The reason for her departure of the label? She’s blaming the label for the bombing of her new album. Accusing them of not promoting it hard enough.

Billboard reports:


Oh Janet, you shouldn’t blame the record label because of your failed album. The label marketed the album pretty heavily from what I’ve seen. The only reason the new album bombed in record sales and no one bought it is because Janet Jackson sucks and have no talent. Janet’s musical comeback failed. People don’t care for Janet Jackson anymore. She’s an ego driven pop star who think she’ll be successful at everything just because she’s the real life sister of Michael. She should have never came back to music and just retire. Island Def Jam should just sue her ass for her accusations.