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Limp Bizkit at Lollapalooza last night, I was impressed, they still got it.

When I was young during high school, I used to be a huge fan of Limp Bizkit. Used to own their first three albums on CD but don’t have ’em anymore, though. Yeah, I definitely was a fan of this band and still am kind of. Now this band won my respect back and I’m a fan again.

Most of Lollapalooza’s lineup this year is mostly garbage. Mostly pop and rap stuff I’ve never heard of before but the only rock Lollapalooza has this year is Limp Bizkit. The band isn’t around much anymore but they still come around occasionally with a new album and tour. Well they have a new album coming out I believe.

Here they are, Limp Bizkit taking the stage at Lollapalooza last night at Chicago. The same members in the lineup since the first album and Wes Borland being back as you can see. Yes, that is Fred Durst sporting a new look with him being 50 now.

I watched the Limp Bizkit set on Lollapalooza live stream on Hulu last night. Of course, Limp Bizkit played mostly their “hits” just to let the fans know that the band really hasn’t gone away and I still remember every song they played. They also played a covers medley during their set too.

I was impressed with them last night, they played a great set surprisingly and they still got it. They haven’t lost their fire and they sound better than ever. They were tight as hell too. During their Mission Impossible song, “Take a Look Around”, Wes Borland went to the front of the stage and threw his electric guitar out into the crowd so that is one lucky fan who caught it and I’m sure that guitar he threw out was very expensive too like $3,000 – $5,000. The band definitely loves their fans for sure ’cause at the end of their set, they were throwing t-shirts out into the crowd and Fred Durst was walking around high fiving to everyone in the front row, giving the fans hugs and stuff. It was cool to see all that.

The band has a new album coming out soon, I believe and I’m gonna get it, I think ’cause they just debuted a new song from the record last night. Even though Fred looks unrecognizable these days, he’s still looking good and very healthy. I’m probably gonna re-buy their first three records, I think too.

I hate most of this year’s Lollapalooza lineup, I only tuned in for Limp Bizkit and that’s all. Glad I did too.

The Foo Fighters headline the festival tonight and I’m thinking about tuning in for them too. Not sure yet… don’t really care for the Foo’s anymore.


Lollapalooza 2020 lineup announced… yes, festival is still happening but will be for live webcast only…

The lineup for the iconic Lollapalooza festival has been revealed. The show is still going this year but it will be for live webcast only. It will take place in Chicago in a 4 day festival run but it will all be virtual on youtube for free.

While I’m not interested in watching it all but I will catch Metallica and Paul McCartney probably. Maybe I’ll catch the Cure and Jane’s Addiction as well but the rest of the lineup? No thanks!

Lollapalooza Goes Virtual July 30-Aug. 2 On YouTube With Live Sets, Classic Headliners & Michelle Obama

Anyway, I’m sure this festival will be full of liberal politics all over. I’m sure there will be plenty of Trump bashing by the speakers and there will be lots of BLM stuff definitely. I don’t think I’ll listen to Michelle Obama and Mayor Lightfoot talk ’cause all they’re gonna do is spew a bunch of left-wing political bullshit. This festival is obviously trying to get Biden more voters since it’s trying to get you to vote.

Like I said, I’m not interested in watching it all but I’ll try to catch a few bands this weekend. I’ll definitely catch Metallica and Paul McCartney, though. I’m sure Sir Paul is mostly gonna be playing Beatles songs and maybe some of his solo stuff… I’m sure Paul is gonna kill it like always.

Yeah, live music is struggling right now but ya gotta keep the live music going somehow. These bands & artists are probably fed up with staying home all the time and they gotta be out there playing. This is their only opportunity.

I wish bands and artists would keep politics out of music, though. There’s no need to. Just shut up and play.


Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees announced!!!

The 2016 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame has been announced. Deep Purple, Cheap Trick, Steve Miller, Chicago and the N.W.A. has all been inducted.

I’m very happy for Deep Purple and Cheap Trick ’cause I’m a huge fan of both of those bands. As for Deep Purple, I’m only a fan of the Ritchie Blackmore era, the Steve Morse era not so much. I’m glad Deep Purple finally got the induction which is long overdue. The question you have to ask is will Ritchie Blackmore finally reunite with Deep Purple to accept the induction with the band and possibly perform with them at the show? Who knows, we’ll have to wait to see what Ritchie himself says. I’m sure Ritchie will be there to accept the induction with the band but performing with them again is all up to him. I would love to see Ritchie perform “Smoke On the Water” and “Highway Star” with them again. That would be fucking cool! Only Ritchie could play those two songs well.

I was never much of a fan of Chicago ’cause I never really listened to them too much. I was never much of a fan of Steve Miller but I heard his songs all over the radio all the time. Steve Miller is a hit maker no doubt!

I’m happy for the NWA getting the induction ’cause agree with it or not, they are deserving of the Hall of Fame.

Sad to see that the prog rock band, YES got snubbed again but hopefully they’ll get their time for the next one.



America is still suffering and Obama is still out doing fun stuff??? WTF???

Obama spent most of his 2nd term of his presidency doing fun stuff: vacations, golfing, fundraisers and world trips. He’s still doing fun stuff by going to NBA games to see the Bulls.


Libtard America wants to bitch about taxpayer money on Benghazi investigation and I’m sure Obama’s trip to Chicago costed him tax payer money. I’m also sure he’s using taxpayer money to buy him tickets for the NBA games.

Seriously libtards, stop being hypocrites over “taxpayer” money ’cause Democrats used more taxpayer money than the GOP but no one bats an eye.

A president who spends most of his presidency doing fun stuff is no president, in my opinion.

It’s real crazy how Democrats and liberals are worried about government using tax payer money when their party used the most. Obama uses a lot of taxpayer money on all of his trips but no one gives him hell for that either. What gives?


Lot of shootings going on in Chicago, yet mainstream media ignores it…

Yeah, gun control really is working isn’t it, y’all?



No matter how strict our government will make our gun laws, criminals will always try to find ways to get their hands on guns. Guns are never going away no matter what they try to pull.

So I’m siding with Donald Trump’s plan on “guns” and agreeing with him that every American should own a gun. Get a gun in every home in America and every vehicle then I guarantee you, crime rates will drop.

Gangbangers and thugs will always try to get their hands on guns. Stop living in delusional fantasy land that gun control is gonna work ’cause it isn’t.


First look at the Barack and Michelle movie, “Southside With You”…

Yep, Michelle and Barack Obama are coming out with their own biopic movie. Oh yay, goody goody, I’m excited…. NOT!!!!!

The movie will focus on their days when they first met in the year 1989… where they also supposedly had their first date and their first kiss.

There is even a monument put up in Chicago in Hyde Park where Michelle and Barack supposedly had their first kiss. That’s what the movie is gonna be based on.

I have chosen the word, “supposedly” ’cause I don’t know if there is any truth to any of this ’cause like always, it’s hard to believe everything when it comes to Barack Obama. I’m sure this movie will be full of inaccuracies. I’m also sure this movie is gonna be an attempt to shoot down rumors of the Obamas sexuality. You know, Barack possibly being gay and Michelle being a man… they’re trying to squash those rumors.

This movie sounds like Oscar bait for sure and if they give this movie the Best Picture win, I’m gonna be pissed and will be done with the Oscars for good if that happens.

I’m gonna stay away from this movie and avoid it like the plague. I won’t even see it on DVD/BluRay and won’t wait for TV either. I probably will check out the trailer though but that’s about it.

Barack Obama and Michelle aren’t even an actual couple, they never were. I read they were put together by Rev. Jeremiah Wright and arranged them for the wedding. Look it up yourself. If you don’t know what an “arranged” wedding means, it means that the couple was selected and they weren’t found by each other as in selected by a third party. Barack married her to cover up his homosexuality and to get himself into politics later in the years. Remember Obama and Michelle married in 1992 and Barack’s career as Senator began in 2004 so that says something doesn’t it?

Who knows… I think the first kiss at Hyde Park may have never actually happened at all. I wouldn’t be surprised.


7 year old black boy shot and killed in Chicago during 4th of July, where’s the “Black Lives Matter” crowd???

Libtards and the black community will do everything they can to force people to have more compassion toward innocent little children such as Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown but what about Amari Brown? Where’s the “Black Lives Matter” crowd for Amari? How come there are no riots and looting in Chicago?


My guess is that it’s probably in Chicago where Obama used to live. Either that or they couldn’t find anything to blame white people for.



Even black people in Chicago are getting fed up with Obama and the democratic party…

Like I said once before, democrats/liberals in America are waking up about Obama and the democratic party but very slowly. Come on, America, you don’t need to side with your party on everything. What about being realistic for once???

I maybe a Republican/conservative but even I’m starting to be fed up with republicans ’cause a lot of them refuse to fight back at Obama’s lawlessness.

I’m tired of Democrats thinking there is nothing wrong with their party and thinking the world revolves around them. Kudos to these guys in this video for not thinking like that.

I think Obama’s president days are about to be over soon. I think all Democrats/liberals will soon turn their backs on Obama and that will be amazing if that happened. That’s what us Republicans wanted to begin with was for democrats/liberals to wake up and listen. Soon both republican and democrat will be fighting back at Obama. Democrats are slowly losing their respect for him.


BREAKING NEWS: Rod Blagojevich sentenced to 14 years in federal prison for corruption…

Rod Blagojevich, the disgraced former governor of Illinois, is off to prison for 14 years. He’s being put away for corruption and for selling the Senate seat Barack Obama once had. Over the past couple of years, Rod had been becoming a bit of a celebrity himself over this. Appearing in TV shows for various interviews and most notably being a contestant for Donald Trump’s, “Celebrity Apprentice”. He’s 54 now, and he’ll be out of prison when he’s about, 68.

Enjoy it, Rod, and good riddance. I never liked that guy myself.

More on the story, here.