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Even though liberals claim to hate my politics, I know they’re reading and enjoying it…


Liberals claim that my political views and my views on Obama are offensive and out of line. Thank you. I’ll take that stuff as a compliment ’cause it’s all part of what I do this for is to drive people crazy.

Even though people claim to hate my politics, I know they read anyway and secretly, I do know they enjoy it and addicted to it. That’s why they keep reading and why they keep attacking me and calling me out. Deep down inside, they enjoy what I do and they’ll never admit that what I do is good.

Either way though, I don’t do this politics stuff to make people happy. I do it ’cause I’m all about the truth and I believe in my country that I live in and do whatever I can to help defend my homeland just like other conservatives and patriots.


There are too many left-wingers out there, and I can’t stand it…

I’m proud to be conservative/republican. I look at myself this way for a pretty good reason too. However, though, I wish there was a lot more conservative people as the conservative thing is diminishing. There are more left wingers/liberals than ever. It’s pathetic. Maybe that’s why they get all over me.

How can I tell if people are left-wingers? Lets break it down to a short list shall we? Left-wingers are…

– People who support marriage equality

– People who support Obama or think he has done nothing impeachable

– People who support Trayvon Martin

– People who support gun control

– People who think Bradley Manning/Edward Snowden is a traitor

– People who think Immigration Reform is good

– People who obsess with the economy

– People who thinks abortion is okay

And I can keep going with the list all day.

Why did I choose to go right-wing? It’s because right-wingers are more honest. Right-wingers care for our country. When things get bad and get crazy in government… we’re pretty quick on picking things up while liberals would be slow learners and they would think the exact opposite as us. Liberal/Conservative is almost like a football team.

We need more conservative people in America, for sure. The liberals are kicking our asses and they like to see us as evil people.

When will we ever get a conservative president in the White House? I hope we get a conservative president in 2016 ’cause we certainly need one. I pick conservative ’cause we know what’s right for our country and what isn’t. Liberals are pretty selfish evil beings. All they care for are themselves. If we had more right-wingers like me… then people in America would have no problem with my so called controversial opinions.

Seriously, I don’t see how my writing style and thoughts are dark & controversial. Only left-wingers would think that. Left-wingers really are awful and I can’t stand ’em.



Another note on same sex marriage…

Facebook has been all over this “Same sex marriage” in NY being legalized. Getting all excited about it. I can understand how gay people can get excited about it, but there’s something strange about straight people getting excited about it. Some people claim they are straight, when they support, “same sex marriage” but honestly, you would be surprised on how many closet homosexuals there are around here. You know, people being secretly gay and hiding it. I’m not disrespecting anything here, just making observations on things. This person could be your closest friend or even a family member, he/she could be a closeted gay person. You can tell by seeing some signs of it. Nothing wrong with sexual fantasies though, ’cause everyone has ’em, but when same sex marriage gets legalized in your state, you start to see these things in people.

That’s all legalizing same sex marriage does, in my opinion. It promotes homosexuality and tries to get people interested in it more. It’ll get more people to come out.

I don’t hate gay people. I’ve always been, a 100% straight and I stay true to that.


BREAKING NEWS: Fox confirms Glenn Beck is leaving his talk show…

I don’t watch Glenn Beck’s show, but I’ve heard people talking about him all over the web. The controversial talk show, Glenn Beck is leaving his Fox show. He mostly talks politics. I don’t know much about Glenn Beck, I don’t really follow him. Just thought I would throw this report out there. I do know that he is a guy that you either love or hate.

Read this report at, Deadline.


“Waiting for Superman” is one of the most powerful documentaries I’ve seen in a while, it’s a shame it got the Oscar snub…

Yesterday afternoon, I finally saw the documentary, “Waiting for Superman”. As you all know, this is the most talked about documentary movie online. I saw this yesterday afternoon on DVD and I loved it. The film actually blew my mind. It was a very well made documentary all around. Great narration, interviews, filming, music, etc. It’s a film that exposes the truth on schools and education. It gets into detail on how schools are failing. It shows how bad teachers are making students fail, not graduate and all that stuff. It’s obviously a very political driven film. Of course, it showed all the Michelle Rhee stuff and how Bill Gates got into saving education.

This film brings back memories to my school days. I was an okay student. I ddin’t get straight A’s or 100’s, I did pretty good in most subjects. I was good at English and Science. Social Studies/history, I was okay in but still wasn’t my favorite subject in the world. The worst trouble I had in school was math. I’m not a big math person, was never really interested in it. After getting out of school a long time ago, it now makes me wish I was more motivated in math and makes me want to get good with numbers. Education and school is a very tough thing in life. This film proved that. It’s also a very sad film. I wish education can be better in the United States ’cause I think the education thing is broken myself.

This is a very inspiring and moving film. It’s a real shame that it didn’t get nominated for “Best Documentary” at the Oscars at all. It should. It’s a very important film that everyone needs to see and learn. Do yourself a favor, give this movie a rent or buy it, and be inspired. This movie will be helpful for your information on education and your children if you have any.


Report: Fran Drescher, famous hollywood actress aiming for the NY Senate seat…

Oh my, a big Hollywood actress is interested in the Senate for New York State, taking over Hillary’s spot.

For those who don’t know who she is, she is the star of the sitcom “The Nanny” and starred in a handfull of movies such as “This is Spinal Tap”, Weird Al’s “UHF”, “Cadillac Man”, “Jack” (that also starred Robin Williams), and plenty more.

More on it here:


I hope she doesn’t get it. I always hated this woman. Please, DON’T GIVE HER THE NY SENATE SEAT!!!!!!!


Report: John McCain fights back at Jackson Browne, feud over “Running On Empty” song heats up!!!

The McCain camp is fighting back at Jackson Browne in defense of McCain’s use of Browne’s hit song “Running on Empty” during the Elections. If you read the court documents TMZ posted, the McCain camp is begging for a lawsuit dissmisal and they defend their use of the song.

They claim that Browne failed to prove how this is infriging his copyright to the song without use of permission and they also prove in the response that McCain had every right to use the song whenever he wanted. They also blame Browne for attacking McCain with this just so Browne can promote his new album. They say that using iconic songs for public use is not copyright infrigement.

TMZ reports:


I’ve said it once before and will say it again, you don’t want to mess with John McCain.