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Cool Video: John Cena to come back to WWE under a new gimmick, Juan Cena…

How will John Cena come back to WWE TV after being fired by the Anonymous General Manager and Wade Barrett of the Nexus? Cena will be coming back under a new gimmick. He will be disguised in a Mexican costume and will be renamed, Juan Cena. A Mexican gimmick. It’s to hide the John Cena identity, as a way to come back to WWE to feud with the Nexus some more.

Remember, the Hulk Hogan/Mr. America storyline? It’s the same thing as that. As usual, the WWE can never come up with original storylines, they just keep rehashing old ones.

Here’s the Juan Cena, theme song, a Mexican version of John’s original version.

I love how some people online, think John Cena is really fired, when it’s all part of a storyline and part of a script. John’s not really fired. Remember, WWE has done this “you’re fired” storyline to many superstars in the past: Stone Cold, Shawn Michaels, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, etc. Again, nothing new, rehashing old storylines.

Cena will probably be on RAW tonight. Not sure if he will be in this new gimmick yet though.


Edit to add:

Here’s John Cena as the Juan Cena masked gimmick at a RAW House show, a non televised event….

Thought: Get with it wrestling fans, John Cena is the RAW Anonymous GM, who else would it be???

Storyline wise, John Cena has been fired from the WWE because he is under Wade Barrett’s control. Not anymore. John Cena called the Survivor Series match right down the middle as he promised, so he helped Randy Orton retained. So that makes Cena fired from WWE if he didn’t follow Wade Barrett’s orders while being member of the Nexus.

How would it make more sense to bring Cena back to TV storyline wise? Could Vince McMahon bring Cena back? Pretty unlikely since Vince McMahon haven’t been on TV in a long while plus Vince hates Cena storyline wise. The RAW Anonymous GM wouldn’t bring Cena back ’cause the GM was the one who kept that rule that if Cena doesn’t follow Wade’s orders, he’d be fired.

So why would Cena sacrifice his career storywise? He’ll take a little break from TV for a few weeks just to go with this storyline, and then he’ll get revealed as the RAW Anonymous GM. How would it make sense that Cena would be the GM? Well think about it. The last time Vince McMahon was on TV, he got his ass kicked by the Nexus. Vince knows how much Cena hates the Nexus and knows how much Cena wants to destroy them. Notice, how the GM has been busting on the Nexus a lot, a Cena hint? YES! Cena being revealed as the GM would explain him coming back from the firing.

For those hoping the GM would be Warrior, Bret Hart, or Triple H. Don’t get your hopes up. Don’t be surprised that the GM could be none other than Cena. After reading about Survivor Series and seeing tonight’s RAW, and how this storyline is going, I’m beginning to see that the GM could be Cena. Sorry to disappoint you Cena haters out there.


John Cena heel turn on the way? Sorry folks, I just can’t see it happening!

I didn’t watch last night’s WWE “Hell in a Cell” ppv for a few reasons. One reason, I’m trying to cut down on ppv’s. Another reason, I was worried that John Cena will win and become the hero again like he usually is on WWE ppvs. Turns out, I was wrong. I’m sure everyone else thought John Cena was going to win his match against Wade Barret. The thing is, if John Cena loses the match, he is forced to join Nexus. If Cena won, Nexus would be over. Turns out that Wade Barret won, and Cena will have to join Nexus tonight on RAW. Will Cena wear the black t-shirt with the N symbol on the front of it? He probably will. Some may think that Cena maybe turning heel very soon, but I don’t see it happening. Cena will pretend to be heel for a little while, then one day, he will stab them in the back and become a hero again. Cena is too popular with children. He sells a lot of merchandise, plus, Cena is doing movies. Maybe Cena will be a full time heel for a long while, don’t know, I don’t think it’s possible.

I read the results of “Hell in a Cell” ppv last night and it didn’t sound like a very good ppv. Glad I didn’t watch it.


Thought: Bret “The Hitman” Hart also might turn heel and join Nexus tonight at Summerslam…

Other than John Cena might be the possible WWE superstar to turn on Team WWE and join Nexus tonight at Summerslam, there is also another possibility. Bret “The Hitman” Hart could also turn heel and join Nexus to become the group’s leader.

I know you’re thinking, “Would never happen, Bret is too much of a legend”. True, but think about why it would make sense if Bret becomes Nexus leader.

What is the reason? Simply because it would be Bret’s way of getting back at Vince McMahon and WWE. Bret could continue to feud with Vince with Bret being leader of Nexus. Vince and the WWE seems to always bring “The Hitman” down, so Bret joining Nexus would be his payback. Vince is always saying, “Bret screwed Bret”, Bret joining Nexus would give Bret more power over WWE. The Nexus needs that star power leader like I said before, Bret might be the perfect choice since Hulk Hogan was leader of NWO. See what I mean?

I think Bret turning heel would be interesting. Bret would grow tired of Vince trying to end his career, so Bret joins Nexus to try and end WWE. If Bret joins Nexus, that would make Vince return to TV to try and battle Nexus with Bret being leader. See how it would all makes sense? If Bret is leader, it would bring Triple H back to feud with him too.

I will be watching “Summerslam” tonight just for something to watch on TV. I’m sure it will be a good ppv. Maybe the RAW anonymous GM will be revealed tonight too? We’ll wait and see.


Thought: John Cena might turn heel and join Nexus this Sunday at Summerslam, here’s why…

A lot of people don’t think John Cena is ever going to turn heel, because of his fanbase with children…but I think Cena will turn heel. I will about to explain why here. Summerslam is this Sunday, it will be a 7 on 7 matchup between Team WWE vs. Nexus. I have a feeling that John Cena will turn heel and join Nexus this Sunday.

You see, Cena may have a very popular fanbase with children, but most of all, John Cena is one of today’s most hated superstars. He always got a mix of boos and cheers from the crowds at RAW shows. So in reality, I think it would be a perfect time to turn Cena heel. Plus, John Cena makes an interesting badguy than a babyface. He did play a heel before he turned babyface. Why would John Cena make a good Nexus leader?

Simply because, Nexus needs a star power leader. Wade Barrett makes a good leader, but Barrett doesn’t have that star power yet, that Nexus needs. Nexus needs somebody even better and more intense. You know how back in the 90’s during the nWo days, when Hollywood Hulk Hogan was the nWo’s star power leader? Well it would be the same with John Cena if he ever become leader of Nexus.

There are hints that John Cena may turn on Team WWE this Sunday. The past several weeks on RAW Chris Jericho has been bashing John Cena, saying how Cena is much worse than Nexus. Jericho explains how Cena takes over WWE worse than Nexus does. Is that a hint? Absolutely! What about when Chris Jericho and Edge quit Team WWE and rejoined on last Monday’s RAW? Is that another hint? Yes!!!! Why do you think the Nexus are interested in John Cena so much? Really think about these things.

Nobody wants to see Cena do this, it’ll totally ruin his fanbase with children, yes, but WWE already tried that when they turned Hulk Hogan, The Rock, and Stone Cold heel years back. Nexus needs Cena as their leader. That’s why they keep going after him. Nexus can make a lot of historical moments with Cena as leader. Plus, most importantly, Cena being leader can help Wade Barrett get his first shot at the WWE title.

What can WWE do to keep Cena heel so fans can stop cheering him? He needs to get rid of this “U Can’t See Me” catchphrase, and stop doing that waving his hand in front of his face thing. He needs to talk trash at the WWE and at his own fans. Things like that. When Cena turns on Team WWE to join Nexus in the 7 on 7 matchup, maybe Cena can get a replacement with a possible return of Triple H???

I’m thinking about watching Summerslam this weekend, not sure if I will or not. Trying to cut down on ppv’s.


Thought: Where has Triple H been? How come he hasn’t been on RAW in months?

Triple H, aka The Game of WWE has been taking another long hiatus from performing on TV. So where is he you may ask? Why, he’s been backstage at all RAW shows after all this time! So in reality, Mr. Paul Levesque hasn’t gone anywhere! What does Triple H do backstage? Well since he is a very valuable employee to WWE, he hangs out backstage to help out with the writing team. He’ll help suggest storylines and matches for RAW shows. Plus, I’m sure Hunter helps out with other wrestlers backstage in the locker room.

Triple H isn’t really injured, it’s a storyline injury that he got from Randy Orton. The reason Triple H isn’t on TV at this point, is because he isn’t needed at this time. With the Nexus stable (former NXT guys with a name change of their group) taking over WWE, the fans would know that Triple H would be able to take down the Nexus easily with no problems. The writing team didn’t want Triple H to take down the Nexus right away, so it isn’t a good time to have Triple H around when the Nexus angle is just starting to get some heat and going strong. If Triple H came back early, it would destroy the whole Nexus angle which won’t be good. WWE wants to play with the Nexus vs. WWE storyline for a while, when the right time comes, Triple H will jump in to help fight off the Nexus. I imagine will help promote a huge ppv which will be Summerslam.

I’m sure Triple H, will be back soon. I don’t think he’s the RAW Anonymous GM though, never know, he could be. I’m sure Triple H will return sometime a few weeks before Summerslam. I’m not worried about Triple H coming back this early. He needs to take time off, so the Nexus can play their angle with out Triple H overshadowing them. This might possibly set up a huge Triple H vs. Wade Barrett match.

Looking forward to tonight’s RAW. I got back to watching again ’cause I’m loving the Nexus storyline. It’s good stuff. Finally WWE brought something good this time.


NXT is the best wrestling stable since the nWo…last night’s RAW was an amazing show!!!

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Last night’s RAW felt like the 90’s attitude era again! Holy shit! I was so surprised on how good last night’s “RAW Viewer’s Choice” 3 hour special was last night. It was a very good show all the way through. If the WWE keeps up the good work, WWE could get strong in the ratings again. Last night’s RAW, Sharlto Copley and Rampage Jackson were the guest host to promote the upcoming “A-Team” film. No, Liam Neeson and Bradley Cooper wasn’t there, just Sharlto and Rampage. I’m sure WWE wanted all 4 of the A-Team at RAW last night, but looked like Liam and Bradley turned it down and had something else to do.

Anyways, on with the show, Sharlto and Rampage Jackson were probably the best guest host by far. They were actually very entertaining and Rampage Jackson actually looked more of a WWE star than a UFC star. Rampage did a great job performing WWE even though he never did professional wrestling before. Great segment between Rampage, Roddy Piper, Gene Okerlund, Dusty Rhodes, and Ted Dibiase Jr.

I also loved the match with Kane vs. Sheamus.

The best part of last night’s RAW was the incredible ending. The ending, John Cena vs. CM Punk was the main event. The match was about to happen until it got interupted with the guys from the NXT TV show interupted the match. The guys you see in the picture above. NXT are WWE Rookies, young guys looking to get a shot at becoming WWE stars. Rookie, Wade Barrett won the competition. During John Cena’s match last night, the entire NXT roster entered the ring and surrounded John Cena. They started beating the hell out of him. They even went as far as destroying and wrecking the ring, even the announcer’s set.

I never felt this entertained at a RAW ever in a long time. Last night’s RAW was such a great show with good writing all around. Yeah I know, RAW has been boring for the past couple of years ’cause of these celebrity guest host things and the PG rating, but I’ll take it that last night was an amazing show.

There’s been a number of wrestling stables and wrestling groups over the years in the wrestling industry such as: The Corporate Ministry, DX, The Four Horseman, the nWo, etc. I think the NXT will be the best of them. It was a shocking ending to last night’s RAW and WWE needs more of this, shock factor. I never expected it. Great job to Vince McMahon and the rest of the WWE team.