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Last night’s UFC 200 ppv was surprisingly really good, glad I got it!

Last night’s UFC ppv was worth the money after all ’cause I enjoyed every fight. Even Brock Lesnar vs. Mark Hunt was a really really good fight. Brock did it, though. He proved UFC fans wrong once again. Fans didn’t think Brock would be able to do it but he did. Lesnar won by unanimous decision. Most Lesnar fights were kind of quick and kind of boring but this one was actually a lot of fun. Lesnar vs. Hunt was a tough and brutal fight but both men did really great. Neither one didn’t want to lose over a KO or TKO so they did all they can to avoid that. Like I’ve been predicting Lesnar was gonna do all he can to avoid Hunt’s hard punches ’cause Lesnar knows Hunt is a hard hitter. Lesnar did exactly that. Well, Mark Hunt did punch Lesnar quite a lot and Lesnar fought back. Lesnar actually had a cut above his eye. This was a great fight ’cause you never knew what was gonna happen and it was unpredictable. Even though Mark Hunt lost, Hunt still was a pretty tough dude, though. I was real surprised by Lesnar ’cause he was doing really good and putting on an exciting fight actually. After last night, I respect Brock Lesnar even more now. I predicted Lesnar would lose the fight but thought wrong but I’m happy for Lesnar that he won for his comeback fight, though.

One thing for sure, I’m glad that Lesnar gave the police a shout-out after all the stuff going on in Dallas. That was awesome to see.

All the other fights were really good too. I loved Miesha Tate vs. Amanda Nunes, that fight was quick and brutal but really good. Miesha in a bloody mess and she tapped out, giving Amanda the victor and now Amanda is the new champ.

All the other fights were exciting too… Cain Velasquez vs. Travis Browne was great. So was Anderson Silva vs. Daniel Cormier, I’m still shocked that Silva lost Cormier. Silva is the greatest of all time and a legend. Aldo vs. Edgar was another good one.

It was an exciting UFC ppv last night. Definitely worth the money and glad I watched it. I don’t watch UFC ppvs all the time ’cause I don’t like paying a lot of money for ppvs but once in blue moon, I’ll watch one only if the card is good enough.


Just bought UFC 200 ppv, looking forward to it later tonight!!!

I took a long break from watching UFC ppvs ’cause I hated paying a lot of money for them but I couldn’t resist this one. I really like Brock Lesnar. I have liked him for a pretty long time. Followed him through his WWE career and followed him through his UFC career. I’ve seen every Brock Lesnar UFC fight. For some reason Brock Lesnar is one of those guys that makes you feel that you can’t miss a UFC fight of his. I’m sure a lot of UFC fans feel the same way even if they don’t like him that much, that’s how much of a draw he is to the company.

I couldn’t resist this ppv ’cause I’m interested in seeing Lesnar vs. Mark Hunt since now this fight is the main event. This fight got moved to the main even ’cause Jon “Bone” Jones just got in trouble.

Lesnar vs. Hunt is an interesting fight ’cause you never know who’s gonna win this one. After doing a little research on Mark Hunt, I’ve heard his punches are really nasty. Would Brock Lesnar be able to avoid his hard punches? We’ll see. I predict that Brock Lesnar will lose to Mark Hunt due to one of his hard punches but we’ll see. Could Brock actually beat him? That’s why I want to watch this fight ’cause I want to see if Brock will be able to beat him or not.

Lesnar needs to realize that this isn’t WWE and I think he’ll find out that later tonight.

I’m also looking forward to Miesha Tate vs. Amanda Nunes ’cause I like women fighting.

Hope it’ll be a good ppv. I’m still a fan of UFC and MMA.


Vince McMahon not angry at the sight of blood at “Hell in a Cell” but angry at Brock Lesnar for something else…

It turns out that Vince McMahon wasn’t angry at the sight of blood at the “Hell In A Cell” match at all but instead Vince was angry at Brock Lesnar for something else. What was Vince angry at Brock about? Well, when Brock’s head started bleeding, a doctor came in the ring to wipe the blood off of Brock’s head but that pissed Brock off and he pushed the doctor out of the way. The doctor came out to wipe the blood off of Brock’s and Undertaker’s faces since blood isn’t allowed on TV but Vince was still pissed at Brock for pushing the doctor. That’s what really happened.

Turns out that Brock’s head injury during the “Hell in a Cell” match last Sunday was real and here are the pics for proof.


Honestly, Brock probably didn’t mean to push the doctor. Brock was probably pissed that he was getting interrupted ’cause he was in a powerful moment with the Undertaker and Brock just didn’t want to let the fans down and keep the show going.

Will Vince give Brock Lesnar some sort of punishment for pushing the doctor? Maybe like a fine or a suspension? No. Vince won’t do anything to Brock ’cause Brock is too valuable to the WWE. The WWE doesn’t want to lose him so Vince will do nothing. I’m sure Vince and Brock had a private talk about it, though. Vince doesn’t want to anger Brock again ’cause remember Vince and Brock had a long feud in the past just before Brock returned to the WWE. Vince wouldn’t want to ruin his relationship with Brock again, ya know?


Vince McMahon angry at the sight of blood during Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker “Hell In a Cell” match…

I didn’t watch the Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker “Hell in a Cell” last night but sounded like it was a good match like always. Lesnar and Undertaker has always put on brilliant matches together. Blood in WWE is no longer allowed on TV since Vince McMahon has a strict “no blood” policy due to it’s PG rating. If they have blood, they’re worried it could lose sponsors and advertisers. Whenever wrestlers have blood on TV it’s usually by accident though and whenever there is blood, Vince would usually fine the wrestlers some money as some punishment.


Whenever there’s an Undertaker match and especially Hell In a Cell, you expect no blood? Seriously? Vince should have known that and he needs to get over himself. I’m almost pretty sure fans loved seeing the blood but unfortunately, Vince doesn’t care what the fans want anymore. He can’t get rid of the dumb PG rating ’cause he’s afraid of losing his sponsors. Well, don’t you think that if he’s keeping the sponsors and keeping the PG rating that could be what’s causing the ratings to drop? Nobody likes the PG rating anyways, Vince. We want to see the blood back and last night’s ppv proved that. I didn’t watch it but wishing I did. Undertaker back in a Hell in a Cell match is always amazing.

Vince being angry at the sigh of blood during matches is nothing new ’cause he’s always been like this. He doesn’t care what the fans want at all, it’s all about what he wants really. He’s living in a world that’s all about himself really.

It’s one of the reasons why I pretty much stopped watching WWE. Don’t like the family friendly PG rating. I’m sure the blood last night helped WWE got more ppv buys.

I still love professional wrestling, I just don’t like where it’s going these days.


The Undertaker returns to WWE to get revenge at Brock Lesnar…

Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker rematch for Wrestlemania 32? That is what’s gonna look like to me. I may have stopped watching WWE for a long while but I’m gonna have to tune in to RAW tonight ’cause Undertaker is probably gonna appear. The Undertaker is back to get his revenge at Lesnar ’cause Lesnar took the undefeated Wrestlemania streak away from him.

I haven’t watched wrestling in a long time but this is pretty cool. I’ve always been a big Undertaker fan.


It’s official… Brock Lesnar is done with MMA for good and plans to stay with WWE…

There have been a lot of speculation lately that Brock Lesnar is gonna return to the Octagon in the UFC to return to real fighting. Brock Lesnar the man himself appears on ESPN Sportscenter and announces that he’s done fighting in MMA for good. Brock admits that he won’t be able to fight anymore ’cause of his health problems and he plans to stay with the WWE. Brock also admits that he was made to be an entertainer. So he just signed a new contract with the WWE so it looks like he’s gonna stay with WWE for a pretty long time.

Well, that means if Brock Lesnar isn’t leaving WWE anytime soon, he’s probably gonna retain his title at this Sunday’s Wrestlemania. Lesnar is gonna be WWE champ for a pretty long time. Brock will have a match against wrestler Roman Reigns at this Sunday’s ‘Mania.

It’s actually a pretty good idea for Brock to stay away from MMA thinking about his health scare that he had while he was in UFC, ya know? What if it happens to him again??? He could get himself killed so I think it’s best that he should stick with the fake wrestling.

I know Brock Lesnar has too many haters but I’ve always liked the guy. I’ve watched all of his fights in UFC.


In defense of WWE and Brock Lesnar ending the Undertaker’s Wrestlemania streak…

Wow. A lot of wrestling fans are upset and pissed off that the WWE had decided to go for Brock Lesnar ending the Undertaker’s undefeated, “Wrestlemania” streak. Wrestling fans have been ranting and crying about it all day in social networking: facebook, twitter, etc.

Ya know, no matter what people think of this move, the WWE just made history. This will be a historic moment that will be talked about years from now. The WWE is happy. They’ll DO whatever it takes to make history. I’m sure they know it’s going to be controversial. I’m sure they know they’re going to take a lot of heat from it from the fans. They’ll do whatever it takes for more ratings and ppv buys. WWE is no stranger to controversy, they’ve done much worse in the past.

I’m probably one of the very few who thinks Brock Lesnar ending ‘Taker’s streak is a good idea. I mean, Undertaker is retiring. What better ways to have Undertaker’s streak ended at one of the biggest ppv’s in history, WM-30? I’m sure fans would want a better choice to end the streak than Lesnar but I think they picked Lesnar ’cause they knew this was going to create a lot of attention. I mean, if somebody else ended ‘Taker’s streak like say Shawn Michaels or Triple H, that would have been too easy and too predictable. I can see why they picked Brock.

It’s interesting how so many people hate Brock Lesnar. I like the guy. Always did. Like Lesnar or hate him, he’s the Mike Tyson of MMA and sports entertainment. “Iron” Mike Tyson and Brock Lesnar are similar in so many ways. Both of those guys have one thing in common. They like to consider themselves as a badass “motherfucker”, ya know what I mean? They both maybe bad guys in sports but they had to do what they had to do to make their dreams come true. I’m sure a lot of people will accuse Brock of not accomplishing much in UFC or WWE but he HAS accomplished a lot. Look at his records through UFC and WWE if you want proof. Lesnar was in the NFL for a little bit too.

Everybody’s upset. Crying about it in social networking and threatening WWE that they’ll quit watching, blah blah blah. I mean, really? This is just a fucking show, kids. JUST A SHOW! I never took anything WWE did seriously ’cause I know it’s fake and scripted. I just watch it for fun ’cause they are good at what they do and I respect them for working hard entertaining people.

I thought Brock was the right choice. Nobody else. It’s understandable why so many hate Brock but that’s what the man always wanted, I think. He wants people to hate him. That is a part of why he’s where he is at now ’cause all the haters helped get him to where he is. This is pretty much how Mike Tyson became a boxing icon ’cause so many people hated him back in the day. Brock is a talented guy, love him or hate him. If he’s getting so many people to hate him, he must be doing something right. He’s the Mike Tyson of this generation.

He’s just a performer and entertainer. I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes after last night.

Undertaker is a backstage leader of WWE. He makes choices of his Wrestlemania opponent so it was his decision to wrestle Brock and his decision to have Brock end the streak. If you watch the match again, you can see ‘Taker instructing Brock what to do. To end the match, you can see ‘Taker telling Brock to end with the F5, his finisher. Everybody wants to blame this on WWE and Vince but this was all ‘Taker’s decision alone. It’s how he wanted to be remembered when he retires. It’s appropriate and makes total sense to end the streak at his last match. The streak can’t last forever. He can’t wrestle every Wrestlemania. He’s gonna grow old and die like the rest of us so he’s gonna hang it up soon. He’s getting old and worn out. His body is too beat up and why he has health problems over the years in his wrestling career.

On top of that, Undertaker had a brilliant run. The streak maybe over but his legacy in wrestling will never die. The Undertaker is one of my favorite’s too. I’ve been watching him for many years. He had many classic matches. He had a 24 year long career so it’s about time for him to hang it up.

I think good things will come for Brock Lesnar after this. Love him or hate him, Lesnar will be a future Hall of Famer ’cause of this.

I’m not upset about this at all ’cause I respect the hell out of the WWE for doing such a risky move. Vince has balls. Can’t deny it. He’ll do anything to give WWE more attention. He doesn’t give a shit.

I know fans want answers on why but why should they explain themselves? “Wrestlemania” is all about making history and that’s what they did.



Thoughts on Undertaker losing the Wrestlemania streak last night…


Man, I’m glad I decided to buy Wrestlemania last night. I almost wasn’t gonna get it but the card this year was really good so I couldn’t miss this one. I did watch Wrestlemania last night.

Some of you are probably wondering my thoughts on the Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker match last night. Brock won the match and Undertaker lost the undefeated Wrestlemania streak. ‘Taker won 21 Wrestlemania’s throughout the years in his career. Undertaker’s undefeated Wrestlemania streak was meant to be something special and historic. The streak was never meant to broken at all. Unfortunately, people thought wrong. The streak can be broken. You just never know when and how. Everybody knew the streak would end soon but people didn’t think the streak would end this soon.

To be honest, I knew the streak was coming to an end, I didn’t think it would be at last night’s ‘Mania either. So it admittedly kind of shocked me too. A lot of fans are pissed and upset but that’s the point. That’s what heel wrestlers like Brock Lesnar does, they’re supposed to upset people.

I’ve read that Undertaker (who’s real name is Mark Calaway) is on the verge of retirement so this was bound to happen anyway. A lot of people knew the streak was gonna end soon, a lot of them didn’t want the streak to end to Brock Lesnar.

Sorry to say y’all but I think losing the streak to Brock was the right guy. Undertaker and Brock had so much history together that goes way back to the Attitude Era days in the 90’s. I think Undertaker and Brock are friends in real life and since Undertaker is retiring soon he was willing to lose the streak to Brock. Undertaker felt Brock was the right guy to lose it to.

Other than that, the Brock vs. Undertaker match was excellent. Losing the streak kept things unpredictable and interesting. That’s what WWE have been missing for years, “unpredictability”.

The rest of the matches were really great too. Triple H vs. Daniel Bryan was awesome. John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt was awesome too. Even the Divas match was awesome too. I liked all of it. The opening segment with Hogan, Stone Cold and the Rock opening the show was entertaining as hell. I’m glad Daniel Bryan walked out WWE Champion at the end. For once we get a Wrestlemania where John Cena didn’t headline the main event which was getting really old, ha ha! Good job Vince and WWE! It was a great Wrestlemania and definitely worth the money!

I’m looking forward to RAW tonight now.


Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker confirmed for “WM30″…

I did end up watching all of RAW last night. Even if I took a long break from watching RAW, I thought last night’s show was actually pretty good! Except for the return of Hulk Hogan in the opening segment. That was terrible. Hogan looks so old in the red and yellow and he’s terrible on the microphone these days. Hogan didn’t do much last night. Just did the opening intro of RAW… he’s not a part of any feud or storyline, he just announced that he’s the host of “WM30” but I’m pretty sure Hogan is gonna have a match at “WM30” as well. Who is he gonna have a match with? Not sure but rumors going around that it might be against Cena.

Anyway, I’m glad that Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker have finally been confirmed for “WM30”. Remember, Lesnar and ‘Taker’s confrontation at one of the UFC ppv’s way back in 2010? From there, it was obvious they were gonna have another match together but you never know when. I’m glad their match is gonna be at “WM-30”. Brock and ‘Taker already had a match during the Attitude Era but they could end their feud at ‘Mania. Even though Brock and ‘Taker’s feud on TV is all storyline, they really don’t like each other in real life.

Last night’s RAW was pretty good. Not a bad show.

Not sure if I will watch this year’s ‘Mania, though. I’m done with ppv’s I think ’cause they are pretty pricey and can’t afford to watch ’em. I love wrestling and UFC but I can’t afford to watch ppv’s on a monthly basis. I don’t know how everybody does it.


Last night’s RAW: Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar

Last night’s RAW opened up with a Vince McMahon vs. Paul Heyman fight. Vince stood out in the ring with crutches and Paul Heyman came out with his fight gear on. Paul Heyman, talked on the mic for a while as he made his way to the ring, and when he got in, immediately, he started beating McMahon with one of his crutches. Of course, Brock Lesnar comes out to the ring to save the day for Paul Heyman. As Lesnar entered the ring and started to go after McMahon, Triple H’s music hits with Lemmy Kilmister’s voice blaring over the speakers, “Tiiiimmme to play the gggaammmeee…”. Of course, the crowd goes nuts as soon as Triple H’s music hits. Triple H comes walking out slowly to the music with his usual water bottle, and he is sporting a new buzz cut hair do. Suddenly Triple H starts running after Lesnar to the ring, and it was an all out brawl between the two. Triple H left Lesnar in a bloody mess. Yes, Lesnar was covered with blood.

Sometimes people want to believe the blood in wrestling is fake, but it’s not. Blood in wrestling is real. How do the performers get away with it? How do they fake it? Well, they usually hide a small blade, and they’re usually good at cutting themselves on purpose so people won’t notice.

After that segment got over with, the internet blew up with the entire wrestling community of fans giving that segment positive feedback. I agree. I thought that was the best thing RAW did in years. That’s wrestling right there, folks. That’s the kind of wrestling everyone wants to see. If WWE brings that stuff back, get rid of the PG era, WWE would get good again. RAW has been nothing but shit for the past several years or more, and finally, they did something that was actually wrestling. It was an incredible segment. I LOVED it too.

I used to never want to see Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania again, but after seeing what they did on RAW last night, now I’m officially sold to Triple H vs. Lesnar II. This is the stuff wrestling fans want to see, not the kiddie stuff. We want to see hardcore violence and blood. We don’t get much of that anymore. Since that segment got a lot of great feedback from the fans, hopefully, the WWE will listen to us and we may soon see the PG era gone. Hopefully. Cross our fingers.

That segment felt like a Wrestlemania moment to me.

As for the rest of last night’s RAW in Dallas, TX. goes, it was a mediocre show like usual, but the opening segment Triple H vs. Lesnar, was phenomenal.

This is part of the reason why WWE needs Brock Lesnar, ’cause it seems that Lesnar is the only superstar who has what it takes to make WWE interesting again. Hopefully Triple H vs. Lesnar at ‘Mania this year, will be just as bloody and gruesome, would be awesome. It can’t be PG when Brock Lesnar is around, think about it!