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Congrats to the new Rock n’ roll Hall of Famers…

I’m pretty happy with all the inductees for the next Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame. Yes is finally in which is about time! I’m a huge fan of Yes. They’re one of my favorite rock n’ roll bands of all time!

I stopped liking Pearl Jam but I will always love their first three albums ’cause I thought “Ten”, “Vs.” and “Vitalogy” were pretty amazing records. Still love those records now. Their newer stuff? Not so much but Pearl Jam are legends and they accomplished so much. That can’t be denied. They’re the start of the grunge movement in the 90’s.

Tupac I do like but I don’t listen to him that much but I should. I respect his legacy and what he did to the hip hop industry. Yes, “hip hop” is rock n’ roll, get over it.

Joan Baez, I’m not a big fan of either but respect her legacy and what she did to the industry.

I do love ELO and Journey for sure. 2017 Hall of Fame is pretty decent this year; although, I’m disappointed that Steppenwolf got snubbed this year but there’s always 2018 for them.



Cool Video: I must say that the Hologram thing at Coachella was very cool!

Now dead musicians will have the opportunity to perform on stage again!!! Well, sort of! While I wasn’t that crazy about this year’s Coachella lineup, I thought what Dr. Dre did here was very cool, and a wonderful thing to do to pay homage to an artist!

The music industry will probably do this a lot more often for live concerts for TV! Will they do this for Elvis? Hendrix? Janis Joplin? Jim Morrison? Maybe even Kurt Cobain?

I think Metallica should do a Hologram for Cliff Burton, that would be awesome!

I’m not into rap too much anymore but I thought this was very cool! The Hologram will indeed be the next big thing in the music industry.