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Uh-oh, Live Nation to take control of Bonnaroo Festival, expect ticket pricing to go way up now…

If there is a big problem in the music industry we’re having today that is Live Nation. I hate Live Nation. They’re trying to take over the concert industry for sure so they can raise the ticket pricing on everything and make more money. That is why I stopped going to SPAC concerts in Saratoga Springs ’cause Live Nation took over and ticket pricing at SPAC went way up. It’s Live Nation making concert tickets so high these days. It’s ridiculous. Live Nation is cancerous to this industry.

I don’t go to national concerts anymore. Too expensive for my taste. I remember in the old days… I used to go to national concerts all the time ’cause why? That’s when they used to be “affordable” but now tickets are getting priced for a couple of hundred dollars or more. Back in the 70’s and 80’s, I remember concert tickets used to cost like $5.00 – $10.00. In the 90’s, concert tickets were around $10.00 – $20.00. In the early 2000 years, concerts costed like around $30 – $50.

Concert tickets today? Now they are costing you like $250 or higher. Fucking bullshit if you ask me.


I love live music, yes but I’m not gonna go to national concerts as long as the ticket pricing is too high. I think Live Nation is ruining live music and you can blame ticketmaster too. I hate ’em both really.

If you wanna see live music, best thing to do is to go to a bar or a club to see some local band downtown.

Such a damn shame how overpriced national concerts are these days. The music industry don’t care about you at all. It’s money is all they care about.


Billy Joel set to headline Bonnaroo festival along with Mumford & Sons and Deadmau5…

This year’s Bonnaroo lineup have been revealed and the headliners this year are pretty surprising. Billy Joel and Mumford & Sons are set to headline. I’m not much of a fan of Deadmau5 ’cause I never really listened to them before. I am a fan of Billy Joel and Mumford & Sons, though.


It’s very strange to me on how Billy keeps performing live yet he refuses to go back into the studio and make a new record for all of us. Billy claims he’s done making music in the studio but I don’t buy it, though. The man just admitted last year that he lost his passion for recording new music. He no longer wants to go through all that. He also claims he has made enough music for us.


In my opinion, I think Billy is just being a lazy bum. I know he’s capable of making a new record. I also think he’s quietly writing new songs behind our backs ’cause he’s a musician and that’s what musicians do, make music.

Making new music is something you should never give up doing. Billy maybe getting older and he’s aging yes but that still doesn’t mean he have to stop making new music. Elton never stopped going into the studio, he’s still going. So is Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young.

I understand Billy has been a part of the music business for years and he’s getting tired of it but once again making new music is something you should NEVER give up.

I think Billy should give us one more record. I’m sure fans would welcome another Billy Joel record anytime!!! He should do it for the fans.


Why big music festivals like Lollapalooza, Coachella, and Bonnaroo are garbage these days…

I really hate the lineups for all three of these festivals this year. Lollapalooza, Coachella, and Bonnaroo. The reason I don’t like the way the booking of these festivals is going is ’cause of rap/hip hop taken over the headlining act. We have rap acts being the headlining acts of all 3 of these festivals. Outkast is headlining both Lollapalooza and Coachella while we have Kanye headlining Bonnaroo. We now have Eminem confirmed as the headliner for Lollapalooza.

I enjoy some rap/hip hop but I’m not that big of a fan. I hate most of it. Rap/hip hop is obviously getting big and taking over the music industry. These big festivals don’t care what the people like anymore. They book the headliners whatever sells the most-tickets. Rap/hip hop sells a lot. That’s why this genre is taking over the big festivals these days ’cause rap draw the largest crowds.

These festivals used to be cool when rock and metal acts used to be the headliners but this is just more evidence that rock and metal is clearly dying. Rock and metal will never get big again and that’s the genre that I prefer to listen to mostly. There are plenty of great rock and metal acts that are deserving to headline these festivals. What about Soundgarden, Metallica, Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Ac/Dc, Neil Young, David Bowie, etc.??? So many possibilities.

I’m tired of all the rap obsession. Come on kids, there are better music out there. Why don’t kids today listen to real talent??? We need to educate people on music so they don’t listen to such garbage. We have pop and rap taking over the mainstream ’cause the media turns these kids onto that stuff.

We need kids listening to real stuff like Led Zep, The Beatles, Hendrix, SRV, the Grateful Dead, Chuck Berry or the Allman Brothers. Nope, everyone wants to listen to garbage like Kanye, Rihanna or Beyonce.

Rock and metal tries to get big in the mainstream but I don’t think it will ever get big again. Shame.


Cool Video: Alice Cooper covers Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” at Bonnaroo…

Here is Alice Cooper and his band covering, Lady Gaga’s, “Born This Way”. They don’t call Alice Cooper a shock rocker for nothing. The man is always unpredictable at his live performances.

Some may find this a bit silly, but no matter what you think about Lady Gaga’s music, she is rock n’ roll. She’s a rock musician even though, she has a lot of electronica and pop in her songs. Any rock band can cover her music, and this is proof of it. Honestly, Alice’s version is better than the original and he just made it his own song. I’m sure Gaga herself is flattered he did it.

I’m a huge fan of Gaga and not ashamed of it either. She already has a fourth album in the works, and looking forward to that.


Report: Phish, Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, will be the three big headliners for this year’s Bonnaroo…

As of today on Valentine’s Day, the Bonnaroo Festival decided to reveal it’s lineup for 2012. For the three day weekend festival: Phish, Radiohead, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers will be the big headliners.

Other artists included: The Beach Boys, The Shins, Foster the People, Alice Cooper, Ben Folds Five, Phantogram, and lots more.

This sounds like a much better lineup than this year’s Coachella festival.

Check out the complete lineup, here.


Report: Young Woman found dead at Bonnaroo festival, heat could have caused death…

Big music festivals like Bonnaroo, Coachella, Lollapalooza, etc., maybe fun to go to but I never go to any of them. Why? Because simple reasons like this report here.

No offense to anyone who enjoy going to big music festivals but sometimes they can be very dangerous to go to. That’s what a lot of people fail to think. A lot of people at festivals suffered serious injuries or even death. While I do love live music, I would stay away from these big festivals. I don’t like the huge crowds. I’ve never been to any of those big festivals.

How can those festivals be dangerous? Well, the heat for one thing. You don’t have enough water, you’re in trouble. Plus, the mosh pits, possible riots. People could offer you dangerous drugs when you don’t even know what you’re taking. Even fights with other kids at the shows. Festivals can be dangerous for a lot of reasons.

RIP to that poor woman. Her family must be devastated.