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Reasons why NXT wrestling is way better than RAW/Smackdown Live…

Man, I have become hooked to WWE NXT wrestling on the WWE Network. If you don’t know what NXT is, it’s like a third brand for WWE. NXT is a brand that brings in rookie wrestlers aka “new” wrestlers. WWE NXT is a weekly program on the WWE Network which streams every Wednesday night at 8 p.m.

I’m just starting to watch NXT every Wednesday night. I’ve started watching their NXT Takeover ppvs each time they have one but now all year long I’ve been watching older NXT episodes and trying to catch up.

NXT is a third band that was created by Triple H and the legendary Dusty Rhodes. Both of those men ran the show for a while but since Dusty Rhodes died in real life, Triple H runs the show all by himself now. Vince McMahon is not in charge of NXT, Triple H is. Vince McMahon runs the main roster which are RAW/Smackdown and the PPV’s. Triple H runs NXT Wednesdays and the NXT Takeover ppvs.

I’ve become really addicted to NXT wrestling and haven’t stopped watching. It’s just amazing stuff. NXT became really hot in the wrestling industry. RAW and Smackdown isn’t so good lately and I find NXT way better. Why?

I’m about to explain why…

  • Vince McMahon doesn’t run NXT: I’m so glad Vince McMahon doesn’t run the NXT brand. If he did then he would have completely ruined the show just like he’s screwing up RAW and Smackdown. Triple H is running NXT all by himself and I think he’s doing a great job.
  • NXT gives us more wrestling than storylines and promos: You know how on RAW and Smackdown those shows are 90% storylines and wrestlers cutting a promo most of the time? RAW and Smackdown usually start off with wrestlers giving a promo on the mic for a long time but on NXT they give us wrestling right away. NXT does have rookie wrestlers cut a promo out in the ring but not as much as on the main roster.
  • NXT storylines and feuds are more entertaining than the main roster: One thing for sure, Triple H knows how to keep people watching NXT. The writing on the NXT shows is so good.
  • Better booking of matches: One big reason why NXT is getting so hot in the wrestling industry is that the booking of matches are better than the main roster. NXT books really good matches during the Wednesday night shows and on TakeOver ppvs.
  • The wrestling is way better than RAW/SD: Another reason why NXT is so hot right now is ’cause the wrestling is really good. NXT puts on more exciting and fun matches than RAW/SD. Triple H knows wrestling and he knows how to put on a good wrestling match. He gets that from his own wrestling career. He wants NXT to have good wrestling and does a good job of that. That’s what the fans want to see is actual “wrestling” and that’s why they all turn to NXT wrestling.
  • NXT created better gimmicks and wrestling characters: Triple H and NXT are doing things that Vince McMahon couldn’t have done years ago. Yes, Vince McMahon created a lot of wrestler characters in old school WWE in the 80’s and early 90’s but now NXT is here, Triple has created some really good wrestling characters out of that brand. I don’t think Vince McMahon could have created characters like Bobby Roode, Asuka, Finn Balor, Shinsuke Nakumura, AJ Styles, Bayley, Elias, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Drew McIntyre, etc. All those characters came from Triple H’s NXT brand and he continues to create even more characters like Aleister Black, Kairi Sane, Nikki Cross, Johnny Gargano, Adam Cole, Kassius Ohno, The Velveteen Dream, etc. This is another reason the NXT brand is getting so hot now is ’cause they’ve created some really cool wrestlers through that brand.

There you have it. I’m a really huge NXT fan. I’m late getting into the show but I’m having a blast watching it. The show’s a great wrestling series. I hope NXT stays around a long time and I think it will. They continue to get more popular as the ratings for RAW/SD continues to tank. More people are watching NXT ’cause they want to see “wrestling” and RAW/SD Live doesn’t give us wrestling anymore. When is Vince ever going to wake up and listen to the fans for once?



Last night’s Survivor Series 2017 was mostly good except for that awful main event…

I watched WWE “Survivor Series 2017” ppv on the WWE Network last night. The ppv was pretty good. Most of it was real good except for that awful main event: Team RAW vs. Team Smackdown Men’s Elimination Match. The reason why that main event match was so bad is that the newer guys like the former NXT stars in the match didn’t get to do much. It was Triple H hogging the spotlight in that match which is what I didn’t like about it. Triple H made the younger talent in that match look weak: Finn Balor, Samoa Joe, Shinsuke Nakamura and Bobby Roode were all former NXT guys who deserved to shine on “Survivor Series” but instead WWE made them look like pussies last night. For a long while now, the WWE has been making those guys I named top stars in WWE and they all got buried by Triple H last night. Sick. Yeah, Triple H is an icon in wrestling but admittedly, he’s one of the biggest egomaniacs in wrestling. There was something about Triple H’s ego last night that I didn’t like. The only positive I can give about the match is that the match tried to push Braun Strowman and the match helped get him over.

I remember in the early 2000’s years in WWE, Triple was known to burying talent and holding them down… well look like he’s back into that which is sad. Those NXT guys that I listed above, Triple H was the one who helped them get to where they are now and Triple H wants to destroy them? Triple H is a semi-retired wrestler and only wrestles part-time now and it seems that he only inserts himself into big ppv matches. Another clue that he has a big ego problem. I like Triple H but if he keeps this up, he’s gonna lose my support again. That match was the worst “Survivor Series” main event.

On with the other matches on the card… the best matches of last night were The Shield vs. The New Day which opened the ppv and that match was pretty exciting. I love both The Shield and The New Day… glad they are finally feuding with each  other.

The Team RAW and Team SD Women’s Elimination match was also really good. WWE did it right that they gave Asuka the spotlight. She was freakin’ awesome last night. I’m such a huge fan of her. Love her so much. I continue to watch older NXT and WWE because of her pretty much. She’s such a cool wrestler. So far so good, WWE is using her right.

Brock Lesnar vs. Aj Styles was also surprisingly pretty good and I was skeptical of that match. Both men did a great job and didn’t think they would pull off a fun match like that.

Other than that, last night’s Survivor Series was pretty good… could have been better.


Is Asuka finally on her way to main roster in WWE????

WWE NXT superstar, Asuka has been performing in NXT for a few years now. I think she made her NXT debut in 2016 and ever since then, she’s been sparking a lot of buzz and getting so much popularity this soon. Why? Simply because she’s an amazing performer and wrestler. She’s been an undefeated NXT Women’s champion for a long while and now she’s given up the belt.


Why? This is a huge sign that WWE is finally moving her to the main roster. Very soon, I think we’re gonna see her either on RAW or Smackdown Live. Asuka is gonna be a big star in WWE, she’s also Wrestlemania bound for sure.

I’m trying to watch more NXT just for her. If they put her on Smackdown Live, I’ll watch SD Live just for her but I hope they put her on Monday Night RAW, though. I want to see her have matches against Sasha Banks, Nia Jax and Bayley.

When WWE do move Asuka to the main roster, I hope they don’t change her theme song as heard above ’cause the theme song suits her perfectly.

This is how WWE decides their superstars for the main roster; that’s what they use NXT for. Any stars on NXT that sparks a lot of popularity, they get moved to the main roster… this is how WWE is finding all the new stars. NXT is where guys like Bray Wyatt, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Finn Balor, etc. all came from.

To all you wrestling fans reading this blog, you’re gonna love Asuka trust me. Most WWE Divas can’t wrestle… most women wrestlers pull hair and slap each other but Asuka can actually wrestle. She’s impressive in the ring. She reminds me of the Ultimate Warrior a little bit.

Can’t wait to see Asuka on the main roster… she’s gonna get popularity real fast.


When are we going to see Asuka on RAW or Smackdown Live??? She’s getting a lot of attention on NXT…


I know I’m late getting into NXT wrestling but late is better than never. I just started watching finally out of curiosity to see what it’s about. What NXT is, it’s a wrestling show from WWE in which Triple H is in charge of. NXT was founded by legends Triple H and Dusty Rhodes. NXT is a a third wrestling brand for young wrestling rookies where they could get their start in pro wrestling. That’s where all these new wrestler superstars on RAW/Smackdown Live are coming, from they’ve come from NXT.

I’ve just started watching NXT on WWE Network ’cause that’s the only place where you can watch NXT is on the Network, WWE’s own streaming service. I’m glad I started watching NXT ’cause it’s good stuff really. Which is no surprise since NXT is owned by Triple H and that man seems to know what he’s doing running his own shows.

The reason I started watching is ’cause this wrestling character by the name of Asuka caught my attention. She’s a Japanese wrestler. She’s currently NXT Women’s Champion and she’s been undefeated for a while. I’m impressed by her look, her image and her gimmick is supercool too. I guess I have a huge thing for Asian women ’cause I love ’em. Most importantly, she’s also a very talented wrestler. Most female wrestlers in WWE don’t do much in the ring but Asuka is pretty technical. She does way more than slap, punch, pull hair and kick.

Asuka is getting a lot of attention on NXT and she’s already getting so many fans. I’ve watched NXT Takeover and she definitely caught my attention and I’m already a fan of hers. So this weekend, I’ve started watching older NXT shows just so I can watch more of her. The more I watch of Asuka and I only saw two matches of hers so far, the more I think she’s going to be something special in the WWE. You’re looking at the next icon… she could be bigger than Sable, Trish Stratus, Lita, Chyna, etc.

Asuka needs to be on RAW or Smackdown Live soon and I think she will. I haven’t watched Smackdown in many years but if they put her on there, I’ll watch Smackdown for her but if they put her on RAW that’ll be cool. Hopefully they put her on RAW/Smackdown ’cause she deserves to be on the next Wrestlemania card.

Charlotte, Bayley and Sasha Banks maybe getting a lot of attention on RAW/Smackdown Live lately but once Asuka comes around, they’ll be quickly forgotten. Asuka is one star wrestling fans should look out for. I’m going to watch more Asuka matches on NXT tonight.


Report: Daniel Bryan, blogs about his WWE return at Summerslam…

Former Nexus member, Daniel Bryan, was released from WWE a few months back. During those months he’s been gone, it disappointed WWE fans. Fans chanted his name during matches on RAW while he wasn’t working for the company. After his fanbase popularity, WWE had no choice but to re-sign him back to the company.

Read Daniel Bryan’s blog here, he thanks his fans for the support while he was gone from WWE:


He seems like a cool guy! I see him becoming a big main eventer very quickly, Daniel Bryan, future WWE Champion we have here!

I did watch Summerslam by the way. It was okay, nothing special.


Thought: Where has Triple H been? How come he hasn’t been on RAW in months?

Triple H, aka The Game of WWE has been taking another long hiatus from performing on TV. So where is he you may ask? Why, he’s been backstage at all RAW shows after all this time! So in reality, Mr. Paul Levesque hasn’t gone anywhere! What does Triple H do backstage? Well since he is a very valuable employee to WWE, he hangs out backstage to help out with the writing team. He’ll help suggest storylines and matches for RAW shows. Plus, I’m sure Hunter helps out with other wrestlers backstage in the locker room.

Triple H isn’t really injured, it’s a storyline injury that he got from Randy Orton. The reason Triple H isn’t on TV at this point, is because he isn’t needed at this time. With the Nexus stable (former NXT guys with a name change of their group) taking over WWE, the fans would know that Triple H would be able to take down the Nexus easily with no problems. The writing team didn’t want Triple H to take down the Nexus right away, so it isn’t a good time to have Triple H around when the Nexus angle is just starting to get some heat and going strong. If Triple H came back early, it would destroy the whole Nexus angle which won’t be good. WWE wants to play with the Nexus vs. WWE storyline for a while, when the right time comes, Triple H will jump in to help fight off the Nexus. I imagine will help promote a huge ppv which will be Summerslam.

I’m sure Triple H, will be back soon. I don’t think he’s the RAW Anonymous GM though, never know, he could be. I’m sure Triple H will return sometime a few weeks before Summerslam. I’m not worried about Triple H coming back this early. He needs to take time off, so the Nexus can play their angle with out Triple H overshadowing them. This might possibly set up a huge Triple H vs. Wade Barrett match.

Looking forward to tonight’s RAW. I got back to watching again ’cause I’m loving the Nexus storyline. It’s good stuff. Finally WWE brought something good this time.


Thought: The NXT strikes again, but this time on Mr. McMahon…

Last Monday night’s RAW was yet again, another shocking and great episode with an excellent ending I never saw coming. At the main event was supposed to be a WWE Championship match with Sheamus vs. John Cena. Sheamus is now WWE Champion. Vince McMahon was special guest referee for that match. Toward the middle of the match, yes, you guess it, the NXT guys pictured above, strikes again. They beat up both John Cena and Sheamus. Totally ignoring Vince McMahon at first. As the NXT guys entered the ring, Vince entered too.

Vince was looking impressed with a huge smile on his face, being the usual heel owner and alll. Vince was praising the NXT guys for what they did to John Cena. We at first, all thought Vince McMahon was going to join forces with the NXT group which looked like was going to happen. Instead, the NXT guys surrounded McMahon with angry looks on their faces. That’s a bad sign that something is about to happen to Mr. McMahon. Yep, you guess it, the NXT guys started beating the hell out of Mr. McMahon.

Yes, wrestling is fake and scripted, I always knew it, I just watch it for the entertainment. That’s pretty much it. I enjoy the storylines, how they play out the matches and the stars are great performers on the mic overall. It’s just that I always had a passion and respected the wrestling industry too much. Gotta give respect to Mr. McMahon for his performance last night ’cause he had quite a lot of major bumps and gotten really physical the other night at age 64. McMahon is not that old, believe it or not. He’s still young.

Look like the WWE is trying a “NXT vs. WWE” storyline. Lets hope they do a good job with this one ’cause I remember WWE did, “WCW vs. WWE” years back but that angle failed miserably, started off real good but turned out lame. I think what destroyed the “WCW vs. WWE” angle was when Hulk Hogan returned as a heel nWo guy and then he was forced to turn babyface due to the crowd reaction. Now, “NXT vs. WWE” is something similar. Since “NXT Season 2” is on right now, look like the NXT Season 1 guys want to get more members to the group to make it bigger.

There is an anonymous RAW GM. A RAW GM has already been decided but WWE is keeping it secret for now. Who do I think the new RAW GM is? A lot of people think it’s Daniel Bryan (former NXT guy who’s been released from WWE, recently signed back due to fanbase popularity) and some people think it’s Jim Ross, former WWE announcer. While those could be a possibility, those weren’t the guys that I had in mind.

Who was the first name that came to my mind when an anonymous RAW GM came up? No one other than, “The Rock”, Dwayne Johnson. Remember, the Rock has expressed interest in returning to the WWE this summer. He said he wanted to perform and not wrestle. He was interested in a GM role. So I’m thinking the new GM is the Rock. Have to be. If it’s not the Rock, then Shawn Michaels HBK would be my second choice. HBK maybe done with wrestling but maybe not the performing part of it?

RAW is getting better. If they keep up the good work, it’ll feel like the 90’s attitude era all over again. Wade Barrett (real name: Stu Bennett) is a great performer. I think he’s going to be a big main eventer very quickly.


NXT is the best wrestling stable since the nWo…last night’s RAW was an amazing show!!!

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Last night’s RAW felt like the 90’s attitude era again! Holy shit! I was so surprised on how good last night’s “RAW Viewer’s Choice” 3 hour special was last night. It was a very good show all the way through. If the WWE keeps up the good work, WWE could get strong in the ratings again. Last night’s RAW, Sharlto Copley and Rampage Jackson were the guest host to promote the upcoming “A-Team” film. No, Liam Neeson and Bradley Cooper wasn’t there, just Sharlto and Rampage. I’m sure WWE wanted all 4 of the A-Team at RAW last night, but looked like Liam and Bradley turned it down and had something else to do.

Anyways, on with the show, Sharlto and Rampage Jackson were probably the best guest host by far. They were actually very entertaining and Rampage Jackson actually looked more of a WWE star than a UFC star. Rampage did a great job performing WWE even though he never did professional wrestling before. Great segment between Rampage, Roddy Piper, Gene Okerlund, Dusty Rhodes, and Ted Dibiase Jr.

I also loved the match with Kane vs. Sheamus.

The best part of last night’s RAW was the incredible ending. The ending, John Cena vs. CM Punk was the main event. The match was about to happen until it got interupted with the guys from the NXT TV show interupted the match. The guys you see in the picture above. NXT are WWE Rookies, young guys looking to get a shot at becoming WWE stars. Rookie, Wade Barrett won the competition. During John Cena’s match last night, the entire NXT roster entered the ring and surrounded John Cena. They started beating the hell out of him. They even went as far as destroying and wrecking the ring, even the announcer’s set.

I never felt this entertained at a RAW ever in a long time. Last night’s RAW was such a great show with good writing all around. Yeah I know, RAW has been boring for the past couple of years ’cause of these celebrity guest host things and the PG rating, but I’ll take it that last night was an amazing show.

There’s been a number of wrestling stables and wrestling groups over the years in the wrestling industry such as: The Corporate Ministry, DX, The Four Horseman, the nWo, etc. I think the NXT will be the best of them. It was a shocking ending to last night’s RAW and WWE needs more of this, shock factor. I never expected it. Great job to Vince McMahon and the rest of the WWE team.