Thought: Get with it wrestling fans, John Cena is the RAW Anonymous GM, who else would it be???

Storyline wise, John Cena has been fired from the WWE because he is under Wade Barrett’s control. Not anymore. John Cena called the Survivor Series match right down the middle as he promised, so he helped Randy Orton retained. So that makes Cena fired from WWE if he didn’t follow Wade Barrett’s orders while being member of the Nexus.

How would it make more sense to bring Cena back to TV storyline wise? Could Vince McMahon bring Cena back? Pretty unlikely since Vince McMahon haven’t been on TV in a long while plus Vince hates Cena storyline wise. The RAW Anonymous GM wouldn’t bring Cena back ’cause the GM was the one who kept that rule that if Cena doesn’t follow Wade’s orders, he’d be fired.

So why would Cena sacrifice his career storywise? He’ll take a little break from TV for a few weeks just to go with this storyline, and then he’ll get revealed as the RAW Anonymous GM. How would it make sense that Cena would be the GM? Well think about it. The last time Vince McMahon was on TV, he got his ass kicked by the Nexus. Vince knows how much Cena hates the Nexus and knows how much Cena wants to destroy them. Notice, how the GM has been busting on the Nexus a lot, a Cena hint? YES! Cena being revealed as the GM would explain him coming back from the firing.

For those hoping the GM would be Warrior, Bret Hart, or Triple H. Don’t get your hopes up. Don’t be surprised that the GM could be none other than Cena. After reading about Survivor Series and seeing tonight’s RAW, and how this storyline is going, I’m beginning to see that the GM could be Cena. Sorry to disappoint you Cena haters out there.


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