Report: Elvis Costello and Elton John teaming up for TV show…

Two rock n’ roll legends, Elton John and Elvis Costello will team up to create a TV show for the Sundance channel with a show titled “Spectacle”. Elton John will serve as executive producer, Elvis Costello will be the main host of the show. It will be a weekly variety talk show for music. The show will start airing sometime in December on the Sundance channel. The show will be filmed at NBC’s Studios 8H, the same building where “Saturday Night Live” is at. The show was announced at this year’s Sundance festival.

Variety Reports:

Pretty cool. If you have cable TV with the Sundance channell on it, you can watch this show then. I have the Sundance channel ’cause I have digital cable. I’ll be looking forward to seeing this.

I’m a big fan of both guys, Elvis and Elton.


0 thoughts on “Report: Elvis Costello and Elton John teaming up for TV show…”

  1. Elvis was the King of Rock and Roll! Viva Las Vegas, woot! It was sad to see him die, I must have been four years old and my ma was crying. I heard he had a heart attack on the crapper while taking a really hard shit, you know, he was trying to drop the Cosby kids off at the pool but they wouldn’t swim cause he was doing all of those drugs and eating nothing but peanut butter and banana sandwiches he was always “constipated.” They found him face down in shag rug with his naked crap stained ass in the air. Do you think he had time to wipe before they found him? I would have, even if I was dying! Not a good way to see the King, I tell you! God bless him, a good American!

    I loved Elton John in the 70s, but there is one thing that was always buzzing in the back of my mind (besides all of the weed I used to smoke in them days) that really gets on my tits about him. It’s like when he does “romantic” songs like Your Song, and how sweet those “eyes” are, and he’s singing to A DUDE, dude! Yeah! He doesn’t play on our team if you know what I mean. It kind of ruins it for me, even if it means there are more “chicks” out there for “playas” like us. I can’t listen to the words anymore knowing that he was singing to people with names like Jim or Josh, but I love the music. Rock on!

  2. Be careful Elvis, this could be a trap. Sure, things might be cool at first, then Elton will ask you to pick up his cell phone off the floor in front of him or get something out of his pocket he “can’t quite get to”. Invite you back to his hotel suite where he’ll slip something in your drink and out comes the crisco and Twister. Ricky Martin seems to “stay” at every hotel you’re at. You know what I’m talking about…

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