Remembering Michael Jackson…

Like most people, I was mostly into old school MJ. The Jackson 5 and his earlier solo career. I thought Michael Jackson’s best albums were “Off the Wall”, “Thriller”, and “Dangerous”.

Yes, everyone is going to call him a crazy whack job and a pedophile like always, but despite all that, you can’t deny that he was a talented musician, a great artist, and a great entertainer. You also can’t deny the legacy he created with the music business. He may have been controversial, but there was something special about him.

I feel that he is gone too soon. The world wasn’t ready to let Michael Jackson go yet. He was a childhood hero of mine. Used to watch his videos all the time on MTV when I was a kid and would play his records to death.

I know this is a day late, so I decided to get around to it now. Michael Jackson may have died two years ago, but when it comes to him, it feels like he just died yesterday. I wish Michael Jackson was still here today.

If he was, I’m sure he would have finished the “This Is It” tour and release a new album that he planned on doing before. He may have had his problems, but the guy was great. Always has been.


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