Obama wanted to be first president to legalize gay marriage nationally and take credit for it, well, he got it…

While today’s news wasn’t much of a surprise and I’m not very happy about it but what are you gonna do, ya know? Liberalism and equality is being rammed down our throats everyday and it’s getting worse. Liberalism and equal rights nonsense is everywhere. Most everyone is into that crap.

I think it’s pretty obvious that today’s Supreme Court ruling was a big time political move before the upcoming elections. Obama wanted to win “marriage equality” before any other candidate did. He knew that Hillary was campaigning for “gay marriage” and he got it before her.

I also think it’s obvious that the Supreme Court is corrupted and broken. They have become lapdogs for Obama. Him and Chief Roberts work secretly behind the scenes. I think Obama may have threatened Chief Roberts life or may have blackmailed him of some sort so he can give what Obama wants.

Obama trying to do big things for the liberal community before his presidency goes out…IF his presidency goes out. Obama could remain as president even after 2017 by either a third term or “martial law”. You know it’s coming, y’all. We would have to deal with Obama for another 8 years or longer.

We’re really screwed, America. I have also noticed that more and more  so-called conservatives has become in favor of “gay marriage” as well.

I’m real tired of liberal America. I don’t believe in liberalism at all. Nothing will ever turn me into a liberal, I don’t care what anyone says or thinks.

Most everyone I know in my life are pretty liberal people. Even though most of Hollywood is pretty liberal, I’ll always be a movie and music fan. Even though Neil Young and Stephen King are turning out to be liberal people, I’ll always love their work, though.

It’s real sad what America have become. Liberalism is good for America and Conservatives are the enemies. Welcome to Obama’s America, y’all.


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