Thought: The NXT strikes again, but this time on Mr. McMahon…

Last Monday night’s RAW was yet again, another shocking and great episode with an excellent ending I never saw coming. At the main event was supposed to be a WWE Championship match with Sheamus vs. John Cena. Sheamus is now WWE Champion. Vince McMahon was special guest referee for that match. Toward the middle of the match, yes, you guess it, the NXT guys pictured above, strikes again. They beat up both John Cena and Sheamus. Totally ignoring Vince McMahon at first. As the NXT guys entered the ring, Vince entered too.

Vince was looking impressed with a huge smile on his face, being the usual heel owner and alll. Vince was praising the NXT guys for what they did to John Cena. We at first, all thought Vince McMahon was going to join forces with the NXT group which looked like was going to happen. Instead, the NXT guys surrounded McMahon with angry looks on their faces. That’s a bad sign that something is about to happen to Mr. McMahon. Yep, you guess it, the NXT guys started beating the hell out of Mr. McMahon.

Yes, wrestling is fake and scripted, I always knew it, I just watch it for the entertainment. That’s pretty much it. I enjoy the storylines, how they play out the matches and the stars are great performers on the mic overall. It’s just that I always had a passion and respected the wrestling industry too much. Gotta give respect to Mr. McMahon for his performance last night ’cause he had quite a lot of major bumps and gotten really physical the other night at age 64. McMahon is not that old, believe it or not. He’s still young.

Look like the WWE is trying a “NXT vs. WWE” storyline. Lets hope they do a good job with this one ’cause I remember WWE did, “WCW vs. WWE” years back but that angle failed miserably, started off real good but turned out lame. I think what destroyed the “WCW vs. WWE” angle was when Hulk Hogan returned as a heel nWo guy and then he was forced to turn babyface due to the crowd reaction. Now, “NXT vs. WWE” is something similar. Since “NXT Season 2” is on right now, look like the NXT Season 1 guys want to get more members to the group to make it bigger.

There is an anonymous RAW GM. A RAW GM has already been decided but WWE is keeping it secret for now. Who do I think the new RAW GM is? A lot of people think it’s Daniel Bryan (former NXT guy who’s been released from WWE, recently signed back due to fanbase popularity) and some people think it’s Jim Ross, former WWE announcer. While those could be a possibility, those weren’t the guys that I had in mind.

Who was the first name that came to my mind when an anonymous RAW GM came up? No one other than, “The Rock”, Dwayne Johnson. Remember, the Rock has expressed interest in returning to the WWE this summer. He said he wanted to perform and not wrestle. He was interested in a GM role. So I’m thinking the new GM is the Rock. Have to be. If it’s not the Rock, then Shawn Michaels HBK would be my second choice. HBK maybe done with wrestling but maybe not the performing part of it?

RAW is getting better. If they keep up the good work, it’ll feel like the 90’s attitude era all over again. Wade Barrett (real name: Stu Bennett) is a great performer. I think he’s going to be a big main eventer very quickly.


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