Thought: I think it’s wrong to kick KISS off the Michael Jackson tribute concert…

Angry fans were outraged that KISS were booked for the Oct. 8th Michael Jackson concert in Wales. The promoters heard, and just like that, they kicked the band off the lineup. The reason? Gene Simmons agreed that Michael Jackson was a pedophile and child molester years ago.

The band haven’t responded to being kicked off the concert yet, but I’m sure they will have something to say about it soon.

Read the full story, here.

In my opinion, the promoters didn’t have to boot KISS off the show just because fans didn’t want them on. What Gene said about Michael was years ago. If Gene agreed to sign up to play the show with KISS, then I’m sure he had a change of heart with Michael Jackson now. The promoters claim they did it because they wanted to do justice to Michael’s memory with this tribute.

Well, the reality is, they just disrespected Michael’s honor just by booting KISS off the show. Michael have always been a huge fan of KISS. I’m pretty sure M.J. would have wanted them on the concert if he was still alive right now. They need KISS for the show.

On top of that, Gene isn’t the only person in the world who thinks M.J. was a pedophile. There are plenty of people who think of M.J. the same way.


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