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UFC 100 ppv looks like a great one, Brock Lesnar in the main event again!

I’m looking forward to seeing “UFC 100” ppv, ’cause it has Brock Lesnar in the main event again. I guess you can say that Brock Lesnar is my favorite UFC fighter that I’m a big fan of. I’ve been a supporter of this dude ever since he was in WWE. It’s Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir for the UFC Heavyweight Title. I hope these guys put on a hell of a fight and hope they won’t make it boring. You know Brock Lesnar, he doesn’t mess around and he’ll fight.

I’ll be able to watch UFC ppv’s in High Definition ’cause I just got a HD Cable box from Time Warner. HDTV in cable is really amazing picture. I’m impressed with it.



Just got done watching the ppv. And it was great!

I knew all along that Lesnar was going to win it no matter what happens. Couture vs. Lesnar was a short and quick match but a very brutal one indeed. Lesnar won the match even if Couture gave him a bloody eye.

When the match got over with, I was surprised to see that Brock Lesnar is still married to Sable (Rena Mero). She walked onto the Octagon to celebrate his win and I saw that she is pregnant. Brock and Sable has been together for many years, and of course, Brock first met Sable when he was working for WWE.

All the other matches before the main event were good too.

Lesnar got booed and Couture got cheered. Weird. Almost like WWE, Lesnar the heel and Couture the hero. Lesnar still has his WWE attitude in him I can see. Not a lot of people like Lesnar because of his personality and his ego, but I like Lesnar. Always did. I’ve been paying attention to Brock Lesnar way before he first worked for WWE.

Lesnar will be an undefeated UFC Heavyweight Champ for a very long time. He’s one bad ass mofo. I like Lesnar a lot. Congrats to Lesnar.


Lesnar vs. Couture this Saturday…will you watch?

I am not much of a UFC fan but I’m slowly starting to watch it more often. I am curious to see this match. Legend vs. Icon, Randy Couture the Legend and Brock Lesnar a wrestling icon. Brock Lesnar a young fighter in his 30’s has only been in UFC for a short time and he already gets a huge opportunity at the Heavyweight title against one of the biggest legends in UFC.

This fight is going to be interesting and I will definitely be watching this Saturday night. This will be an unpredictable match because both dudes are huge and both are pretty tough. It will be brutal and there will be a lot of brawling. Will Lesnar become the new Champ or will Couture retain? You just never know what will happen.

My prediction? I think Lesnar will get it.