Thought: How I would like to see the Michael Jackson biopic get made…

As soon as the news of the Michael Jackson biopic film moving forward was announced this week, I am a little worried on how they’re going to make the film. There are questions you have to ask yourself about the film. How much are they going to put in and how much they are going to leave out of Jackson’s life? Will they even use the pedophile and Conrad Murray stuff?

Since this film is going to be by the Jackson estate, I’m a little worried they’re going to leave out all the negative stuff about Jackson’s life, and focus on the positive things out of respect for Jackson’s family. I hope they use everything about Jackson’s life even the controversial stuff. Yes, they even need to use the part where Jackson hangs a baby out the window. Jackson losing Neverland Ranch needs to be in the film too. All that controversial and dark stuff about Jackson’s life needs to be in the film, if they want it to be a powerful drama. This shouldn’t be a family friendly Jackson biopic ’cause we already got the family friendly Jackson with the, “This Is It”, movie.

The film also shouldn’t be a musical ’cause we already got that with, “This Is It”. It needs to be a strictly biopic movie think of films like “La Bamba”, “Ray”, and “Walk the Line”. If they want this film to work, and if they want this film to land some Oscar nods, they need to be a little careful with this film. It’s going to be difficult and challenging to make a Jackson biopic.

It needs a really good writer and good director. Kenny Ortega will probably direct this film, but I would appreciate if they pass the torch to someone else. Spike Lee might do a good job. I would also like the great Martin Scorsese to direct it too. MJ and Martin Scorsese worked on a few music videos in the past before, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they go after Scorsese. Scorsese would probably be the best choice out of everyone though.

The film also needs to be long, at least 2 1/2 hrs. to 3 hrs long. A Jackson biopic would be good. It should focus on the history of his life from his childhood to his death. It should focus everything on his life from his music career, movie career, family life, romantic relationships, drug addiction, etc. Everything needs to be in it. It’s not a biopic movie if they decide to leave stuff out, right?

Whether you like MJ or not, he is king. They don’t call him the, “King of Pop”, for nothing. I’m a fan of MJ, always has been. I don’t care what other people think.


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