Thought: Sorry Madonna fans but I agree with Sir Elton that she needs to stop being a fairground stripper and quit…

Elton John did an interview with an Australian TV show, “Sunday Night”, and the Rocket Man has some harsh words to say about, Madonna. Elton says she is a fairground stripper, and says she hasn’t been making good pop records anymore like she used to. He also says, she’s been horrible to Lady Gaga, which I also agree with.

More on the story, here.

Elton brings up valid points and I agree with everything he said about Madonna. Madonna hasn’t been interesting for a while now. Her last great album was “Erotica” back in ’92. That was a really good album but everything else she has done after that? *puke*

Plus, she’s WAY too old to be looking like a sex symbol at 53. Madonna needs to show Lady Gaga respect, because Madonna was Gaga’s inspiration to begin with. Madonna is the reason, Gaga is here, but nope, Madonna’s jealousy and ego gets in the way.


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