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Will Billy Joel ever release a new pop album??? Here is his answer…

Billy Joel aka The Piano Man hasn’t released a new pop album since 1993’s “River Of Dreams” (which is a killer album, btw) but will he ever release a new album of pop songs? It seems that Billy Joel has retired from releasing new music but he hasn’t retired from performing live though. The guy still does a lot of touring (gotta make a living somehow, right?). Even though he continues to play all of his biggest hits at his concerts, he refuses to make new pop songs. He’s still writing music all the time, though, he says he’s not writing pop songs but other genres.

He’s not sure whether or not his new songs he’s been writing lately will get heard or not but he probably just continues to write ’cause well, he’s a musician. They all continue to play like the rest of us.

More here:


Well, I think Billy Joel should release a new studio album. It’s understandable how he no longer wants to write pop songs ’cause he’s been doing that since the 70’s so he must be sick of it! I think he should give us one more pop album for the fans, though. I think he is capable of giving us one more killer pop album. He should give us one more. People has been begging him for one more pop album for a long time now and he keeps saying no but “never say never”. Even Elton John urged him to make more pop music so who knows? Maybe one day Billy will one day change his mind and will give us one more? We just gotta get enough fans to get onto him about it.

I am a pretty big Billy Joel fan, though. Always has been!


Billy Joel set to headline Bonnaroo festival along with Mumford & Sons and Deadmau5…

This year’s Bonnaroo lineup have been revealed and the headliners this year are pretty surprising. Billy Joel and Mumford & Sons are set to headline. I’m not much of a fan of Deadmau5 ’cause I never really listened to them before. I am a fan of Billy Joel and Mumford & Sons, though.


It’s very strange to me on how Billy keeps performing live yet he refuses to go back into the studio and make a new record for all of us. Billy claims he’s done making music in the studio but I don’t buy it, though. The man just admitted last year that he lost his passion for recording new music. He no longer wants to go through all that. He also claims he has made enough music for us.


In my opinion, I think Billy is just being a lazy bum. I know he’s capable of making a new record. I also think he’s quietly writing new songs behind our backs ’cause he’s a musician and that’s what musicians do, make music.

Making new music is something you should never give up doing. Billy maybe getting older and he’s aging yes but that still doesn’t mean he have to stop making new music. Elton never stopped going into the studio, he’s still going. So is Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young.

I understand Billy has been a part of the music business for years and he’s getting tired of it but once again making new music is something you should NEVER give up.

I think Billy should give us one more record. I’m sure fans would welcome another Billy Joel record anytime!!! He should do it for the fans.


Why won’t Billy Joel release a new album already?

I love Billy Joel and all. He’s been a favorite of mine for years and he’s a hero & inspiration but I also think the dude is kind of a douche and a bit greedy. Why can’t the man write a new record of pop songs for us like he’s good at? I’ve read interviews with him online and Billy says he’s not writing pop songs ’cause he’s simply tired of it. I hear him, though. Billy’s been writing pop songs since the 70’s and he is probably tired of it and wants to try different things. He says he’s done writing pop songs but not done making music completely. He says he’s been making classical music and plans on putting out a classical album at some point. He hasn’t written a new pop song in many years ’cause he simply doesn’t want to.

What I don’t get about him is he claims he’s done writing pop songs but he still tours on a regular basis and still plays all of his older songs live. What’s wrong with that picture? I think Billy is still capable of writing pop music… he’s just being a whiny baby.

Billy Joel is touring again this year. Set to return to the MGM Grand and set for several shows at Madison Square Garden. I think he still tours for the money obviously ’cause his ticket pricing sales are so high. His ticket pricing can go way up to $200. Pretty ridiculous. He’s got a make a living somehow, right?

I think he’s capable of putting out one more good pop album for all of us. I wish he would do that for the fans who still care about him. While I love Billy Joel, I can’t deny that he is greedy sometimes. He canceled out the Elton John concert in Albany (I’ll never forget it) and he canceled out his memoir book that he planned on publishing.

Want a new album by Billy Joel? Don’t expect one anytime soon. He’s planning to release re-issues of his older albums so that’s as far as you’ll get. It would be nice if he would give us an album of unreleased songs over the years — that’ll be better than nothing. I loved his last album, “River of Dreams” which was released in the early 90’s. I wish he would give us one more pop album. I’m sure a lot of his fans want him to do one more as well.


Report: Billy Joel stills writes new songs all the time, but he won’t release them…

Billy Joel, recently had a new interview with VH1 Radio, and he revealed that he is still writing new rock n’ roll songs daily but he won’t release them. Billy says he still writes new original songs because he’s still learning how to be a musician.

Read what he has to say, here.

Even though he is a retired musician, of course, he’s still making music. He’s a musician, that’s what musicians do. He’s probably sick of the music industry of today so he just makes music just for himself. It would be nice if he made a big comeback though. Never say never though. Maybe he will come out of retirement and release a new album, someday. All we can do is cross our fingers. Billy Joel has been a favorite of mine for years.

On a side note, I’m pretty sure Billy is very flattered that Lindsay Lohan got Billy’s lyrics tattoo’ed on her. I’m sure he is happy about that.


Report: Billy Joel pulls the plug on “The Book of Joel” memoir!!! Bummer!!!

Just a while back, Billy Joel announced on his official website that he had plans in releasing a memoir titled, “The Book of Joel”, which was set to be released in June. Not anymore. Billy scrapped the project, he’s no longer doing it. The reason? Simply because he doesn’t want to go back to the past.

The Hollywood Reporter, reports.

While it is a bummer, that he changed his mind, it is understandable. He did have a difficult life and him writing about the past, would only come back to haunt him. He doesn’t want that.

If he wanted to write a book, he could have just focused on the music only, leaving his personal life out of it. Oh well, it’s a good idea to keep your life private and not make your life for the whole world to see.

I just hope Billy gets well. I want him to get back into making music, go on tour with Elton John and maybe even release a new studio album. He needs to concentrate on the music.


Report: Billy Joel to release memoir, “The Book of Joel” on June 14th…

As a huge Billy Joel fan, I am glad that he wrote his own autobiography. It’s about time Billy! I’ve been waiting for him to do one! Yes, I love Billy’s music. Have been a fan of his for years. His book, “The Book of Joel” will hit bookstores this year, on June 14th. See the official announcement here at Billy’s website.

The reason this is going to be a good read ’cause I want to know more about his musical history. When he was younger, how he got into music and all that stuff. Of course, I’m sure he’s going to write a lot of personal stuff such as alcohol, drugs, depression and suicide that he’s known for. Most importantly, I want to get more insight about his music career. He will talk a lot about Elton John, his longtime touring partner.

He’s a phenomenal musician. I just love his music. He’s very inspirational and powerful. His songs are special. He may not play the guitar, he’s a piano man, obviously, but he’s great at writing rock n’ roll songs on the piano.

I miss Billy in music. I wish he would come back to it. I’m definitely buying this book.



Report: Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley finally speak out on Alexa Ray Joel…

Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley, Alexa’s parents, finally spoke out on her suicide attempt. Both Billy and Christie deny that she tried to kill herself over an ex-boyfriend. They say it’s something more serious than that. Alexa’s parents released a public statement.

Read it here:


There you have it. To anybody out there that would think someone would committ suicide over an ex is a stupid idiot.

I still stand by what I say though, Alexa Ray is a train wreck and a total mess. Hope she gets the help she needs.


Thought: Seriously, why is everyone feeling sorry for Alexa Ray Joel?

*sigh* Yet, another one of those most talked about news story everywhere. It seems the internet won’t shut up about this. The topic about Alexa Ray Joel is all over the wall discussions in facebook as well.

I see most people going, “Oh boo hoo, I’m glad Alexa is safe and hope she gets the help she needs, hope she gets better in this difficult time, wah wah wahhh…”.

Well, you want to know what my thoughts are? Do I feel sorry for Alexa? No. In fact, I could even care less if she wanted to kill herself. Suicide is not the answer, it is wrong. Selfish and stupid. You may think you have nothing going in your life, but think about the family and friends around you that love you.

People that are suicidal is a cry for attention, just to get people to listen to you and maybe everyone will pay attention to you more.

That’s the way I look at it with Alexa’s suicide attempt. Her ex-boyfriend came out and said she did it, for a “cry for attention” and “she scared herself” in a recent NY Times article posted online.

This Alexa Ray is a druggie and a hot mess. So people feel sorry for that? WOW!!!!! Unbelievable!

I call this as a ploy to promote her music career, as she is a musician and songwriter just like her father, Billy Joel. To help make her career a little better and she can become a little more well known. Well, congrats, she did it. She’s now all over the news.

Right after her suicide attempt she went straight to her myspace page, thanking her fans for their love and support through this difficult time. That’s kind of proof right there that she did this for attention.

Why is Alexa like this? Well, I think she gets it from her father, Billy Joel. If you knew Billy’s past, he went through a long history of depression, even tried killing himself a few times. Remember, he was an alcoholic. There was a point where Billy tried killing himself by drinking furniture polish. That was his last suicide attempt, I believe.

I’m not blaming Billy Joel for her suicide attempt, but it’s really obvious that Alexa inspired it by Billy.

This post may create some controversy but I just had to get it out of me. This is the United States of America and I have the right to speak out on things like this.


Report: Elton John and Billy Joel postpones Albany, N.Y. “Times Union Center” show due to Billy feeling ill…

Elton John and Billy Joel were forced to postpone their Times Union Center show in Albany, N.Y. Don’t worry, Rocket Man and Piano Man fans, the duo vows to play for us in the Capital District, and they will reschedule. Billy Joel became sick by having flu-like symptoms.

The Associated Press reports:


Just goes to show that these two are really good guys. Glad they didn’t cancel it out for good. They love music and they want to perform for us in our local area.

When will Elton and Billy ever collaborate on a studio album together with new songs? Since they toured together so many times, they never made music together in the studio yet. I think that will happen. Hopefully. Would be great if Elton and Billy wrote music together.


BREAKING NEWS: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame expands to New York City!!!!

This is big shocking news to the music industry. Yes, the Rock and RollĀ Hall of Fame will be having a musuem in New York City announced by Mayor Bloomberg, Billy Joel and Clive Davis yesterday on a blocked off street in Soho. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame which originally started in Cleveland, Ohio as you see in the picture above plans on branching out. The New York annex will open sometime this November.

More on it here:


Pretty sweet news, I’d love to travel to NYC and check it out when it opens.

Speaking of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, I will soon post a topic of 5 legendary bands who haven’t been inducted yet that I think should be inducted by now.

Post is coming soon.