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I’ll be watching “Survivor Series” ppv tonight for the Goldberg vs. Lesnar match…

Looking forward to watching “Survivor Series” ppv on WWE Network later tonight. Even though everybody knows that Brock Lesnar will win against Goldberg tonight, it should be a fun and exciting match anyways. I have a feeling it’s gonna be a brutal match, though. I have a feeling that something might happen to Goldberg ’cause they don’t call Lesnar the beast incarnate for no reason. Goldberg could end up in a bloody mess.

I enjoy “Survivor Series” ppvs ’cause I like how they team up a group of wrestlers vs. another team, so exciting. “Survivor Series” will be starting at 7 so it’s looking like it’ll be a 4 hr. ppv. I have a feeling that most matches tonight will be quick ’cause Lesnar vs. Goldberg will probably be a long one. Gotta save the time for the main event. Looking forward to it tonight! Hope it’s good!


Cool Video: Brock’s fellow WWE stars speaks on his win at UFC 116, only one missing is Dwayne Johnson…

In this video, Brock’s fellow WWE superstars that he worked with in the past speaks on his win at last Saturday night’s ppv. As you can see in the video, the ppv is just getting over with and people are leaving. So I guess those WWE guys there decided to stick around longer, to chat with fans, give autographs & take pictures, give interviews with the media, etc. The superstars you see in the video are Stone Cold, Jim Ross, Paul Heyman, and Bill Goldberg.

Only one missing is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The Rock was there at UFC 116, but he must of left the MGM Grand as soon as the ppv got over. Look like The Rock didn’t feel like dealing with the media and the fans. Oh well.

Enjoy this video.