Obama praises Caitlyn Jenner at LGBT awards show… he seems to be comfortable around homosexuals… Hmmmm…

Is it just me or is Barack Obama more comfortable around homosexuals than straight people???? At the first half of his presidency he was all quiet about the homosexual lifestyle and now he’s all over it. At the second half of his presidency he’s been doing a lot of events, fundraisers and speeches for the LGBT. He seems to be doing more things and caring more for the LGBT people than us straight people. He’s become more obsessed with the LGBT lifestyle these days.

His last event for the LGBT was for Gay Pride Month at the White House in which I’m sure all those people watching Barack’s speech were all homosexual people, of course.

Here is Barack once again, trying to teach us that “coming out” is okay and trying to get us to accept these people.


I think it’s safe to say that America is obsessed with homosexuality. Agree with it or not, this lifestyle is being shoved in our faces everywhere you look. It’s all over TV and movies. It’s all over sports and even music.

Come  on, Barack. Come out of the closet there,  buddy. Most of us already know what you are and you do  a bad job at hiding it, you’re not fooling anyone, Barack. You’re not fooling anyone at all. Why would you go around saying to people it’s okay and wonderful to come out, yet you refuse to do it yourself?


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