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Lollapalooza 2020 lineup announced… yes, festival is still happening but will be for live webcast only…

The lineup for the iconic Lollapalooza festival has been revealed. The show is still going this year but it will be for live webcast only. It will take place in Chicago in a 4 day festival run but it will all be virtual on youtube for free.

While I’m not interested in watching it all but I will catch Metallica and Paul McCartney probably. Maybe I’ll catch the Cure and Jane’s Addiction as well but the rest of the lineup? No thanks!

Lollapalooza Goes Virtual July 30-Aug. 2 On YouTube With Live Sets, Classic Headliners & Michelle Obama

Anyway, I’m sure this festival will be full of liberal politics all over. I’m sure there will be plenty of Trump bashing by the speakers and there will be lots of BLM stuff definitely. I don’t think I’ll listen to Michelle Obama and Mayor Lightfoot talk ’cause all they’re gonna do is spew a bunch of left-wing political bullshit. This festival is obviously trying to get Biden more voters since it’s trying to get you to vote.

Like I said, I’m not interested in watching it all but I’ll try to catch a few bands this weekend. I’ll definitely catch Metallica and Paul McCartney, though. I’m sure Sir Paul is mostly gonna be playing Beatles songs and maybe some of his solo stuff… I’m sure Paul is gonna kill it like always.

Yeah, live music is struggling right now but ya gotta keep the live music going somehow. These bands & artists are probably fed up with staying home all the time and they gotta be out there playing. This is their only opportunity.

I wish bands and artists would keep politics out of music, though. There’s no need to. Just shut up and play.


Why big music festivals like Lollapalooza, Coachella, and Bonnaroo are garbage these days…

I really hate the lineups for all three of these festivals this year. Lollapalooza, Coachella, and Bonnaroo. The reason I don’t like the way the booking of these festivals is going is ’cause of rap/hip hop taken over the headlining act. We have rap acts being the headlining acts of all 3 of these festivals. Outkast is headlining both Lollapalooza and Coachella while we have Kanye headlining Bonnaroo. We now have Eminem confirmed as the headliner for Lollapalooza.

I enjoy some rap/hip hop but I’m not that big of a fan. I hate most of it. Rap/hip hop is obviously getting big and taking over the music industry. These big festivals don’t care what the people like anymore. They book the headliners whatever sells the most-tickets. Rap/hip hop sells a lot. That’s why this genre is taking over the big festivals these days ’cause rap draw the largest crowds.

These festivals used to be cool when rock and metal acts used to be the headliners but this is just more evidence that rock and metal is clearly dying. Rock and metal will never get big again and that’s the genre that I prefer to listen to mostly. There are plenty of great rock and metal acts that are deserving to headline these festivals. What about Soundgarden, Metallica, Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Ac/Dc, Neil Young, David Bowie, etc.??? So many possibilities.

I’m tired of all the rap obsession. Come on kids, there are better music out there. Why don’t kids today listen to real talent??? We need to educate people on music so they don’t listen to such garbage. We have pop and rap taking over the mainstream ’cause the media turns these kids onto that stuff.

We need kids listening to real stuff like Led Zep, The Beatles, Hendrix, SRV, the Grateful Dead, Chuck Berry or the Allman Brothers. Nope, everyone wants to listen to garbage like Kanye, Rihanna or Beyonce.

Rock and metal tries to get big in the mainstream but I don’t think it will ever get big again. Shame.


Report: Bill Ward, drummer of Black Sabbath, releases statement that he’s not playing the upcoming three shows…doesn’t mean he’s done with Sabbath for good though…

Bill Ward, the drummer for Black Sabbath, released a long statement on his website, announcing the official news that he will not be playing the upcoming three Black Sabbath shows, with the original members. Sabbath is scheduled to play three upcoming shows: Their hometown Birmingham show, Download, and of course, Lollapalooza. He is still upset about not receiving an official sign-able contract. Plus, he is upset that he was asked to only play on three songs at the Birmingham gig, when he would rather perform on the entire gig. Lots of other reasons, why he wants no part of these shows.

Read Bill’s blog on it, here.

I’m sure Bill’s fans are hating on him for this, and I’m sure Sharon’s getting the blame. I was gonna bash him for it too, but after reading this intelligent blog, I understand him. It’s a pretty well written blog, explaining his reasons behind things.

I agree there’s no Black Sabbath reunion without Bill Ward, but come on people. I’ve said it plenty of times that Sabbath went through too many different drummers over the years. I’m sure they’re used to replacing somebody and they’ll find somebody quickly. No matter who replaces, Bill Ward, Black Sabbath is going to put on a fucking amazing performance. They’ll put on a tight show, no matter who the drummer is. I’m sure they’ll kill it with no problem and leave the crowd wanting some more.

On top of all this, Black Sabbath deserves some positive vibes after what Tony is going through with his cancer and all. These three, Sabbath shows could be their last ever. When Tony dies, Sabbath is done. In my eyes, there is no Black Sabbath without Tony Iommi. He can replace other members if he wants to but Tony can’t be replaced. Tony even had other bass players other than Geezer Butler over the years too. Tony can’t be replaced ’cause HE IS Black Sabbath. Bill, Ozzy, and Geezer maybe SABBATH too, but everything is all Tony. He is the star and the main guy of the band. Without his distinct guitar sound and his excellent riffs, that’s not Black Sabbath. As long as Tony is in the band, it’s still Black Sabbath, no matter who is in it.

I’m sure the other guys in the band, are not heartbroken about Bill’s departure, they had problems with the guy for years, so this is nothing NEW!



Reunited Soundgarden performs the Soundbox nightclub in Seattle…

The reunited Seattle grunge band, Soundgarden, performed their first gig at the Soundbox nightclub in Seattle since getting back together. Listening to audio clips of the gig through Youtube, I’m absolutely fucking blown away. The band still HAS IT. That same tight energy they always had. Except, Soundgarden is meaner, stronger, and tighter than they ever were before. I think their tight energy comes from Matt Cameron’s impressive drumming skills. Cameron is a monster drummer just listen to him. I think Matt Cameron playing in Pearl Jam just made him a better drummer for Soundgarden, indeed.

When playing in a band, in my opinion, I think the drums is the most important instrument out of all instruments. If you want to be a tight and aggressive band, the drums do that for ya. It doesn’t matter how well you play guitar or bass, it’s the drums that makes all musicians play better.

Soundgarden is scheduled to play one gig so far, which is headlining Lollapalooza in Chicago. This isn’t the first time Soundgarden played Lollapalooza as the band played Perry Ferrell’s festival many times. I remember one year Lollapalooza was in Saratoga Springs at SPAC back in ’92 when RATM and Soundgarden were both the main headliners.

I really hope their Lollapalooza show in Chicago isn’t their only gig and hope Soundgarden sticks around for a full time tour, and hopefully new album. I think their Soundbox gig was just a test to see if they still have that popularity and if they can still play live. Yes, they still have both. How about that Matt Cameron? Their Lollapalooza gig is gonna be great. I’m glad they didn’t play, “Black Hole Sun” and played mostly their classics that fans want to hear! Chris’s vocals in these tracks are incredible. Just proves his solo career was a huge mistake.

Enjoy these amazing bootleg audio clips below.


Report: Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs replace Beastie Boys for Lollapalooza…

Due to Beastie Boys leading man, Adam Yauch’s shocking announcement that he has been diagnosed with cancer, it has forced the Beastie Boys to cancel their Lollapalooza show and postpone some tour dates, so Adam can recover.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, has been booked for a last minute replacement for Perry Farrell’s legendary music festival.

Rollingstone reports:


As much as I hate most of today’s music, I still say the Yeah Yeah Yeahs is the best rock band out right now. Most new rock suck ass, but I fucking LOVE the, Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

I picked up their newest album, “It’s Blitz”. Haven’t gotten a chance to hear the whole album yet, but I listened to like half of it. Very good stuff. I think the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are one of the best female fronted rock bands in a long time.


Report: Tool, Beastie Boys, Lou Reed, Depeche Mode, Kings of Leon, and more set to play Perry Farrell’s “Lollapalooza” fest…

“Lollapalooza”, the longtime legendary music festival, being runned, owned, and booked by famous musician, Perry Farrell who just reunited his band, Jane’s Addiction. Of course, Jane’s Addiction will be one of the big headliners, many more big name bands will join the show along with a bunch of other unknown bands we never heard of.

Check out to see who’s playing this year here:



Report: Radiohead, Kanye West, and Wilco to be the big headliners for “Lollapalooza 2008″…

Radiohead has been booked to be the big headliner for “Lollapalooza 2008” along with rapper Kanye West and Wilco. The historic music festival will take place Aug. 1st in Chicago’s Grant Park near Lake Michigan. Perry Farrell the former frontman from Janes Addiction and Porno For Pyros calls this year’s lineup the best ever.

The Associated Press reports:


And Perry is right. This is the best lineup with some of the most amazing talent. A decent Lollapalooza show finally.

But…don’t expect Radiohead to be playing all their old classic songs from “Creep” to “Paranoid Android”. Ever since Radiohead left major labels years ago, they’ve been staying away from their old hits. Radiohead will probably wind up playing everything on “In Rainbows” in it’s entirety.

Amy Winehouse should have been on the lineup, oh well, there’s always next year for her.


Edit to add: I just remembered that Amy Winehouse was at last year’s Lollapalooza so she was already part of the festival once. Forgot.