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Congrats to the new Rock n’ roll Hall of Famers…

I’m pretty happy with all the inductees for the next Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame. Yes is finally in which is about time! I’m a huge fan of Yes. They’re one of my favorite rock n’ roll bands of all time!

I stopped liking Pearl Jam but I will always love their first three albums ’cause I thought “Ten”, “Vs.” and “Vitalogy” were pretty amazing records. Still love those records now. Their newer stuff? Not so much but Pearl Jam are legends and they accomplished so much. That can’t be denied. They’re the start of the grunge movement in the 90’s.

Tupac I do like but I don’t listen to him that much but I should. I respect his legacy and what he did to the hip hop industry. Yes, “hip hop” is rock n’ roll, get over it.

Joan Baez, I’m not a big fan of either but respect her legacy and what she did to the industry.

I do love ELO and Journey for sure. 2017 Hall of Fame is pretty decent this year; although, I’m disappointed that Steppenwolf got snubbed this year but there’s always 2018 for them.



Pop & rap is rock n’ roll, it’s not that hard to understand…

A lot of people these days would criticize the hall of fame. Music fans would accuse them of not including enough rock in the induction roster  and many would accuse the Hall of Fame of inducting some of the most famous bands really late.

I’ve always believed in the Hall of Fame and believe they know what they’re doing “genre” wise. Many people mistakenly believes that rock n’ roll is just nothing but guitar playing. Not exactly true you see, rock n’ roll exists in all forms of music and that includes pop music, R & B and rap/hip hop. Pop music is rock n’ roll. R & B is rock n’ roll. Yes, rap/hip hop is rock n’ roll too. All those genres came from rock n’ roll. Without rock n’ roll, then pop, R & B and rap/hip hop wouldn’t have happened. I believe the Hall of Fame knows exactly what they’re doing with “genres” so they’re fine with that.

My issue with the Hall of Fame is they haven’t inducted a lot of really good bands & artists that are deserving of a Hall of Fame induction… snubbing bands & artists that are deserving. They are right nominating Janet Jackson ’cause I’m a huge fan of her music. I just finished listening to all of her records on Apple Music and I even bought a physical CD of Janet’s new album, “Unbreakable” (which is a really good album, btw, her best record for sure). They are also right nominating the N.W.A., the rap group that I love.

There’s a very good chance that Deep Purple and YES may actually get an induction this year ’cause they are getting a lot of votes this time. I also agree with Cheap Trick ’cause I’m a fan of them too.

I was never a big fan of Nine Inch Nails, though. Just never got into their music as I think NIN is pretty overrated.

I also agree with Los Lobos and the Cars getting nominated ’cause they are great bands as well.

Hopefully, Deep Purple and YES will make it this time. I’m crossing my fingers for them.




I’m a new fan of the band, Yes… they are pretty amazing…

How come the band Yes isn’t in the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame when they should have been a long time ago? I finally got around to listening to their two albums I got for the Ipod. The albums titled, “Fragile” and their new album, “Heaven and Earth”. I thought both were amazing masterpieces. I was blown away with both of these albums and it makes me want to get more of their music.

This band is so underrated. The only people who would know who they are are musicians mostly. They are one of those bands that you wouldn’t know that they are still around playing music.

I think Steve Howe is a genius guitar player and Jon Davison is an awesome vocalist. I’m a huge fan of prog rock. I love all prog rock music like Rush, Dream Theater, Pink Floyd, Tool, etc. I just like long songs and improvised jams. That’s what these bands do.

Yes is a pretty incredible band and underrated… I’ll probably get more of their albums in the future. You should check them out too if you don’t know much about this band. I’m sure most people only know them for their “Fragile” album which is a masterpiece but I’m planning on listening to more of their music.

Their latest album “Heaven and Earth” that they put out earlier this year is killer too. In fact, “Heaven and Earth” is one of the best albums of this year, pretty high up there. At least somewhere in the top 5. You wanna listen to some real music? Listen to some, Yes. There’s some real music for ya.