Thought: Where has Triple H been? How come he hasn’t been on RAW in months?

Triple H, aka The Game of WWE has been taking another long hiatus from performing on TV. So where is he you may ask? Why, he’s been backstage at all RAW shows after all this time! So in reality, Mr. Paul Levesque hasn’t gone anywhere! What does Triple H do backstage? Well since he is a very valuable employee to WWE, he hangs out backstage to help out with the writing team. He’ll help suggest storylines and matches for RAW shows. Plus, I’m sure Hunter helps out with other wrestlers backstage in the locker room.

Triple H isn’t really injured, it’s a storyline injury that he got from Randy Orton. The reason Triple H isn’t on TV at this point, is because he isn’t needed at this time. With the Nexus stable (former NXT guys with a name change of their group) taking over WWE, the fans would know that Triple H would be able to take down the Nexus easily with no problems. The writing team didn’t want Triple H to take down the Nexus right away, so it isn’t a good time to have Triple H around when the Nexus angle is just starting to get some heat and going strong. If Triple H came back early, it would destroy the whole Nexus angle which won’t be good. WWE wants to play with the Nexus vs. WWE storyline for a while, when the right time comes, Triple H will jump in to help fight off the Nexus. I imagine will help promote a huge ppv which will be Summerslam.

I’m sure Triple H, will be back soon. I don’t think he’s the RAW Anonymous GM though, never know, he could be. I’m sure Triple H will return sometime a few weeks before Summerslam. I’m not worried about Triple H coming back this early. He needs to take time off, so the Nexus can play their angle with out Triple H overshadowing them. This might possibly set up a huge Triple H vs. Wade Barrett match.

Looking forward to tonight’s RAW. I got back to watching again ’cause I’m loving the Nexus storyline. It’s good stuff. Finally WWE brought something good this time.


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