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Cool Video: Mick Foley always had great mic skills in wrestling…

Last night, WWE “RAW” was in Albany at the Times Union Center. I didn’t go, but after seeing the CM Punk and Mick Foley promo, made me wish I was there. I’ve been following Foley’s wrestling career for years. Everything from his earlier days of WWE, his WCW/ECW career, TNA, and even his days in Japan. While Foley’s promo last night was really good, I enjoyed it, he had even more amazing promos in his past. Thing is, with a whole new world of young wrestling fans, I’m positive they don’t know much about Mick Foley. I’m such a huge fan of Foley. What he did in his past, his hardcore wrestling days were amazing stuff. Foley does have a great speaking voice, and he’s an intelligent guy as well! Again last night’s promo with Foley was good but I’ve seen better. Foley is a legend and he needs in the WWE Hall of Fame, already!


Guns N’ Rose’s angers the Capital District for cancelling Albany show…

Originally, Guns N’ Roses were scheduled to play the Times Union Center, on the day before Thanksgiving earlier this week, but as predicted, the band cancelled out on us. Local people in facebook, have been putting up status’s and comments, bashing the band for it. It was blamed on low ticket sales.

To be fair to Axl and Guns N’ Roses, maybe it wasn’t their decision to cancel the show. Maybe they really wanted to play it but maybe it was the arena’s decision to pull the plug. I wouldn’t quickly blame the band.

I can see why people would quickly blame the band, since Axl’s been well known to be late at gigs and not showing up at some of them. Things like that.

Even if it was the band’s decision, maybe Axl and the rest of the guys wanted to spend their Thanksgiving with their families. Maybe it had something to do with travelling conflicts. He lives in California so it would be difficult for him to travel like that.

People should not be so quick to judge.


Report: Guns N’ Roses coming to the Times Union Center on the day before Thanksgiving…


The Times Union Center in Albany, just announced that Guns N’ Roses is coming to perform on Nov. 23rd, the day before Thanksgiving. Yes, you heard that right. Before you local readers decide to get tickets, I want to give you a little warning about this band. If you knew Axl’s history, he had a major problem with either showing up late or not showing up at all at his concerts. He’s been well known to show up late or no show at his concerts for years.

I would never see Guns N’ Roses for that reason. I used to LOVE the band back in the day with the original lineup. They meant something back then, but now the band is all washed up and a bunch of egotistical has-beens. I know I said I respect most talent but it’s hard to respect Guns N’ Roses when Axl is nothing but a big prick.

I did like, “Chinese Democracy”, actually. I just won’t see them live. So think twice before you decide to get tickets for this show. I’m pretty sure this show won’t even sell out. Nobody cares about Guns N’ Roses anymore.


Brock reviews WWE RAW in Albany!!!

So I went to WWE RAW in Albany last night. It was a great show. I had a fun time. I had a feeling that the final RAW of 2010 would be a good one, they usually are. No big superstar returns, but my prediction of Nexus kicking out Wade Barrett from the group was right. A shocker at the end of RAW happened, CM Punk is now leader of Nexus replacing Barrett. (See video below)

It was a great ending to last night’s RAW, it was perfect. Of course, all the Cena fans walked out of the show with sad and disappointed looks on their faces. Believe it or not, Nexus has a lot of fans too as there were a lot of people wearing Nexus shirts and holding Nexus signs in the audience. Which means that Nexus isn’t going away anytime soon people.  As long as the group is selling shirts, they’ll stick around for a long time. The Nexus is the most successful wrestling stable in the WWE.

Other thoughts on last nights show. WWE RAW opened up with a show called, “WWE Superstars” which is a weekly short show aired on Thursday nights on channel WGN. It started off with a match against Abraham Washington and some other wrestler, I don’t know who. The next match was William Regal against the other guy. I don’t watch “WWE Superstars” that much so I don’t know the wrestlers on that roster, except I am familiar with Abraham Washington who is getting very popular already. Abraham got a lot of heat and boos from the crowd, so I think Abraham is going to get moved to  RAW at some point here.

In the opening show of RAW, John Cena was the first to come out, of course, like always. He came out to the ring to start a speech to confront, CM Punk. CM Punk comes out and Cena/Punk got into conversation about Vickie Guerrero. I was hoping Vickie Guerrero would come out that night, but she didn’t. She wasn’t there. Then Punk and Cena starts talking about how their going face each other later that night.

The first match after that promo, was Santino Marella (w/Tamina by his side) wrestled a match against Ted Dibiase Jr. It was a short match, but Santino ends up winning it. The next match was John Morrison vs. Alex Riley, which Morrison won, of course, the Miz was by Alex’s side but the Miz was sent to the back by the Ref ’cause the Miz kept interfering and getting in the way. The next match was Mark Henry vs. Tyson Kidd, another quick match that didn’t last long, Henry won of course. Kidd’s Bodygaurd, Jackson Andrews, confronted Mark Henry, two big giant men stared eye to eye in the ring. Mark Henry ends up beating down, Jackson Andrews, and Mark Henry celebrated the moment with the fans. Next up was Jerry “The King” Lawler vs. The Miz, Lawler actually wrestled a lot and he was actually pretty good. Lawler won with the help of John Morrison. I thought it was pretty amazing seeing Lawler wrestle and witnessing him winning. Lawler who is a legend and a Hall of Famer.

Next up, was the Divas match, Melina & Alicia Fox vs. Eve Torres & Gail Kim. Melina and Alicia Fox won of course, after the match, Natalya Neidhart (who is the daughter of Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart, btw)  went up to slap Melina across the face for payback of last week’s RAW when Melina attacked Natalya. This actually a pretty exciting match. I’m glad I got the honor to see Melina who is a favorite of mine. It was also great to see Natalya, the daugther of a legend and a family member of Bret “The  Hitman” Hart as well.

Next, was Daniel Bryan vs. Zack Ryder, Daniel won of course. It was a great opportunity to see Daniel Bryan who I had my eye on for a long while. He’s a great talent. After that match, the Anonymous GM rang in and announced to Jerry Lawler that he had a New Year’s suprise, guess what, Lawler got the beat down by the Miz as for payback from earlier. Of course, there were lots of strong boos all over the arena.

Now here is the  main event with Randy Orton vs. Sheamus. It was great seeing these two guys live. Randy won of course, it was a clean match with no interferences. After the match got over witih, Cena came out to confront CM Punk, but instead Nexus comes out announcing they got a new leader replaced. Like I said, CM Punk is now the official leader.

What is next for Wade Barrett? I’m thinking Wade Barrett would go babyface, not a heel. So he can join Cena to fight against the Nexus. It was actually a good RAW. I’m glad we only heard from Anonymous GM only once. That laptop computer thing is annoying. They’ll reveal the GM at the Royal Rumble or sometime before the PPV. Last night was actually an exciting show. I’ll watch it again on my DVR.


Yes, I’m still going to Monday Night RAW tonight

Well that was quite a blizzard over night! Yes, I’m still going to WWE Monday Night RAW at the Times Union Center in Albany, tonight. The show is still on. Why? Simply put, WWE don’t postpone or cancel their shows no matter the weather conditions. They are committed at what they do. So yeah, the WWE crew and all the RAW superstars are in Albany today, and safely too.

The main event for the night is a tag team match with John Cena/Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett/the Miz w/ Michael Cole as the special guest referee. My prediction on that match is that the Nexus group will be involved and someone is going to get the beatdown by the Nexus. Who? I have a feeling it might be Wade Barrett, the groups leader, the Nexus. There have been signs that Nexus members were going to kick their leader out of the group and it might happen tonight.

Looking forward to seeing all the superstars and the Divas performing for us Albany peeps. Also, this is the final RAW of 2010, so this is a big event for them. Something big will happen tonight. Yeah, we’re probably gonna have to put up with the Anonymous RAW GM laptop thing and deal with John Cena take over the whole show like usual, but it’s still going to be fun.

Some may think I have seen WWE live a lot. Well, honestly, I haven’t. I only saw WWE shows in the past like 3 or 4 times in my life. So this will be my first RAW live show ever. I will be going with family members that are fans of WWE. I’ll write about it when I get back. Oh, and of course, I will record this on my DVR, in hopes of me getting spotted on TV!


Cool Video: Metallica rehearsing backstage at the Times Union Center for Nov. 12th gig…

Like always Metallica have the video camera on where ever they go. Here is the band backstage rehearsing and tuning up, way earlier before the show started that day. As usual, Lars and James always fighting and arguing, just like little brothers in high school. They stick together like family ’cause they really are kind of like brothers. So don’t take their heated arguments seriously. James and Lars have been acting like this toward each other since the 80’s.

Enjoy the footage.


Thought: Al Sharpton on RAW last night…

Since last night’s RAW was in Albany, N.Y. at the Times Union Center last night, I wanted to blog about it. I didn’t go to the show, just saw it on TV. Rev. Al Sharpton was in town to start his education reform tour as to help promote it. So he agreed to do RAW to help start the tour.

I was expecting a very good heel performance by Al Sharpton, I was expecting a powerful speech, a bad guy wrestler type of speech that I was expecting him to do…but instead we get something different. We get a childlike and happy Al Sharpton, he was playful, it was something for the kids since WWE is now a PG rating so they basically want all celebrity guest hosts to be all childlike to be entertaining for the kids.

At the opening segment of RAW MVP and Mark Henry did their speech with Chris Jericho and the Big Show interupting. Chris Jericho came out to praise Al Sharpton’s work in politics. When Al Sharpton came out to the ring, Al made it seem like he was flattered by Chris’s comments. Then Al announced that Chris Jericho/Big show were going to have a tag team championship match against MVP/Mark Henry later on RAW.

At first, Al Sharpton was getting booed by the crowd when he came out…but when Al announced the tag team championship match, the whole crowd of Albany NY gave Al a strong cheer.

After Al’s speech with the wrestlers, Al did a couple of backstage segments before the commercials. One was Al teaching a wrestler education while Chavo Guerrero was chasing Hornswoggle around the office. The second backstage segment was Al singing “I Feel Good” by James Brown with a couple of WWE Divas.

That was it, that was all the screen time Al Sharpton had. It was an entertaining fun type of thing, Al didn’t get into any physical action or nothing like that.

Al did a good job on the mic but I was hoping for something more.

WWE has gotten so childlike ’cause of the PG rating. I actually don’t mind the PG rating, I just want the celebrity hosting thing to get over with ’cause it’s lame.

Remember, WWE started off a PG rating when they first started in the 80’s, when Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Macho Man, etc were all around back in the old days. WWE is going for the return of the 80’s style, that is the point of going PG so they can get more children to watch WWE like they did in the 80’s.

On last night’s RAW, for example, DX, Triple H and Shawn Michaels were talking trash at Legacy, Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase Jr. In the early 90’s when it used to be PG-13, wrestlers used to talk about getting angry by using the word “pissed”, but since this is PG rating now, wrestlers can’t use that word anymore like they used to. Triple H was describing getting angry by using the Incredible Hulk as an example.

It actually wasn’t a bad RAW last night, it was pretty good. I just wish WWE did more with Al Sharpton, because he would have a better performance if he did more than just promote education reform.


Report: Elton John and Billy Joel postpones Albany, N.Y. “Times Union Center” show due to Billy feeling ill…

Elton John and Billy Joel were forced to postpone their Times Union Center show in Albany, N.Y. Don’t worry, Rocket Man and Piano Man fans, the duo vows to play for us in the Capital District, and they will reschedule. Billy Joel became sick by having flu-like symptoms.

The Associated Press reports:


Just goes to show that these two are really good guys. Glad they didn’t cancel it out for good. They love music and they want to perform for us in our local area.

When will Elton and Billy ever collaborate on a studio album together with new songs? Since they toured together so many times, they never made music together in the studio yet. I think that will happen. Hopefully. Would be great if Elton and Billy wrote music together.


BREAKING NEWS: Lamb of God is to be opening act for Metallica at Times Union Center, Nov. 12th!!!!

Metallica announced the opening act for their North American tour from Sept. through Nov. in their fall tour. The opening act will be Lamb of God. Which means that Lamb of God will play the Times Union Center Dec. 12th with Metallica.

Metallica.com reports:


Fuck YEAH! Now this is going to be one killer show! I LOVE LAMB OF GOD! I have Lamb of God’s two albums, “Sacrement” and “Wrath”, the new one. Lamb of God is another band I’ve always wanted to see live, and now I’ll be able to! Great choice for an opening act, boys!