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Cool photo: John Landis directs Michael Jackson for the “Thriller” music video…

(photo credit: Quint of Aint It Cool News)

This photo is so freakin’ badass, that I just had to post it for myself. I gave credit to AICN for copyright respect. At the end of the Thriller video, I always thought that MJ’s yellow eyes was some kind of special effect. After seeing this photo, the yellow eyes were actually eye contacts. In that picture, that’s the young MJ when he was really cool, the red jacket and all. RIP, Michael Jackson.


Cool Video: Mike Grosshandler of the Velmas covers “Thriller”…

Well, here comes all the youtube musicians covering Michael Jackson songs as a tribute. I’m thinking of doing the same thing. Learn a few MJ songs acoustically and record myself singing them. I’ll work on it.

Here is Mike Grosshandler of the Albany, N.Y. band, The Velmas, covering “Thriller” on an acoustic guitar, with his own backup vocals from ProTools.

Great job, Harvey (Mike’s nickname).


Report: John Landis, director of “Thriller” video sues Jacko over profits…

John Landis, who is a pretty well known film maker…he has made movies such as, “An American Werewolf in London”, “The Blues Brothers”, “Animal House”, “Spies Like Us”, “The Three Amigos”, etc. has filed suit against the King of Pop,  Michael Jackson. John Landis worked with Jacko for his iconic music video, “Thriller”. Landis is accusing Jacko of not paying share of profits for the last four years. Landis filed suit through his company, Levitsky Prods.

This lawsuit has nothing to do with “Thriller – The Musical” which just been announced, it has to do something with the “Thriller” video.

Variety Reports:


Poor Jacko, this guy can’t have any peace and quiet for himself, I actually feel sorry for him.

If he got out of the lawsuit with the Sheik of Bahraini, he’ll get out of this one too.