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Tom Hardy set to play Elton John for biopic film…

Elton John’s movie company, Rocket Pictures, is moving forward to his biopic film and they have found an actor to play the legendary pianist and singer/songwriter. Tom Hardy is officially set to play Elton John for the upcoming biopic film. Tom is previously known to starring in roles such as “Warrior” and playing Bane in “The Dark Knight: Rises”.

This is a great choice ’cause Tom and Elton kind of look like each other. Only thing though, Tom is a pretty buffed and muscular guy. Elton wasn’t muscular at all. Elton was skinny in his early years. Another thing will Tom have to learn to play the piano and sing or will Tom lip-synch to Elton’s tracks for the film? In this article it said that Elton the man himself will re-record all of his iconic hits for the film. Not sure if Tom will sing the lead on them. He probably will, I would think.

One thing to keep in mind though, there will probably be plenty of gay scenes in this film. I’m sure the film will depict on how Elton and David Furnish (Elton’s husband) got together. Just one thing to be aware.

This is gonna be an interesting biopic and it has potential to land a lot of Oscar nominations… I’m feeling that already.

I do like the music of Elton John but only his material from the 70’s and 80’s. “Madman Across the Water” and “Captain Fantastic & The Brown Dirt Cowboy” are two of my favorite albums of all time. I never cared for Elton’s new stuff pretty much; although, Elton’s album, “The Captain & The Kid” was a good album (which was released in 2006)… that album was the sequel to the “Captain Fantastic” album.

Check out the full news story about the Elton biopic here


Thought: Sorry Madonna fans but I agree with Sir Elton that she needs to stop being a fairground stripper and quit…

Elton John did an interview with an Australian TV show, “Sunday Night”, and the Rocket Man has some harsh words to say about, Madonna. Elton says she is a fairground stripper, and says she hasn’t been making good pop records anymore like she used to. He also says, she’s been horrible to Lady Gaga, which I also agree with.

More on the story, here.

Elton brings up valid points and I agree with everything he said about Madonna. Madonna hasn’t been interesting for a while now. Her last great album was “Erotica” back in ’92. That was a really good album but everything else she has done after that? *puke*

Plus, she’s WAY too old to be looking like a sex symbol at 53. Madonna needs to show Lady Gaga respect, because Madonna was Gaga’s inspiration to begin with. Madonna is the reason, Gaga is here, but nope, Madonna’s jealousy and ego gets in the way.


Report: Eminem goes to Elton John to get clean, instead of going to rehab….

Reports going around the web, saying that rapper Eminem is going to his longtime friend, Elton John, for help on getting clean. Yes, it does seem that Eminem and Elton are very close friends. The two collaborated on one of Eminem’s songs called, “Stan”.

Eminem’s new album, “Relapse” are all songs about him struggling with prescription pills addiction. Elton John is willing to help anyone get clean knowing from his own experience of being addicted to pills.

More on it here:


Lets hope Elton knows what he’s doing, I wish Eminem well so he won’t be the next dead celebrity.


Report: Elton John and Billy Joel postpones Albany, N.Y. “Times Union Center” show due to Billy feeling ill…

Elton John and Billy Joel were forced to postpone their Times Union Center show in Albany, N.Y. Don’t worry, Rocket Man and Piano Man fans, the duo vows to play for us in the Capital District, and they will reschedule. Billy Joel became sick by having flu-like symptoms.

The Associated Press reports:


Just goes to show that these two are really good guys. Glad they didn’t cancel it out for good. They love music and they want to perform for us in our local area.

When will Elton and Billy ever collaborate on a studio album together with new songs? Since they toured together so many times, they never made music together in the studio yet. I think that will happen. Hopefully. Would be great if Elton and Billy wrote music together.


Report: Sir Elton John to make “Predator” film, not to be confused with Arnold’s alien film…

Sir Elton John has just greenlighted to make a film about a “Predator” with his film company, Rocket Pictures. This is not a remake of “Predator” that stars Arnold. This film is titled, “Pride and Predator”, which Elton hopes this will be the first film adapted from Jane Austen’s novels. This film is about a group of people doing a costume drama play, when all of a sudden, an alien crash lands in the middle of it and begins to kill people. Will Clark is set to direct, Elton John himself is the executive producer, Steve Hamilton and David Furnish are producing.

Variety Reports:


The plot to this movie sounds pretty crazy. Also sounds interesting.


Report: Elvis Costello and Elton John teaming up for TV show…

Two rock n’ roll legends, Elton John and Elvis Costello will team up to create a TV show for the Sundance channel with a show titled “Spectacle”. Elton John will serve as executive producer, Elvis Costello will be the main host of the show. It will be a weekly variety talk show for music. The show will start airing sometime in December on the Sundance channel. The show will be filmed at NBC’s Studios 8H, the same building where “Saturday Night Live” is at. The show was announced at this year’s Sundance festival.

Variety Reports:


Pretty cool. If you have cable TV with the Sundance channell on it, you can watch this show then. I have the Sundance channel ’cause I have digital cable. I’ll be looking forward to seeing this.

I’m a big fan of both guys, Elvis and Elton.