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Another note on same sex marriage…

Facebook has been all over this “Same sex marriage” in NY being legalized. Getting all excited about it. I can understand how gay people can get excited about it, but there’s something strange about straight people getting excited about it. Some people claim they are straight, when they support, “same sex marriage” but honestly, you would be surprised on how many closet homosexuals there are around here. You know, people being secretly gay and hiding it. I’m not disrespecting anything here, just making observations on things. This person could be your closest friend or even a family member, he/she could be a closeted gay person. You can tell by seeing some signs of it. Nothing wrong with sexual fantasies though, ’cause everyone has ’em, but when same sex marriage gets legalized in your state, you start to see these things in people.

That’s all legalizing same sex marriage does, in my opinion. It promotes homosexuality and tries to get people interested in it more. It’ll get more people to come out.

I don’t hate gay people. I’ve always been, a 100% straight and I stay true to that.


Brock is going to WWE RAW in Albany, on Dec. 27th…

A family member of mine won tickets off a radio station to see Monday Night RAW at the Times Union Center on Dec. 27th and she’s giving them to me since she knows I’m a huge wrestling fan. I’m definitely going. I like seeing WWE shows live in person, it’s definitely much more fun seeing their shows live than on TV! Am I ready to see John Cena hog up the whole show, the Nexus and Michael Cole reading Anonymous GM e-mails off a laptop? Yes, I guess so. Hopefully, Triple H returns to WWE before then so I can see him live in Albany, that would rock.

The main event booked for that night is a WWE Championship match between: Randy Orton vs. The Miz vs. Wade Barrett, but we all know that John Cena is somehow going to be involved in that match. Hopefully Vince McMahon will be there to perform if he returns to TV before then.

Shall be an exciting show and looking forward to it. Should I bring a sign to hold up for the TV? Not sure, I’ll do that or not. Maybe.


Yep, Angelina Jolie is in Albany, N.Y. filming “Salt”, and I have the pics to prove it!!!

Damn it, another website already got the exclusive pics before I did. 😦 Oh well. Yes, the real Angie Jolie is in Albany filming the scenes in “Salt”. It’s a spy movie and she’s undercover, that’s why she’s wearing weird clothes. She’s wearing a long coat and a winter’s hat in the hot days of Spring?

You can see pics of Angie working with a stunt woman here. Yep, Angie is in town, I think that’s really her. It’s hard to tell because of the makeup she’s wearing and the coat, and hat but I can tell it’s really her. Yep, the real Angelina in Albany, N.Y.!!!!

Enjoy the pics. I’ll be on the lookout for more! 🙂


Report: Eddie Vedder to play two solo shows at “The Palace Theater” in Albany, N.Y. this summer…

Eddie Vedder, the Pearl Jam frontman, just unleashed tour dates for his solo tour. Vedder will kick off his solo tour in Albany, N.Y. at the Palace Theater, June 8th and 9th. Does this mean that Vedder will be spending the night in Albany that weekend? Looks it.

What will Vedder play in his solo tour? Probably the usual stuff…songs from the “Into the Wild” movie, a bunch of Pearl Jam songs acoustically, and covers of other bands/artists songs. Maybe Eddie will throw in some new and rare stuff as well.

Billboard reports:


Another concert I’m interested in going to, I’ll think about this one.


Just got tickets to Metallica at the Times Union Center Nov. 12th!!! WOOT!!!

Just ordered my tickets to Metallica at the Times Union Center for their Nov. 12th show in Albany, so I’m definitely going. I actually found a friend to go with who is also a Metallica fan. Yep, as expected most of the tickets are gone already, the only seats I could find available was the first lower level.

Yep, it’s no surprise to me that this show could be a possible quick sell out as soon as it hit the 10:00 a.m. hour, and it’ll probably sell out in the next few minutes. Glad I got my tickets in time. Awesome. Getting psyched to see Metallica for the first time ever.

Songs I’m expecting the band to play at the Times Union gig…they’ll probably play several songs from their new album, “Death Magnetic” and of course, all their classics to help plug in their Guitar Hero game.

So I’m going to two concerts this year, Metallica at the Times Union and Phish at SPAC, getting psyched for both of them.

In other Metallica news, be sure to catch the band get inducted into the Hall of Fame tonight on Fuse TV. Those who don’t have FUSE TV channel on your cable box, you can watch the Hall of Fame on their website.


I’ll definitely be watching the Hall of Fame online tonight. I’m in a Metallica mood, so I’ll be playing their Guitar Hero game most of the afternoon probably.


Smackdown in Glens Falls, N.Y. review…

Just got back from Smackdown in Glens Falls, N.Y. It wasn’t a televised event either. There were no cameras surrounding the ring like the usual and there were no announcer table. Do you know what that means? That means that this Smackdown show was a “House” show. A “house” show is a type of wrestling show in WWE that is not televised. I don’t think WWE would televise a live event in a small city like Glens Falls anyways. If Smackdown was in Albany, N.Y. at the Times Union Center that’s when they’ll televise it.

Superstars that were there tonight: Carlito, Kizarny, Chavo Guerrero, Paul London, Brian Kendrick, The Great Khali, Shelton Benjamin, Maria Kinellis, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Vladmir Kozlov, etc.

There were no big names tonight. No Edge, no Big Show, no Undertaker. Not even “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan.

The main event of the night was Jeff Hardy vs. Vladmir Kozlov (the Russian wrestler). Jeff Hardy of course won the match with a Matt Hardy interference.

The Great Khali had a match against Shelton Benjamin for the USA title, of course Shelton won by disqualification. Seeing the Great Khali live in person, holy fucking SHIT!!! This GUY is a fucking MONSTER! He is huge! On TV, The Great Khali may not seem as big, but if you see him in person, he is a GIANT. When the Great Khali was shaking fans hands around the ring after the match got over with, I got to shake Khali’s hand. His hand is huge and when he takes your hand, it’s almost like a tight grip. Amazing guy, Khali is.

I got to shake Jeff Hardy’s hand too, when he was going around shaking fans hands so that was cool. Where did I sit? I did get ringside tickets, I was sitting on the floor pretty close to the ring actually. You can stand close to the ring as superstars are entering and exiting matches, but you can’t stand in front of the ring during the match though.

I got pictures of the show and got some good close ups of Chavo Guerrero, Khali, Vladmir, Jeff Hardy, and Shelton Benjamin.

After the show got over with, we went to the back of the Civic Center ’cause there was a huge line of fans waiting for the superstars to exit the building to get in their cars. We did see one superstar get in the car and leave, it was Brian Kendrick. Yes, I did see Brian Kendrick get in a black car with a Vermont license plate, he just got in and took off. It was kind of funny.

It wasn’t a bad show. It was ok and pretty good. I did have fun seeing superstars in person and up close though. I’ll post pictures of the show tomorrow. Hopefully they did come out good.