Thought: It really is sad what WWE has become, I lost interest in WWE completely…

Even though I haven’t been watching RAW for the past several weeks, I had to watch last Monday’s RAW ’cause the Rock was going to appear. I love the Rock. Dwayne Johnson is always awesome, but last Monday’s show was terrible. It was a 3 hour special of RAW. Mick Foley came back that night, who is another hero of mine.

They’re really trying to make everything you see in WWE TV being real, when it isn’t. They’re trying to make all the storylines believable. I just don’t like how they’re ignoring the wrestling part of it and concentrating on the entertainment stuff.

I totally miss the old days of WWE, man. Back in the old days were really great. That’s when WWE was special, the Attitude Era. Now WWE is for kids.

It is why I watch TNA Impact every week now, ’cause they concentrate on the wrestling part of things. I want to see wrestling, not a fucking circus or a soap opera, come on. Even though I don’t like how WWE is going, I’ll always respect the performers. There are still talented performers in the WWE today, it’s just that I don’t like the PG rating like everyone else.

I’ve watched WWE pretty much my entire life and I didn’t think I would ever give up on them. I’ve had it with WWE. Their storylines lately are looking like stuff that you can read from pre-school childrens books. That’s how family friendly they’re getting. Almost feels like you’re watching Sesame Street.

I really miss the old days. At least TNA knows what real wrestling is all about, they’re doing a good job. I”ve been liking TNA more and  more as I watch. I’m about to watch TNA Impact, tonight.


2 thoughts on “Thought: It really is sad what WWE has become, I lost interest in WWE completely…”

  1. Yeah me too. I’ve lost interest when the walkout happened. I’ve watched since 1991.I’ve had to put up with a lot of crap over the years, I’ve been too busy to watch… but this is the one time I feel like I just don’t want to watch, because this isn’t wrestling anymore. Its like SNL. You’re right its not real. They’re going off the Punk high that everyone thought his promos over the summers were shoots because they just cut his mic. Now HHH is COO and fired his father in law… when its all just a story. Not just that but the story fizzles in a month when they are things that can be good long term stories. It also feels like the HHH show.

    Its good that Mick is a hero of yours. He’s a great guy in and out of the ring.

    And about TNA, for me I think its different and less formulayic than the WWE. They still have their problems too, but I find its more entertaining and lively than WWE.

  2. Yep, Mick Foley is indeed a hero of mine. I’ve followed his career for years. I’ve seen most of his matches in WWE and out. I’ve seen most of his classic matches in ECW, WCW and I’ve seen a lot of his matches in Japan (on video, not in person). I’ve read most of Mick’s books. That is another reason why I started watching TNA Impact ’cause he was over there for a while. I’ve even met Mick in person at one of his book speeches as well. I took a photo of myself with the real Mick Foley but the photo didn’t come out good, it came out too dark. I think I still have it somewhere though. Yep, that’s how big of a fan I am of Mick. Like they all say, Foley Is God!


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