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First gay marriage was rammed down our throats and now it’s transgender bathrooms? Wtf???

First libtard America was successful at forcing gay marriage to get legalized in this country and now they are trying to legalize something else. They are now trying to legalize the right for transgendered people to use public restrooms for the gender they are identified as. In other words, they want trans women like for example Caitlyn Jenner to be able to have the right to use the women’s bathroom even if he has a dick still and they want transgender men like for example Chaz Bono who may still have a clit to be able to use the men’s room. You get the idea now, right?

North Carolina signed a bill called the HB2 to stop that from happening. Bruce Springsteen took a stand in it by cancelling his concert in N.C.

Bruce Springsteen cancels North Carolina show due to HB2 law



To me, these LGBT rights is going a bit too far. Our country is so doomed. I’m getting tired of all this LGBT stuff. They were successful at ramming homosexuality down our throats and now transgender.

Sure, some of you would say who cares what people do in bathrooms, it’s their business but if men were to start allowing to use women’s bathrooms and women were allowed to use men’s rooms, that’s very unhealthy if you think about it. It really is unhealthy and on top of that, I don’t want to hear a woman that looks like a man sitting down peeing in the bathroom stall next to me. There’s a pretty good reason why women use women’s bathrooms and men use men’s bathrooms. It’s a health issue is what it is.

Libtard America is getting way out of hand. It’s no surprise that Springsteen would jump aboard the bandwagon to take a stand in this ’cause his politics are too liberal. I used to like Springsteen but I stopped liking his music a long time ago anyways. Most of the music industry is pretty liberal with their politics just like most of the movie industry is. The LGBT community and this equal rights stuff is getting even more disgusting.

States should have the right to disagree with things. Our freedom of expression is just about dead here.


The Kardashians will do anything for fame, money and more publicity even if it will damage people…

Like most people, I can’t stand the Kardashians either. This family is getting worse. Getting fame for nothing. Famous for being famous. Those women having no talent and getting fame anyway. They’re probably getting fame just for their good looks alone.

How are the Kardashians exploiting people for more money, fame and publicity? Read this interesting article that explains it all perfectly.


That is why Kim K. married Kanye West and it’s why the Kardashians transitioned Bruce Jenner into a woman. I bet it was the Kardashians who talked Bruce into doing it by paying him a lot of money, ya know? They’re exploiting Bruce/Caitlyn to boost their careers, absolutely.

Don’t be surprised that Kanye’s and Caitlyn’s lives would soon be destroyed ’cause of the Kardashians. Before you know it, Kim K. will divorce Kanye sometime in the future and a big custody battle will explode over North West and their second child that’s about to come. Kanye would soon be broke and homeless ’cause of the Kardashians, he could end up doing drugs kind of like how the Kardashians got Lamar Odom into drugs. The same could happen to Caitlyn.

The Kardashians are horrible people and I wish they would all go away, including all the Jenner family ’cause I can’t stand Caitlyn Jenner at all. I don’t give a shit what all of Caitlyn’s supporters think.


Caitlyn (Bruce) Jenner kills someone in a car crash, he gets awarded by America instead of jail… SICKENING!!!

So Bruce avoids jail by transitioning into a woman? He kills a woman in a fatal car wreck and it was his FAULT, yet he avoids jail and doesn’t get charged. So he gets awarded by ESPN and libtard America worships him like a queen and it makes me SICK, honestly it does. The driver who Jenner hit doesn’t think Jenner deserves that ESPY award and I agree.


It was a multiple car wreck and he could’ve killed more than one person. He should be in prison for manslaughter.

Libtard America should be focusing on more serious matters like the Iran Nuclear deal and Obama’s imperial presidency but instead Caitlyn Jenner is more important.


Glenn Beck refuses to call Caitlyn Jenner a “woman” and still refers to him as Bruce…

This is awesome. Glenn Beck is another dude who ain’t afraid of truth. Anybody who actually believes Bruce Jenner is a woman now is an idiot. I think referring to Bruce as a “her” and “she” now is pretty lame and fuckin’ stupid, in my opinion and I’ve been saying that from the very beginning. This makes me an even bigger fan of Glenn Beck. Glad I’m not alone on this.



See what happens when the Kardashians exploit Bruce Jenner? Kim K. is now on the cover of Rollingstone…

Before the transformation of Bruce Jenner, I could have sworn that the whole Kardashian/Jenner clan used to be the most hated celebrity people on the planet but ever since that Diane Sawyer interview and that Vanity Fair cover, everybody seems to love the whole Kardashian/Jenner clan. Bashing the Kardashian and the Jenner family used to be okay but now that Bruce Jenner transitioned into a woman, it’s almost like we’re not allowed to attack that whole family. When you do, their supporters will attack you for it.

Can you see how Kim K. exploited and used Bruce Jenner as a way for her to get more respect from the American public? Can you see how she would use Bruce as a way to get a career boost and get even richer? Now she’s on the cover of Rollingstone for the first time, I think.

Everybody now loves Kim. K ’cause of the whole Bruce Jenner transgender thing which is fucking ridiculous, in my opinion.


So now that Bruce Jenner transitioned into a woman we have to get forced to give her more respect? HELL NO! I won’t respect those damn Kardashians no matter what anyone says. They are one greedy and ego-driven family. They obviously love the fame and love getting all that attention for themselves. I’m sure the Kardashians are worth a lot more money now ’cause of Caitlyn Jenner.

Watch all the Kardashians get bigger opportunities in their careers. Most of this family got famous for nothing. It’s unbelievable how America went from hating them to loving them.

Also is Bruce/Caitlyn really a Republican or a Conservative as he claimed in that Diane Sawyer interview? HA! We all know that is a flat out lie ’cause Caitlyn Jenner attended the NYC Gay pride parade so he’s obviously a liberal.

The Kardashian family exploited Bruce for more fame and wealth. That’s the same reason Kim K. married Kanye.


Obama praises Caitlyn Jenner at LGBT awards show… he seems to be comfortable around homosexuals… Hmmmm…

Is it just me or is Barack Obama more comfortable around homosexuals than straight people???? At the first half of his presidency he was all quiet about the homosexual lifestyle and now he’s all over it. At the second half of his presidency he’s been doing a lot of events, fundraisers and speeches for the LGBT. He seems to be doing more things and caring more for the LGBT people than us straight people. He’s become more obsessed with the LGBT lifestyle these days.

His last event for the LGBT was for Gay Pride Month at the White House in which I’m sure all those people watching Barack’s speech were all homosexual people, of course.

Here is Barack once again, trying to teach us that “coming out” is okay and trying to get us to accept these people.


I think it’s safe to say that America is obsessed with homosexuality. Agree with it or not, this lifestyle is being shoved in our faces everywhere you look. It’s all over TV and movies. It’s all over sports and even music.

Come  on, Barack. Come out of the closet there,  buddy. Most of us already know what you are and you do  a bad job at hiding it, you’re not fooling anyone, Barack. You’re not fooling anyone at all. Why would you go around saying to people it’s okay and wonderful to come out, yet you refuse to do it yourself?


The real reason why Bruce Jenner transitioned into a woman… to get our minds off that car crash???

Back in Feb. of this year,  the former Bruce Jenner was involved in a multiple car wreck that killed one person. The accident was Jenner’s fault and it was putting him in hot water.

Here’s a reminder:


Several months later, Jenner did an interview with Diane Sawyer making a bunch of bullshit claims that he’s a woman. Then on June 9th comes that “Vanity Fair” cover of Caitlyn Jenner.

This Bruce/Caitlyn can change himself all he wants to but that accident will never be forgotten as he just got slapped a wrongful death lawsuit.


Does he really think his fame and fortune is gonna let him get away with this? He should be in prison right now for manslaughter. Of course, with him being a part of the Kardashian family… he can get away with everything.

Yeah, I’m calling him a “he” instead of a “she” ’cause calling this person a “she” or a “her” is so damn stupid.

Before transitioning into a woman, he’s gotten so much flak from the American public about the accident so he figured that transitioning into a woman is gonna help him get more accepted by society. Aaaaaahhhhhhh…. very clever, Bruce. Very clever!


F**K Caitlyn Jenner… what about Lauren Hill???

I’m in total agreement that Lauren Hill deserves that award at the ESPY’s instead of Caitlyn. I don’t know much about Lauren Hill but after doing a little reading about her, she definitely sounds more courageous and brave than fuckin’ Caitlyn. Lauren played basketball while suffering cancer and that’s more brave than anything. She sacrificed herself to play the game she loved and cancer wasn’t stopping her. The only reason that ESPN wants Caitlyn to get that award is whatever brings up the ratings for their networks, ya know? *sigh* What has this country come to?