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Report: Could Jacko be the next one to go???

Michael Jackson was rushed to the hospital today due to cardiac arrest, and his Dad, Joe Jackson, says he isn’t look very good at all and not doing well.

TMZ reports:


We lose David Carridine, Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, and if Jacko’s next, love him or hate him, it would be a sad loss to the music industry. I don’t agree with his views on children, and don’t like his craziness, but he is a music legend. You have to understand that. He’s made so many great hits and did so much for the music industry than anybody out there. Losing Jacko would be a tragedy whether you like him or not.


Cool Video: Michael Jackson in person at the O2 arena, press conference…

Here is Jacko’s press conference at the O2 arena. Yes, this is the real Michael Jackson himself on stage, unmasked and all. While I am a fan of Jacko’s music, I must say that he does look like a fucking freak! Maybe Jacko would be Heath Ledger’s replacement as the Joker for the next Dark Knight film, HA! It’s amazing to me that people still love Jacko after all these years, man, look at all these crazed fans screaming for the guy. Did Jacko just announce a retirement from music? He just said, “This is it” and the O2 shows will be his last of his performances.

Enjoy the video below…


Report: Michael Jackson announces 10 shows at the O2 arena in July…

Michael Jackson is scheduled to perform 10 dates at the O2 arena in July. Michael Jackson, the man himself, is expected to appear in person to make the announcement at the O2 Arena later today.

NME.com reports:


It’s understandable why he would want to play so many shows at the same venue instead of going on a world tour. I wonder if he’ll perform his entire song catalog throughout those ten dates? It’s probably what’s going to happen if he can’t think of other songs to do. He probably has new material up his sleeve too.


Report: Michael Jackson, big comeback to the live stage in the UK…

After a long hiatus from the music industry, the King of Pop, Michael Jackson is about to make a huge announcement of his musical comeback. He will make a live return to the stage. Probably the O2 Arena where Led Zeppelin had their reunion gig.

The Associated Press reports:


Congrats to Michael. He deserves a musical comeback and looking forward to it. No kidding. No joking. I like the King of Pop.

They’re probably going to video tape Michael Jackson’s concerts in London for a live DVD set to release in stores.

This is great news! Welcome back to the music world, Jacko! Finally!


Report: John Landis, director of “Thriller” video sues Jacko over profits…

John Landis, who is a pretty well known film maker…he has made movies such as, “An American Werewolf in London”, “The Blues Brothers”, “Animal House”, “Spies Like Us”, “The Three Amigos”, etc. has filed suit against the King of Pop,  Michael Jackson. John Landis worked with Jacko for his iconic music video, “Thriller”. Landis is accusing Jacko of not paying share of profits for the last four years. Landis filed suit through his company, Levitsky Prods.

This lawsuit has nothing to do with “Thriller – The Musical” which just been announced, it has to do something with the “Thriller” video.

Variety Reports:


Poor Jacko, this guy can’t have any peace and quiet for himself, I actually feel sorry for him.

If he got out of the lawsuit with the Sheik of Bahraini, he’ll get out of this one too.


Report: I call Michael Jackson needing a lung transplant made up bullshit…

Jacko’s biographer claims that the King of Pop is sick and needs a lung transplant. Expect Jacko himself to speak out soon shooting down the rumours saying it’s not true. Becareful Mr. Halperin, you could get a nice big libel and slander lawsuit. With Jacko being broke and he’s not rich anymore, this will be a perfect time for him to score some extra bucks.

TMZ reports:



Report: Jacko will NOT join the Jackson 5 reunion…

The Jackson 5 reunion maybe happening, but Michael Jackson himself isn’t joining them for a tour and album. Geez, talk about joining the Robert Plant bandwagon.

The King of Pop is currently busy in the studio working on a new solo record. He’s not doing a record with the Jackson’s.

Billboard Reports:


Look like Jacko thinks he’s too big and famous for a Jackson 5 reunion. Oh well.


Confirmed: The Jackson 5 to officially reunite in 2009…

Jermaine Jackson one of the Jackson brothers confirmed that the Jackson 5 are reuniting sometime in 2009 for a new album and tour. The group is currently in the studio working on a new album too.

Billboard reports:


Wonder what their new stuff is going to sound like? Will the Jacksons stick to their old disco dance like roots? Or will they go to something completely different?

Either that or how would the classic Jackson 5 songs like “ABC”, “I’ll Be There”, “Rockin’ Robin”, etc. would sound like today since they are not kids anymore? That’s another scary thought.


Report: Michael Jackson a fan of UFC? The King of Pop attended last Saturday’s UFC 84 ppv…

Can’t picture Michael Jackson being a UFC fan? Well apparently he is. Reports are saying that Michael Jackson the King of Pop attended the UFC 84 ppv live in person while watching the event in the audience. Since UFC was in Las Vegas, it was a big celebrity turn out. Jenna Jameson was of course there, she seems to be only at UFC ppv’s only if Tito Ortiz is having a match. Donald Trump and his son were there, and so were Shaquille O’ Neil, and “My Name Is Earl’s” Jaime Pressley were there too.

More on it here:


Back to Wacko Jacko, he showed up at UFC in a wheelchair (we all know he isn’t paralyzed or injured) wearing his usual face covering, this is his way of not getting recognized at the UFC ppv so die hard Jacko fans don’t bombard him.

From TMZ:


You just never know who is watching UFC!



BREAKING NEWS: Michael Jackson saved Neverland Ranch!!!


Michael Jackson paid his owed fines before the auction even happened. This is surprising, I never thought he would save it. The auction was scheduled March 19th, well, not anymore, since Neverland Ranch is now officially his.

More on it here:


Will Jacko actually move back in? What will he do with the house now? We’ll just have to wait and see.