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Vince McMahon angry at the sight of blood during Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker “Hell In a Cell” match…

I didn’t watch the Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker “Hell in a Cell” last night but sounded like it was a good match like always. Lesnar and Undertaker has always put on brilliant matches together. Blood in WWE is no longer allowed on TV since Vince McMahon has a strict “no blood” policy due to it’s PG rating. If they have blood, they’re worried it could lose sponsors and advertisers. Whenever wrestlers have blood on TV it’s usually by accident though and whenever there is blood, Vince would usually fine the wrestlers some money as some punishment.


Whenever there’s an Undertaker match and especially Hell In a Cell, you expect no blood? Seriously? Vince should have known that and he needs to get over himself. I’m almost pretty sure fans loved seeing the blood but unfortunately, Vince doesn’t care what the fans want anymore. He can’t get rid of the dumb PG rating ’cause he’s afraid of losing his sponsors. Well, don’t you think that if he’s keeping the sponsors and keeping the PG rating that could be what’s causing the ratings to drop? Nobody likes the PG rating anyways, Vince. We want to see the blood back and last night’s ppv proved that. I didn’t watch it but wishing I did. Undertaker back in a Hell in a Cell match is always amazing.

Vince being angry at the sigh of blood during matches is nothing new ’cause he’s always been like this. He doesn’t care what the fans want at all, it’s all about what he wants really. He’s living in a world that’s all about himself really.

It’s one of the reasons why I pretty much stopped watching WWE. Don’t like the family friendly PG rating. I’m sure the blood last night helped WWE got more ppv buys.

I still love professional wrestling, I just don’t like where it’s going these days.