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RIP Michael Jackson who passed away 6 years ago today…

Celebrating the music of Michael Jackson today. I really was bummed about his passing and still am. Don’t care what anyone says, I’m a fan. Always have been ever since I was a kid. I used to buy his albums all the time. When his videos came on MTV, I would crank up the volume and sing along to the songs. Love him or hate him all you want to, he was a genius. I’ve always believed that Dr. Conrad Murray murdered him and it turns out that he did.

If MJ was still alive today, I’m sure he would have moved on to be an actor ’cause he was on the verge of retirement from the music business ’cause that’s what “This Is It” tour was about. “This Is It”, the tour that never happened.

MJ may have had his problems but he wasn’t perfect just like all of us aren’t. We’re all human so get over it.


Rest in Peace, Michael Jackson…

Michael Jackson may have been a strange man over the years yes but his musical talent can’t be denied. No matter what you think of him, the man was a musical genius. Even though he is gone, his music will always be around. I’m pretty sure you still hear his music everywhere you go: on the radio, in clubs/bars, cover bands, wedding receptions, etc.

MJ was a huge inspiration for me as a kid. “Thriller” is one of my favorite albums of all time and still love the record. When I was a kid, I would watch MTV and when a Michael Jackson video came on… I would sing along to his songs and try to learn his dance moves.

He still is an inspiration to me. He may have been a bit of a whack job but I never cared about his personal life… it was about the music for me.

Michael Jackson was real. He wasn’t manufactured by the major labels. He really did the work and got him this success himself. He knew what he was doing. If you want proof that he was the real deal, watch the film, “This Is It”.

His legacy will never be forgotten.


Paris Jackson, my belief on what led her to become suicidal…

Paris Jackson, the daughter of pop icon, Michael Jackson, has been admitted to the same hospital where the King of Pop died. Why? Because Paris has become suicidal. She came close to killing herself by cutting her wrists ’cause she was bullied online and felt alone. While those were probably the reasons she became suicidal, I think there is way more to it than that. The thing is, I think Paris had a tough childhood. In the early days, Michael kept his kids isolated from the public for protection, and when they go out, they were forced to get masked/hidden from public view. Now that Michael is gone, she can freely go out in the public unmasked all she wants to. I also believe that Michael’s troubled past with the drugs, child molestation accusations, etc. is what also helped drive her into depression. Since Michael has been such a target on his strange & weird behaviors when he was alive, I bet she is being made fun of for this reason. On top of all this, another reason could be that even though that she even might agree that M.J. had problems, she still loves him ’cause he was her father and she misses him terribly.

It’s got to be very difficult for her to be the kid of the most famous person in the world. M.J.’s death and his troubled past will be with her for the rest of her life so this is gonna be tough on her. It’s gonna be hard for her to get accepted in this society for that reason alone. She wants to live her life like any normal human being would but people are going to see her differently ’cause of M.J.

Despite M.J.’s personal problems, I’ve always been a fan of his music. Still do like his music. He may have been a bit of a whack job but his personal problems and musical talent should be kept separate. You can’t deny that he was a talented man.

Paris Jackson and the kids are going to need plenty of counseling if they want to grow up living a good life. They shouldn’t grow up ending up like Michael. I’m no fan of Marilyn Manson but he did the right thing paying respects to her at his concert. He did it ’cause she was a big fan of his music so kudos to him and it was his way of showing that the people are behind her, and everyone supports her.

This is really sad stuff, though, and I wish nothing but the best of Paris too. She seems like a good kid who is scared, confused, and sad. Lets hope she gets all the help that she needs so she can rebuild her life into a more positive direction.


Thought: How I would like to see the Michael Jackson biopic get made…

As soon as the news of the Michael Jackson biopic film moving forward was announced this week, I am a little worried on how they’re going to make the film. There are questions you have to ask yourself about the film. How much are they going to put in and how much they are going to leave out of Jackson’s life? Will they even use the pedophile and Conrad Murray stuff?

Since this film is going to be by the Jackson estate, I’m a little worried they’re going to leave out all the negative stuff about Jackson’s life, and focus on the positive things out of respect for Jackson’s family. I hope they use everything about Jackson’s life even the controversial stuff. Yes, they even need to use the part where Jackson hangs a baby out the window. Jackson losing Neverland Ranch needs to be in the film too. All that controversial and dark stuff about Jackson’s life needs to be in the film, if they want it to be a powerful drama. This shouldn’t be a family friendly Jackson biopic ’cause we already got the family friendly Jackson with the, “This Is It”, movie.

The film also shouldn’t be a musical ’cause we already got that with, “This Is It”. It needs to be a strictly biopic movie think of films like “La Bamba”, “Ray”, and “Walk the Line”. If they want this film to work, and if they want this film to land some Oscar nods, they need to be a little careful with this film. It’s going to be difficult and challenging to make a Jackson biopic.

It needs a really good writer and good director. Kenny Ortega will probably direct this film, but I would appreciate if they pass the torch to someone else. Spike Lee might do a good job. I would also like the great Martin Scorsese to direct it too. MJ and Martin Scorsese worked on a few music videos in the past before, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they go after Scorsese. Scorsese would probably be the best choice out of everyone though.

The film also needs to be long, at least 2 1/2 hrs. to 3 hrs long. A Jackson biopic would be good. It should focus on the history of his life from his childhood to his death. It should focus everything on his life from his music career, movie career, family life, romantic relationships, drug addiction, etc. Everything needs to be in it. It’s not a biopic movie if they decide to leave stuff out, right?

Whether you like MJ or not, he is king. They don’t call him the, “King of Pop”, for nothing. I’m a fan of MJ, always has been. I don’t care what other people think.


Report: Michael Jackson estate finally moving forward on making the biopic film about the King of Pop…

So the Michael Jackson estate executor, John Branca, has finally started to shop for producers and studios to help make the biopic film to the big screen about the late, King of Pop. Branca approached, Montecito Pictures, which is owned by Ivan Reitman and Tom Pollock, to help finance and produce.

Read more on the story, here.

This is just the early stages and just moving forward. So there are no screenwriters, directors and no cast yet. I bet the director will be none other than Kenny Ortega who did, “This is It”.

As for who to cast Michael Jackson himself, they would need 5 different actors to play him because of his various transformations over the years on his image. They would need black actors to play the younger Jackson of course, but as for the full grown Jackson, any actor can play him. You know about Michael Jackson’s white skin due to his bad plastic surgery, any actor (including a white actor) can play that kind of Jackson.

I think I remember Johnny Depp, wanted to play Michael Jackson for the biopic, and I think that’s a perfect choice right there, in my opinion. Depp would make a good Jackson. They would probably get Jaden Smith for the child Jackson of the Jackson 5 era.

If they do a good job and make it right, I can see this movie being a very powerful drama. Will they do everything about Michael’s life in this movie? Will they even add the pedophile trial and the Conrad Murray stuff into the film? They probably will, wouldn’t surprise me.

As for who to play the young Jackson during the “Off the Wall” to the “Thriller” era, I’m not sure, but they would need a young black actor for that too. It’s gonna be difficult to cast Jackson for sure. I vote Forrest Whittaker or Laurence Fishburne for Conrad Murray.

Anyway, it’s gonna be a long while to see the Michael Jackson biopic arrive to the big screen. I see it being released in 2013 – 14. Glad they’re finally starting to do one. I’m looking forward to it!




Well, I watched the TMZ live stream of the Conrad Murray Verdict reading today. I was expecting Murray to walk out a free man, I’m not defending him, it was just a prediction. I wanted to see him guilty. Turns out, that he is guilty of involuntary manslaughter. He’s been denied bail until his sentencing, he will serve up to 4 years in state prison and will get removed from his medical license. While I’m happy to see that he’s guilty, I’m not happy with the sentencing. It should be LONGER. Make it 20 or 30 years or more.

He killed one of the most famous pop icons in the world. Somebody that meant to a lot of music fans and people loved MJ. Murray took him away from us. I’m a fan of MJ myself. It should be a longer sentencing ’cause what if Murray does this to someone else, you  know? Prison won’t teach him anything.

Why would Murray kill MJ? My guess it would be for jealousy rage. He was jealous of MJ’s fame and fortune, of course.


Thought: I think it’s wrong to kick KISS off the Michael Jackson tribute concert…

Angry fans were outraged that KISS were booked for the Oct. 8th Michael Jackson concert in Wales. The promoters heard, and just like that, they kicked the band off the lineup. The reason? Gene Simmons agreed that Michael Jackson was a pedophile and child molester years ago.

The band haven’t responded to being kicked off the concert yet, but I’m sure they will have something to say about it soon.

Read the full story, here.

In my opinion, the promoters didn’t have to boot KISS off the show just because fans didn’t want them on. What Gene said about Michael was years ago. If Gene agreed to sign up to play the show with KISS, then I’m sure he had a change of heart with Michael Jackson now. The promoters claim they did it because they wanted to do justice to Michael’s memory with this tribute.

Well, the reality is, they just disrespected Michael’s honor just by booting KISS off the show. Michael have always been a huge fan of KISS. I’m pretty sure M.J. would have wanted them on the concert if he was still alive right now. They need KISS for the show.

On top of that, Gene isn’t the only person in the world who thinks M.J. was a pedophile. There are plenty of people who think of M.J. the same way.


Remembering Michael Jackson…

Like most people, I was mostly into old school MJ. The Jackson 5 and his earlier solo career. I thought Michael Jackson’s best albums were “Off the Wall”, “Thriller”, and “Dangerous”.

Yes, everyone is going to call him a crazy whack job and a pedophile like always, but despite all that, you can’t deny that he was a talented musician, a great artist, and a great entertainer. You also can’t deny the legacy he created with the music business. He may have been controversial, but there was something special about him.

I feel that he is gone too soon. The world wasn’t ready to let Michael Jackson go yet. He was a childhood hero of mine. Used to watch his videos all the time on MTV when I was a kid and would play his records to death.

I know this is a day late, so I decided to get around to it now. Michael Jackson may have died two years ago, but when it comes to him, it feels like he just died yesterday. I wish Michael Jackson was still here today.

If he was, I’m sure he would have finished the “This Is It” tour and release a new album that he planned on doing before. He may have had his problems, but the guy was great. Always has been.