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Thoughts on Undertaker losing the Wrestlemania streak last night…


Man, I’m glad I decided to buy Wrestlemania last night. I almost wasn’t gonna get it but the card this year was really good so I couldn’t miss this one. I did watch Wrestlemania last night.

Some of you are probably wondering my thoughts on the Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker match last night. Brock won the match and Undertaker lost the undefeated Wrestlemania streak. ‘Taker won 21 Wrestlemania’s throughout the years in his career. Undertaker’s undefeated Wrestlemania streak was meant to be something special and historic. The streak was never meant to broken at all. Unfortunately, people thought wrong. The streak can be broken. You just never know when and how. Everybody knew the streak would end soon but people didn’t think the streak would end this soon.

To be honest, I knew the streak was coming to an end, I didn’t think it would be at last night’s ‘Mania either. So it admittedly kind of shocked me too. A lot of fans are pissed and upset but that’s the point. That’s what heel wrestlers like Brock Lesnar does, they’re supposed to upset people.

I’ve read that Undertaker (who’s real name is Mark Calaway) is on the verge of retirement so this was bound to happen anyway. A lot of people knew the streak was gonna end soon, a lot of them didn’t want the streak to end to Brock Lesnar.

Sorry to say y’all but I think losing the streak to Brock was the right guy. Undertaker and Brock had so much history together that goes way back to the Attitude Era days in the 90’s. I think Undertaker and Brock are friends in real life and since Undertaker is retiring soon he was willing to lose the streak to Brock. Undertaker felt Brock was the right guy to lose it to.

Other than that, the Brock vs. Undertaker match was excellent. Losing the streak kept things unpredictable and interesting. That’s what WWE have been missing for years, “unpredictability”.

The rest of the matches were really great too. Triple H vs. Daniel Bryan was awesome. John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt was awesome too. Even the Divas match was awesome too. I liked all of it. The opening segment with Hogan, Stone Cold and the Rock opening the show was entertaining as hell. I’m glad Daniel Bryan walked out WWE Champion at the end. For once we get a Wrestlemania where John Cena didn’t headline the main event which was getting really old, ha ha! Good job Vince and WWE! It was a great Wrestlemania and definitely worth the money!

I’m looking forward to RAW tonight now.


Report: Daniel Bryan, blogs about his WWE return at Summerslam…

Former Nexus member, Daniel Bryan, was released from WWE a few months back. During those months he’s been gone, it disappointed WWE fans. Fans chanted his name during matches on RAW while he wasn’t working for the company. After his fanbase popularity, WWE had no choice but to re-sign him back to the company.

Read Daniel Bryan’s blog here, he thanks his fans for the support while he was gone from WWE:


He seems like a cool guy! I see him becoming a big main eventer very quickly, Daniel Bryan, future WWE Champion we have here!

I did watch Summerslam by the way. It was okay, nothing special.