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Watched WWE Summerslam last night, it was pretty good… Becky Lynch and Brock Lesnar finally returns.

Well I guess now that live crowds are back and WWE is back to doing arena/stadiums shows, they’re back to do 3 or 4 hour ppvs. I actually enjoyed Summerslam last night. Not the best but pretty good.

Match of the night was Edge vs. Seth Rollins… I’m getting impressed with Edge more and more. Used to not be much of an Edge fan in the old days but nowadays he’s winning my respect.

The other good matches were RKBro vs. Aj Styles/Omos, Drew McinTyre vs. Jinder Mahall, Alexa Bliss vs. Eva Marie and Damien Priest vs. Sheamus were pretty solid matches.

Disappointed with Bianca getting squashed by Becky like that. You think Bianca and Becky would put on a helluva match together a longer one but ended up being a squash. Anyhow, I can see Bianca challenging Becky for a re-match and WWE will give us a better match with them too for the next ppv, I’m sure.

Goldberg vs. Bobby was actually okay… I was extremely surprised that Goldberg lasted longer in the ring than we all thought. Most Goldberg matches are very quick but he actually did a little more this time.

Had a feeling the Usos and Roman were gonna retain their titles. Brock will end up taking the belt from Roman real soon and that’s when Roman’s “Head of the Table” group will split. It’s looking like Brock will feud with Paul Heyman which will be real interesting. This storyline will be like why did Paul Heyman stab Brock in the back while he was gone? It’s gonna go down something like that.

It was a pretty good show and WWE slowly improving.


What’s next for Brock Lesnar? Is he done with WWE again??? Looks like it but we’ll see…

We haven’t seen Brock Lesnar on WWE TV in a long while again. Lesnar is a part-timer even though he’s a big main eventer in the WWE. He’s just one of those stars who makes ocassional appearances, just come back for the WWE Title and once he loses it, Lesnar’s gone again. It’s that same cycle over and over again with Brock. That’s how he works with WWE. Lesnar gets paid millions by WWE but doesn’t work a full-time schedule.

Well, Lesnar’s been gone again from WWE TV for a long while and here is the reason. Vince been trying to bring him back but Lesnar’s WWE contract ran out and looks like Brock isn’t interested in re-signing with them. A new deal couldn’t be reached.

This means that Brock is a free agent as of this time. Now there’s a lot of speculation and rumors that he could be on his way to AEW or he could make a UFC comeback for one more fight. Either one of those could be a possibility but Brock could end up re-signing with WWE after all, ya never know. We’ll have to wait and see what Brock is gonna do.

Brock Lesnar no longer under contract with WWE

Brock Lesnar gets so much hate but I don’t know why. I’ve always been a fan of his and admired his career. I even own a Lesnar WWE t-shirt myself and wear it once in a while. Love him or hate him all you want to, Lesnar accomplished so much. Lesnar had matches with pretty much all the WWE legends with the exception of Stone Cold, HBK and Chris Jericho.

It’s gonna be interesting to see what’s next for Brock and we’ll know soon. A possible UFC fight between Jon Bone Jones vs. Lesnar is already heating up so could it actually happen? Like I said, we’ll wait.

If Lesnar does end up going to AEW, that would be great for him ’cause why? If he goes to AEW, that means more creative freedom for him and think how much better his wrestling skills would be if he went to AEW. He’ll be doing more than just the F5 and the suplex which he is known for those. If he goes to AEW, he won’t be able to do those moves anymore since I’m sure the WWE has them trademarked but Brock’s wrestling skills might be different if he goes to AEW so I hope Tony Khan gets him. I stopped watching AEW wrestling a while back but if AEW gets him, I’ll probably start watching again.

You can hate Brock all you want to, the man is an icon and legend. The man is also a huge draw. Where ever he goes, fans will watch even all the haters too.


Wrestlemania 34 review… some of it was good but most of it sucked…

Well, Wrestlemania 34 happened last night and I watched it on my computer on the WWE Network. I watch the WWE ppvs on the computer instead of on my PS4 ’cause the streaming works better on my computer. The streaming of live ppvs on the PS4 sucks so I watch it on the computer instead which is better.

Anyway, on with my thoughts about last night’s ppv… like the title of this topic says, “some of it was good but most of it sucked” which was so true. The best matches of the night that I thought were the IC Title Triple Threat match (Seth Rollins won it), Asuka vs. Charlotte for SD Women’s Champ, AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakumura, Cena vs. Taker and the Ronda Rousey/Kurt Angle vs. Triple H/Stephanie was surprisingly really good. They were the best matches of the night, but Charlotte vs. Asuka was my favorite of them all, though. Charlotte vs. Asuka was amazing… even though my Asuka lost the match and lost her undefeated streak to Charlotte, the match was phenomenal. Both women did a good job.

The reason most of the ppv sucked ’cause most of it was too predictable for the most part. I got most of my predictions right and only got like 3 or 4 wrong. That’s how predictable it was. Another reason the ppv sucked ’cause most of the matches were boring. Most of the matches were pretty quick and the wrestling in the matches wasn’t that good either.

If you want to talk about bad wrestling, look at the awful main event which was the Universal Championship with Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns. That was the most boring as hell main event I’ve seen in my life that I almost fell asleep at the end of WM-34. Everybody thought Roman Reigns was going to win since there is a lot of talk that Lesnar is leaving WWE soon but Lesnar ends up winning and retaining. Ya know, of course Lesnar won. Vince McMahon has such a big hardon for Brock and there’s no way Brock would want to lose his championship on Wrestlemania night. Brock is too valuable to WWE. Look, I do like both Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns… I think both men are badass but that match last night was terrible. The only positive that I can give that match was that Lesnar retaining was shocking and nobody saw it coming.

We haven’t had a good Wrestlemania main event in a long time, honestly. That’s because they are always too quick and boring. When will we get a good main event again for Wrestlemania? It’s getting old and tiresome of Vince having the big men main event Wrestlemania. For Wrestlemania main events, you’ll always see either Cena, Reigns, Lesnar and Triple H main eventing. How about a little change for once, Vince?

As far as Asuka vs. Charlotte goes, that would have to be the best match on the card, I would say. Both women did a phenomenal job. That’s a history making match right there. Even though it’s upsetting that Asuka lost her undefeated streak, it was still an amazing match.

Even though the Undertaker vs. Cena happened last night, it was a quick match but still very entertaining. It made sense to make that one a quick one since Cena has been calling out the Undertaker and ‘Taker wanted to show that he was upset and he did. Undertaker won, of course. The Undertaker is my favorite.

As far as Ronda Rousey goes, I thought she did a really good job on her WM debut. Ronda is gonna be a big star in WWE and I can see a huge future ahead of her. Now that the Ronda vs. Triple H/Steph feud maybe over, Ronda will probably move on to feud with other women in WWE. Who would Ronda feud with next? I would say Ronda should go after Nia Jax for the RAW women’s title since Nia won it at WM last night. I’ve been a huge Ronda fan for a long time. Watched her a lot in UFC and still a fan of her now.

There weren’t major superstar returns last night. I was expecting to see a few but didn’t. They focused on the matches which was good.

I’m planning to watch RAW tonight after ‘Mania to see what happens. Maybe we’ll get some surprises tonight?

This year’s Wrestlemania was an okay show. Wasn’t the greatest so if you didn’t watch it and wanted to, you didn’t miss much.


My Wrestlemania-34 predictions…

My Wrestlemania winner predictions for tonight:

WWE Universal Championship: Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Roman Reigns
WINNER: Roman Reigns (since Brock will be leaving WWE after)

WWE Championship: Aj Styles (c) vs. Shinsuke Nakumura
WINNER: Nakumura will probably get this one. Should be a great match, though.

Mixed Tag Match: Ronda Rousey/Kurt Angle vs. Triple H/Steph
WINNER: Ronda Rousey/Kurt Angle. No way they’ll make Ronda lose on her debut match. This match will probably end with Ronda giving Steph the arm bar and she taps out.

Daniel Bryan/Shane McMahon vs. Kevin Owens/Sami Zayn
WINNER: I’m going to go with Owens/Zayn on this one. They’ll figure out a way to cheat again.

WWE Intercontinental Champ Triple Threat match: The Miz (c) vs. Finn Balor vs. Seth Rollins
WINNER: Gonna go with Seth Rollins on this one. Time for Seth to get a huge push that he deserves.

WWE RAW Tag Team Championship: The Bar (c) vs. Braun Strowman and mystery partner
WINNER: I think the Bar will retain.

WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship: The Usos (c) vs. The New Day vs. The Bludgeon Brothers
WINNER: I predict the Bludgeon Brothers are gonna get this one. Should be a real good match, though.

WWE RAW Women’s Championship: Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Nia Jax
WINNER: I predict Nia is gonna get this one. People will think Alexa will retain but it’s looking like Nia will get a huge push.

WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship: Charlotte (c) vs. Asuka
WINNER: I think Asuka will become the new SD Champ ’cause no way WWE will make her lose her undefeated streak on her WM debut.

WWE US Championship Fatal 4 Way: Randy Orton (c) vs. Bobby Roode vs. Jinder Mahal vs. Rusev
WINNER: I’m thinking Rusev is gonna get this one but Jinder Mahal could end up winning too. I guess it’s a tie between Mahal and Rusev.

Undertaker vs. John Cena (if it ends up happening tonight and probably will):
WINNER: Undertaker will get the win definitely.

Enjoy! Lets see how many I got right and how many I got wrong!

Will we see any surprise returns at WM-34 tonight? Yeah, I think we’re definitely gonna see a few… lets see…

Hulk Hogan? Maybe. Jeff Hardy? Definitely. Rey Mysterio? Definitely. Chris Jericho? Maybe. Samoa Joe? Definitely. Big Cass? Definitely.

I’m sure we’ll get a few shockers tonight. We’ll have to wait and see.

Hope it’s a good show.




Summerslam last night was surprisingly a pretty damn good ppv, it had one of the best main events I’ve seen in a long time…

So I was pretty skeptical of Summerslam this year. I was watching it all evening last night and I was extremely surprised by the ppv. It turned out really good after all! I enjoyed pretty much every match but the best matches I’ve seen last night were: Finn Balor aka The Demon King vs. Bray Wyatt, Natalya vs. Naomi and the main event which was the Fatal 4 Way for the Universal Champ. All three of those matches  actually had some pretty exciting wrestling. You see, Vince? That’s what we all want to see!!! Good wrestling! All three of those matches had that pretty much.

Finn Balor is becoming one of my favorite new performers right now and so is Braun Strowman. That Strowman guy is a fuckin’ bad ass for sure. While I do think it’s annoying as fuck that Vince McMahon has a huge big man fetish, I think Braun Strowman is one of the best big man performers we’ve had in a while. I think that Strowman guy is gonna be something special. Most big man wrestlers are pretty boring as hell in the ring but that Strowman guy, wow…. he keeps things entertaining as hell in the ring. Braun Strowman, we’re looking at a future icon here… this guy could be bigger than the Rock, Stone Cold and Hogan.

I was skeptical of the main event which was the “Fatal 4 Way” for the Universal Champ: Brock Lesnar (current champ) vs. Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns vs. Samoa Joe. I was expecting that match to be boring as hell but it turned out to be pretty thrilling and exciting. Lesnar won that match, of course and he retained the champ.  There’s already a lot of calls from wrestling fans that they all want Strowman the chance to get the title and I agree. I do agree Strowman deserves a chance… right now it’s not the time ’cause I feel it’s too early. They still need to build Strowman up some more. He’s already becoming a popular baby face but he needs more. I was real surprised of that match, though and I want to watch it again. Is hardcore wrestling back? It seems so!

Good job. WWE! Yeah, I’m a pretty big fan of wrestling. Have been for my whole life and don’t feel ashamed for it. It was a good ppv last night. I did watch NXT Takeover ppv as well the night before “Summerslam” and that was real good too. I just love to watch wrestling. Yeah, I know it’s fake… I’m not stupid but I just watch it ’cause I respect what those guys do. They work hard to entertain people. Give their blood, sweat and tears so that’s why I pretty much support the wrestling business. I’m about to make another post on why the wrestling business should be respected ’cause I know they get a lot of criticism over the years.


Tonight is Wrestlemania night so I will be watching that all evening later…

So it’s Wrestlemania weekend and I’ll be watching WM-33 all evening later. WM-33 doesn’t start ’til 7 and will probably go on ’til midnight tonight. There’s a lot of matches on the card so it’s looking like it’ll be a 5 hour ppv tonight.

Matches on the card I look forward to most are: Chris Jericho vs. Kevin Owens, AJ Styles vs. Shane McMahon, The Undertaker vs. Roman Reigns, Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt and the RAW Women’s Title Fatal 4 Way (w/Charlotte, Bayley, Sasha and Nia Jax).

To be honest, I’m not really looking forward to Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg. That match will probably be the main event, the final match tonight so hopefully that match is not gonna be another quick one. We all know Wrestlemania tonight will end with Brock Lesnar winning the belt from Goldberg. It’ll be a predictable Wrestlemania ending for sure. If Goldberg ends up winning again, that’ll be shocking.

Will there be any surprise superstar returns tonight? Yes, absolutely. I think there will be a few for sure. Even though Kurt Angle is scheduled to be a part of the Hall of Fame thing tonight, I think he will get himself involved in a match and interfere but which one?

I also think the icon Sting could  make a return tonight. There are a lot of talks and rumors that Sting isn’t done with wrestling yet and he didn’t rule out a return. I don’t think he’s retired yet. If Sting interfered in a match tonight which one will it be? I would think Triple H and Seth Rollins. Remember, Sting lost to Triple H at WM-31 so will Sting get his payback tonight? I can’t see Sting retiring to losing against Triple H. So if Sting makes Triple H lose to Seth Rollins tonight, that could lead to a Triple H vs. Sting rematch and I can see that happening. Would make a lot of sense.

I’m sure there will be other surprising superstar returns as well.

Hopefully it’ll be a good Wrestlemania tonight and I’m sure it will be. I’m gonna start watching it at 6 for the kick off show.


Last night’s “Survivor Series” was mostly great except for that terrible main event, Lesnar vs. Goldberg sucked!!!

So I watched last night’s Survivor Series ppv on WWE Network and it was mostly good except for that terrible main event with Brock vs. Goldberg. Goldberg just delivered Brock a couple of spears and a jackhammer, it was over just like that. See the quick match in the video above.  After all that hype and buildup for this match, the match only lasted for a little over one-minute, really Vince?

Anyway, I’m sure the Brock vs. Goldberg feud isn’t over yet so I’m feeling there’s going to be a third match with them pretty soon. Brock vs. Goldberg #3 for Wrestlemania 33? I’m willing to bet that’s what the plan is so maybe their next match will be longer and more exciting hopefully. Storyline wise, Brock is definitely gonna want his payback tonight on RAW so I’ll watch RAW to see what happens.

For the most part, though, most of last night’s Survivor Series was really good. The best matches of the night last night were the Women’s 5 on 5 matchup with Team Charlotte and Team Natalya. I definitely think Charlotte is making women’s wrestling more exciting again for sure, that was a pretty exciting match to watch too. Another female star I’ve been liking lately is Bayley, she’s been catching my attention. I’m feeling a Charlotte vs. Bayley match for WM-33. I’m loving Charlotte the more I see her, though, she’s my favorite right now.

Another match that was real good was Team RAW vs. Team Smackdown Live 5 on 5 with Team AJ Styles and Team Kevin Owens. That match was pretty amazing and so much fun to watch.

The other matches were okay but the ones I talked about above I liked the most except for that horrible Brock vs. Goldberg match. Not sure why that match was so short. Maybe it’s because of Goldberg’s age, I don’t know? If Goldberg lasted in that match for more than 5 minutes he would’ve been out of breath. I guess WWE wanted to give Goldberg the spotlight to keep the fans happy. Is this gonna be Goldberg’s final match? I’m feeling one more is coming on and it’s probably gonna be at WM-33.


I’ll be watching “Survivor Series” ppv tonight for the Goldberg vs. Lesnar match…

Looking forward to watching “Survivor Series” ppv on WWE Network later tonight. Even though everybody knows that Brock Lesnar will win against Goldberg tonight, it should be a fun and exciting match anyways. I have a feeling it’s gonna be a brutal match, though. I have a feeling that something might happen to Goldberg ’cause they don’t call Lesnar the beast incarnate for no reason. Goldberg could end up in a bloody mess.

I enjoy “Survivor Series” ppvs ’cause I like how they team up a group of wrestlers vs. another team, so exciting. “Survivor Series” will be starting at 7 so it’s looking like it’ll be a 4 hr. ppv. I have a feeling that most matches tonight will be quick ’cause Lesnar vs. Goldberg will probably be a long one. Gotta save the time for the main event. Looking forward to it tonight! Hope it’s good!


Chris Jericho and Brock Lesnar had altercation backstage after Lesnar match with Randy Orton…

That match even got Chris Jericho wondering whether that fight between Lesnar vs. Orton was real or not. Jericho got concerned about Orton’s well being but Jericho and Lesnar got into a little fight backstage ’cause of it. Vince confirmed it was all a work and even Randy knew it was.


Interesting article, though. Gotta give props to Jericho ’cause he cares for people and he’s a good guy in real life. I’ll admit that Lesnar can be a bit of a narcissist and a bully, though.


Did Vince McMahon lift the ban on blood in WWE? About last night’s Summerslam…

Last night, I watched “WWE Summerslam” ppv on the WWE Network. A lot of people are complaining about the ending but I thought it was a great ending. Ya know, they don’t call Brock Lesnar “the beast incarnate” for no reason and they wanted to make a point with Brock Lesnar. They did exactly that last night. Lesnar is once again this unstoppable monster. He’s been exactly that ever since he beat the Undertaker and broke the Undertaker’s streak at Wrestlemania. Lesnar is the unstoppable monster in the UFC and they wanted keep the unstoppable monster going in the WWE.

There’s a lot of talk that Lesnar went off script and he beat Randy Orton in a bloody mess for real. In my opinion, I don’t think so. It was scripted for sure. I could tell that Lesnar was sticking to the script. While the blood did look pretty real to me, there is a technique that wrestlers do to their opponents called “blading”. It’s where they hide a small knife where they cut the opponent off-screen so they can look like they’re in a bloody mess. So it was definitely all fake for sure, of course. WWE just did a good job on making it look “real” as possible.

A lot of people are shitting on the Summerslam ending but once again, I thought it was great. Lesnar the beast has returned. The monster in him is what I love about Lesnar. He’s a heel that everyone loves to hate.


On top of all this, with the way this thing is going with Brock Lesnar in WWE is leading up to something. It’s leading up to a possible match against Bill Goldberg so will there be a Brock Lesnar vs. Bill Goldberg match in the future? There’s been a lot of talk on that. I heard that Goldberg called out Lesnar so the feud is already starting. What I think is gonna happen is that Lesnar is gonna keep beaten up superstars like he did with Randy Orton and then Bill Goldberg decides to be the hero to try and stop Lesnar. I think a Lesnar vs. Goldberg match will possibly happen at the Royal Rumble or the next Wrestlemania. I think it be better at the next Wrestlemania in 2017. Bill Goldberg is a wrestling icon too, he was another legend from WCW. So far, Brock Lesnar beat all the legends and icons in the WWE but not yet Bill Goldberg.

I was kind of shocked to see the blood myself ’cause when I saw that, I thought to myself, “I thought Vince McMahon banned blood in WWE, did he just lifted the ban?”. Probably not. Blood is probably only allowed during a Brock Lesnar match ’cause when you see a Brock Lesnar match, you’re gonna expect to see blood. It’s not a Brock Lesnar match if blood wasn’t allowed, right? If there’s no blood during a Lesnar match then he’s no longer the “beast incarnate”. Something to think about.

Yep, this is all leading to a match with Bill Goldberg. People was hoping that Bill Goldberg would come out and save Randy but no Goldberg yet. Who knows? Maybe Goldberg will appear on RAW tonight. Could be a possibility.

Last night’s Summerslam ppv was awesome overall, though. I liked most matches. I liked Sasha vs. Charlotte the best and I also loved Aj Styles vs. John Cena. I used to be a John Cena hater but I’m actually starting to like him more. I have no problem with Cena now as he’s just starting to earn my respect. I’ll have another post on Cena another time.