Report: Eminem goes to Elton John to get clean, instead of going to rehab….

Reports going around the web, saying that rapper Eminem is going to his longtime friend, Elton John, for help on getting clean. Yes, it does seem that Eminem and Elton are very close friends. The two collaborated on one of Eminem’s songs called, “Stan”.

Eminem’s new album, “Relapse” are all songs about him struggling with prescription pills addiction. Elton John is willing to help anyone get clean knowing from his own experience of being addicted to pills.

More on it here:

Lets hope Elton knows what he’s doing, I wish Eminem well so he won’t be the next dead celebrity.


One thought on “Report: Eminem goes to Elton John to get clean, instead of going to rehab….”

  1. Mark my words, Elton’s interest in Eminem isn’t purely do good. He is trying to gain his confidence so he can seduce him. Shirtlifters like Reginald Dwight will play the svengali role, then when Marshall Mathers is vulnerable he’ll slip something in his vitamin water. Marsh will pass out. Elton will stick his calloused 1 5/8 inch penis inside Marshalls balloon button. On the plus side Elton is so small, Eminem would wake up and say “Ok, Reg you can start”. Elton would reply, “I’ve already finished.” EVERYONE KNOWS that THOSE PEOPLE live a Sodom and Gomorrah lifestyle. Elton would LOVE TO take a swan dive into Eminem’s peanut butter.


    Ah Salaam ah Lakers!

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