First look at the Barack and Michelle movie, “Southside With You”…

Yep, Michelle and Barack Obama are coming out with their own biopic movie. Oh yay, goody goody, I’m excited…. NOT!!!!!

The movie will focus on their days when they first met in the year 1989… where they also supposedly had their first date and their first kiss.

There is even a monument put up in Chicago in Hyde Park where Michelle and Barack supposedly had their first kiss. That’s what the movie is gonna be based on.

I have chosen the word, “supposedly” ’cause I don’t know if there is any truth to any of this ’cause like always, it’s hard to believe everything when it comes to Barack Obama. I’m sure this movie will be full of inaccuracies. I’m also sure this movie is gonna be an attempt to shoot down rumors of the Obamas sexuality. You know, Barack possibly being gay and Michelle being a man… they’re trying to squash those rumors.

This movie sounds like Oscar bait for sure and if they give this movie the Best Picture win, I’m gonna be pissed and will be done with the Oscars for good if that happens.

I’m gonna stay away from this movie and avoid it like the plague. I won’t even see it on DVD/BluRay and won’t wait for TV either. I probably will check out the trailer though but that’s about it.

Barack Obama and Michelle aren’t even an actual couple, they never were. I read they were put together by Rev. Jeremiah Wright and arranged them for the wedding. Look it up yourself. If you don’t know what an “arranged” wedding means, it means that the couple was selected and they weren’t found by each other as in selected by a third party. Barack married her to cover up his homosexuality and to get himself into politics later in the years. Remember Obama and Michelle married in 1992 and Barack’s career as Senator began in 2004 so that says something doesn’t it?

Who knows… I think the first kiss at Hyde Park may have never actually happened at all. I wouldn’t be surprised.


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