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Despite feud with Glenn Beck, Tomi Lahren uploads facebook video to rant about politics…

When Tomi Lahren rants about politics in her videos, she’s usually in some type of professional television studio. Now that she has no job as of this point, she’s still ranting about politics on video via a homemade video. This is her first homemade video probably using a cell phone camera since being fired from the Blaze. She talks about the Syrian strikes, the Mother of all Bombs, North Korea and things like that. This is a great video too and she’s still killing it. She doesn’t bring up her feud with Glenn Beck at all, though which is good.

Maybe she can replace Bill O’ Reilly on FOX News? Would be a great opportunity for her since she has no job as of this moment. She never worked for cable TV before, most of her shows were online shows. Before she got the job at the Blaze, she worked for OAN. Soon, hopefully she can get her own show on cable TV. Would be cool.


Tomi Lahren sues Glenn Beck for wrongful termination… GO TOMI!

This is great news, good for Tomi! She’s fighting back and not fucking around at all! I think I said in a post before that this is lawsuit worthy and kind of predicted that she was gonna do it.

I totally agree that Glenn messed with her and exploited her just to help his company.


Will Tomi win her battle against Glenn? It’s gonna be a tough battle ’cause the Blaze is a pretty powerful company. I think Glenn will find a way to get away with winning the dismissal somehow so I don’t know if she’ll win or not but it would be amazing if she did.

Some of us did try to warn her not to trust Glenn Beck but she didn’t listen. Maybe she should listen to her supporters next time? I wish her the best of luck. I hope she does kick Glenn’s ass hard.


Tomi Lahren banned off of the Blaze for good… predictable Glenn Beck… that guy’s a freakin’ loser!

So Tomi Lahren has gotten banned/fired off of The Blaze network for good. For what? Just for having one liberal view, really? Tomi having one liberal view while this fraud named Glenn Beck has many liberal views. This is coming from a guy who is anti-Trump and pro-Hillary. Glenn Beck is the true fake conservative and he knows it.

Welp, time to boycott anything Glenn Beck. I won’t listen to his show at all or won’t buy any of his books either.


I think Tomi Lahren will get her own show on some major network. I can see Tomi getting her own show on FOX News ’cause that would be perfect for her, in my opinion. There are many FOX News journalists with some liberal views and they don’t censor anybody so I hope FOX News hires Tomi.

Glenn Beck better be careful. He’s only helping her to be even more popular. Glenn Beck picking on Tomi ’cause she’s young. Just watch, The Blaze ratings and popularity will tank like mad after this.

If Tomi wants to be “pro-choice” that’s her business. We live in a world where if you have a different opinion than everyone else, that makes you a bad person. What has America come to?

This is lawsuit worthy,  in my opinion. Tomi should consider suing Glenn Beck.


So conservatives have a bit of an “intolerance” problem too even in their own group…

I just don’t get it. Those die-hard conservatives always call for liberals to be more tolerant toward them but they seem to get all pissed off when conservatives in their own community have a different opinion than them. Tolerant conservatives? Please. I’m seeing a lot of conservatives through facebook and twitter shitting on Tomi like mad only because she came out as “Pro-Choice”. Like I said in the previous post about this, I’m “pro-life” but if she wants to be “Pro-Choice” that’s her prerogative. Once again I thought those conservatives were “free speech” advocates? Apparently not!

Tomi has just been suspended by Glenn Beck from her online web show at the Blaze:


Sounds to me that Glenn Beck is afraid to lose some viewers if he kept her on which is pretty funny — Glenn Beck a guy who is not really a conservative himself. Glenn Beck a fraud who defended Barack Obama a lot (remember he once said Obama made Beck a better man?) and a fraud who is also anti-Trump. Beck also has weak opinions on illegal aliens and is also too friendly with Muslims. He calls himself a conservative?

It was a mistake for Tomi to team up with Glenn Beck on the Blaze but she said the only reason she got on the show was because it was an opportunity for her to speak her mind.

Yeah, Tomi is aggressive with her video rants but that’s why I love her. She drives liberals crazy and now she’s driving conservatives crazy which is awesome.

Ya know something, who cares if a conservative person has a few liberal views. It doesn’t mean they’re a liberal hiding in the closet. My god, people. There are many conservatives out there who has a few liberal views including myself. Like I said before, even Donald Trump has some liberal views. Trump is a friend to the gay community but conservatives never gave him hell for that.

I’m sure all conservatives have a few liberal views, a lot of them are just so scared to admit it.

I stand with Tomi. She should forget The Blaze and get on FOX News or something. FOX News would be perfect for her, in my opinion.


Glenn Beck is gonna lose a lot of listeners if he keeps this up…

Is Glenn Beck really “conservative”? No… not at all. I think he’s just another dumb libtard pretending to be “conservative”. In my eyes, if you hate Donald Trump then you’re not a true conservative at all if you claim to be one. That is why some hate Donald Trump ’cause they know Trump is a true conservative and they can’t stand it.  Donald Trump is a true conservative and it’s driving everybody crazy… that’s why everyone is accusing him of all kinds of things and calling him all kinds of names. Idiots out there also try to make Trump look like a “liberal” which is nothing new and pretty dumb. Trump is a real conservative and it’s pissing a lot of people off which is a good thing actually!

I used to like Glenn Beck but not anymore, though. I think he’s trying to draw in more liberal listeners.



Glenn Beck, next in line to ban anything, Donald Trump… I think Beck just killed his career…

I think Glenn Beck is gonna lose many of his listeners if he’s serious about banning anything Donald Trump. Another next in line to ban anything Trump. First NBC, Univision, Macy’s and now Glenn Beck.


Donald Trump, exposing all those fake “conservatives” and I LOVE IT!


Glenn Beck refuses to call Caitlyn Jenner a “woman” and still refers to him as Bruce…

This is awesome. Glenn Beck is another dude who ain’t afraid of truth. Anybody who actually believes Bruce Jenner is a woman now is an idiot. I think referring to Bruce as a “her” and “she” now is pretty lame and fuckin’ stupid, in my opinion and I’ve been saying that from the very beginning. This makes me an even bigger fan of Glenn Beck. Glad I’m not alone on this.



Glenn Beck asks an interesting question, where’s the #AllLivesMatter hashtag?

The conservative talk show host, Glenn Beck pays his respects to officer Brian Moore who was shot in the face by some Muslim freak and then later died in Queens hospital.


RIP to Brian Moore, btw but when is social networking ever going to get trending topics of #AllLivesMatter? Glenn Beck brings up an interesting question and I’ve been wondering that myself.

You wonder why we don’t get important hashtags like that but instead we get hashtags like #BlackLivesMatter, #BlackGirlsRock, #BringBackOurGirls, etc.

WTF is this crap?

These are the kind of hashtags I would like to see: #AllLivesMatter, #BlueLivesMatter, #WakeUpAmerica, #ObamaIsEvil, #HillarytheMurderer, etc. but we’ll never get those.

We need hashtags that would help people wake up of what’s going on with our country but instead we get liberalism hashtags full of division and hate.

Liberals won’t care about Officer Brian Moore getting murdered ’cause they hate cops. Good job, libtards. Look what you all started! You made it okay to kill police officers now. Hope you feel proud of yourselves.


“We don’t see things as left and right. We see things as right and wrong.” – Glenn Beck

BINGO! Glenn Beck is right on the money and the man just got a lot more respect from me. Glenn Beck, the famous conservative radio talk show host writes an open letter to Gov. Cuomo and it’s a good read too. You should check it out, here.

Gov. Cuomo not only started a war against conservatives in NY… conservatives all across the US are upset with him. I agree with Mr. Beck, we deserve an explanation and an apology too, at least but he won’t. I know how liberals are, they like to backpedal on things a lot and get away with stuff.


BREAKING NEWS: Fox confirms Glenn Beck is leaving his talk show…

I don’t watch Glenn Beck’s show, but I’ve heard people talking about him all over the web. The controversial talk show, Glenn Beck is leaving his Fox show. He mostly talks politics. I don’t know much about Glenn Beck, I don’t really follow him. Just thought I would throw this report out there. I do know that he is a guy that you either love or hate.

Read this report at, Deadline.