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That Ric Flair documentary last night, “Nature Boy: 30 For 30” was really good! Best wrestling documentary I’ve seen in years!

Did anyone out there at all watch the Ric Flair documentary film on ESPN last night called, “Nature Boy: 30 For 30”??? I sure as hell did! The documentary blew me away too as I thought it was freakin’ amazing! It’s not only the best wrestling documentary, it’s also one of the best movie documentaries I’ve seen in a long time! It really was that good. The director of that movie did a great job.

I think the whole goal with the movie was that it wanted to show you who the real Ric Flair is. In the ring, Ric maybe this stylin’, profilin’, limo ridin’, jet flyin’, kiss stealin’, wheelin’ and dealin’ son of a gun but that’s just his in-ring character and gimmick. In reality, Ric is just a normal human being with a lot of problems in his life. Out of the ring, he’s just a devoted family man. That’s what the film pretty much showed. Other than that, the film also showed his legacy through professional wrestling, of course. The film showed how he’s the greatest of all time.

I’m a really huge Ric Flair fan. He has always been one of my favorites. I’ll never forget the night when he won the Royal Rumble 1992, and he won the WWE championship for the first time that night. I was there live when I saw that. I was glad to witness that Royal Rumble live in person. It was a historic moment to witness Flair win the title that night.

Seriously, Ric Flair was very courageous to go on TV to talk about all of his personal problems. He wasn’t afraid to talk about going through alcoholism for most of his life, dealing with the death of his son Reid Flair and talking about his health scare that he just had. Makes me respect Flair even more. The documentary was similar to his book that he wrote with Ashley Flair (aka Charlotte in WWE)… the book Second Nature which is in stores now. That book is recommended reading too. Both the documentary on ESPN and the Ric Flair/Charlotte book are both pretty similar.

Another interesting part of the film was that it explained how Charlotte got into the WWE. Initially, Charlotte never wanted to become a WWE star, but she decided to get into wrestling in honor of her brother Reid Fliehr. Before Reid’s death, he was getting himself trained to be a WWE superstar but sadly it never happened. Charlotte got into wrestling in his honor. In other words, she wants to make his dream come true for him.

The film had all kinds of emotions. It can get enjoyable and sad at the same time. A lot of it’s positive and a lot of it isn’t. Ric maybe a WWE legend and all but he had some pretty dark times in his life too. Even though Ric had a lot of problems, he never gave up his love for professional wrestling. Ric always had wrestling in his blood — it was his passion. He worked through pretty much every wrestling company including WCW and TNA Impact. He loves the business and he shows it.

I thought it was a really good documentary last night and I’m probably gonna watch it again this week ’cause I DVR’d it. Even if you aren’t a wrestling fan at all, you may even enjoy it yourself. I would suggest everyone to check it out if ESPN re-runs it this week ’cause I’m sure they will!



Say what? Erin Andrews seeks $75 million in damages over peeping tom video…

Lmao…. WOW! Just wow!

This incident happened like 7 years ago and she still won’t let it go. Her stalker already got 30 months in prison, thousands of dollars of fines and 3 years in probation. Apparently that’s not enough. Michael David Brent did his time, did his probation and paid his fines… that’s about enough. Now she’s seeking some legal action at the hotel.


She’s obviously trying to get a huge payday off of this and she’s desperate. Dumb woman with a huge ego problem and she’s so full of herself.

Hey Erin, how about leaving the past behind and moving forward? I hope the judge throws it out.


Caitlyn (Bruce) Jenner kills someone in a car crash, he gets awarded by America instead of jail… SICKENING!!!

So Bruce avoids jail by transitioning into a woman? He kills a woman in a fatal car wreck and it was his FAULT, yet he avoids jail and doesn’t get charged. So he gets awarded by ESPN and libtard America worships him like a queen and it makes me SICK, honestly it does. The driver who Jenner hit doesn’t think Jenner deserves that ESPY award and I agree.


It was a multiple car wreck and he could’ve killed more than one person. He should be in prison for manslaughter.

Libtard America should be focusing on more serious matters like the Iran Nuclear deal and Obama’s imperial presidency but instead Caitlyn Jenner is more important.


F**K Caitlyn Jenner… what about Lauren Hill???

I’m in total agreement that Lauren Hill deserves that award at the ESPY’s instead of Caitlyn. I don’t know much about Lauren Hill but after doing a little reading about her, she definitely sounds more courageous and brave than fuckin’ Caitlyn. Lauren played basketball while suffering cancer and that’s more brave than anything. She sacrificed herself to play the game she loved and cancer wasn’t stopping her. The only reason that ESPN wants Caitlyn to get that award is whatever brings up the ratings for their networks, ya know? *sigh* What has this country come to?



Report: It’s Brock Lesnar vs. Espn’s Jim Rome over health care…

Brock Lesnar is back…and he is mad. At what? Is he mad at the Canadian Health Care system and he is out in the media, fighting it. He claims that the Canada Health Care system won’t do anything for him and said it was a 3rd World Country. Brock lives with Rena Mero (Sable) in Minnesota. Keep in mind, Brock is not Canadian, he is an American.

Espn’s Jim Rome, responded to Brock’s message about health care in Canadian, and bashes Brock Lesnar in return.

See the article here:


Who’s in the right here? Is it Brock or Jim? I’m on Brock’s side of course. It sounds like Jim is ripping on Brock just for attention of his TV show. After all, since Jim Rome’s TV show is called, “Rome Is Burning” it seems that his show is about bashing sports athletes. Sorry but this Jim Rome guy is a lowlife coward. Since he called Frank Mir a stalker in that video, this Jim Rome guy sounds like a loser.

I think Brock is doing a good thing, fighting for health care, and I can’t blame him since he is just recovering from diverticulitis. Brock do good, Jim is a nobody.


Cool Video: Loretta Hunt speaks more on Dana White on ESPN…

Loretta Hunt speaks more on Dana White via sattelite, you can actually see her on camera this time…she says in her article she wasn’t trying to piss Dana off, she was just doing her job…reporting sports news on Sherdog.com that she was hired to do…but she knows that all of Sherdog’s work will not make everyone happy…she also says Dana has the right to be upset…is she actually sticking up for the guy? That’s what it’s looking like.

See the video here: