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Report: Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs replace Beastie Boys for Lollapalooza…

Due to Beastie Boys leading man, Adam Yauch’s shocking announcement that he has been diagnosed with cancer, it has forced the Beastie Boys to cancel their Lollapalooza show and postpone some tour dates, so Adam can recover.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, has been booked for a last minute replacement for Perry Farrell’s legendary music festival.

Rollingstone reports:


As much as I hate most of today’s music, I still say the Yeah Yeah Yeahs is the best rock band out right now. Most new rock suck ass, but I fucking LOVE the, Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

I picked up their newest album, “It’s Blitz”. Haven’t gotten a chance to hear the whole album yet, but I listened to like half of it. Very good stuff. I think the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are one of the best female fronted rock bands in a long time.


the Yeah, Yeah, Yeah’s…a new band that I find great…

Knowing that I hate today’s music so much in the national industry, there are only very few mainstream artists that I like. Now you can add, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs to the list. They would be styled as punk rock, sometimes mixed in with dance and electronica. 

Most female fronted rock bands suck so much. I find the Yeah Yeah Yeahs to be very talented musicians and songwriters, I’m impressed with their music so much and they are great live stage performers too. I’ve been recently seeing them live on TV through late night talk shows and other music TV stations.

Karen O is a good front woman, she has a good voice for a rock band. Good looks and a talented on stage performer. They are a famous major label band that resides in New York City. So if they ever play shows around here like at Spac or the Palace Theatre, I’d spend my money to see them for sure. Consider me a new fan of this great band and I’ll pick up their latest CD soon. If you like what you see in the video below, watch the rest of the stuff they have in the band’s youtube account.