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Cool Video: Brock’s fellow WWE stars speaks on his win at UFC 116, only one missing is Dwayne Johnson…

In this video, Brock’s fellow WWE superstars that he worked with in the past speaks on his win at last Saturday night’s ppv. As you can see in the video, the ppv is just getting over with and people are leaving. So I guess those WWE guys there decided to stick around longer, to chat with fans, give autographs & take pictures, give interviews with the media, etc. The superstars you see in the video are Stone Cold, Jim Ross, Paul Heyman, and Bill Goldberg.

Only one missing is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The Rock was there at UFC 116, but he must of left the MGM Grand as soon as the ppv got over. Look like The Rock didn’t feel like dealing with the media and the fans. Oh well.

Enjoy this video.


Report: Sylvester Stallone confesses Steve Austin broke his neck while filming, “The Expendables”…

In the upcoming, new Stallone flick, “The Expendables”, set to release in August 2010… Sly admits to FHM magazine that he had a serious injury while filming a real fight scene with Stone Cold Steve Austin (former WWE superstar). Sly revealed that he was taken to the emergency room. He had major surgery and says he now has a metal plate in his neck.

He also revealed that Dolph Lundgren almost killed him when Sly ordered him to knock him out for a scene.

Read this shocking story here:


Geez, Sly. How much longer are you going to keep doing action films doing your own stunts? Sly is doing “Rambo V” next and I wonder if he’ll keep doing real fighting in the next Rambo movie? Probably.

Sly is going to kill himself doing this, lol!!!!


Stone Cold is filming scenes with Statham and Stallone right now!!!

According to Sheryl Main’s twitter page, Stone Cold Steve Austin, the WWE Hall of Famer is filming action scenes with Statham and Stallone right now.


No pics yet, but I’m sure pics of Stone Cold in action will be on the web today, I hope.

Stone Cold is playing a villain in “Expendables”, so look like he’s trying to get after Statham and Stallone in the scene they are filming.