Top 10 Things We Need to Ban In America… (WARNING: This will piss off liberals)

So the liberal left is obsessed with banning things in America. Ban this and ban that. They wanna ban guns, Happy meal toys, Rush Limbaugh, sugary drinks, plastic bags, Barbie dolls, the Pledge of the Allegiance, water guns, goldfish, and now they wanna ban the Confederate flag. What’s gonna be next?

Well, I have a list of things that we should definitely ban in America… I can think a list of 10 things that need to go…

Here ya go, y’all… ENJOY!!!!!! 🙂

  1. Barack Obama’s presidency – This is the first thing that needs to go. Obama is a fraud. A man who we know nothing about and he’s doing a lot of damage to America. If you can’t see what he’s doing to the country, then you really are misinformed and uneducated. You’re blind, ignorant and dumb. I don’t care how he gets removed from office, he needs to go. Get HIM OUT!
  2. Gay Marriage – I’m a traditional marriage kind of guy and I always will be. I don’t care what anyone thinks. It will always be Adam and Eve to me. Government shouldn’t be redefining marriage at all.
  3. Abortion – I’m a pro life kind of guy and will always believe that abortion is baby killing. Murder it is all the way.
  4. Common Core – This educational system is awful. So many things wrong with it. They give you wrong math answers. So many errors. Plus, this system is very liberal, they teach you how to be a liberal. On top of that, American education needs to be local and not government controlled. Get rid of it. This is another reason why we need Donald Trump in office.
  5. Obamacare – The ACA needs to go. It’s a disastrous health care law and it’s so sad that so many people can’t see that and they support it anyway. Are people this naive?
  6. Islam/The Muslim religion – They really are evil people. Get rid of all Muslims. Get rid of Islam completely. If this offends you, I don’t care.
  7. Hillary Clinton – Need I say more? She’s just another corrupted bitch who needs to go. Liar, criminal, murderer, etc. She thinks she’s above the law. She thinks she’s god or something. Well, she’s not.
  8. The Gay Pride rainbow flag – So you’re offended by the Confederate Flag? Well that rainbow flag offends me and sick of seeing it everywhere.
  9. The mainstream news media – Get rid of ’em all. CNN, MSNBC, CBS,  ABC, etc. All the newspapers too like the NY Times and the Washington Post. All a bunch of liberal garbage feeding you one-sided crap.
  10. Ban liberals from voting – This would be nice ’cause they’re just gonna keep electing stupid people in office like Barack and Hillary.

How about that for a ban list?


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