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Michelle and Barack Obama aren’t even good people at all but media promotes them as if they’re sweethearts… disgusting…

Isn’t it strange how Michelle and Barack Obama are no longer in the White House, yet the liberal media continuously rams them down our throats for the past couple of years since Trump’s been elected in office? Yes it is strange. What’s even crazier that Michelle and Barack aren’t even good people at all, yet the liberal media treats them like sweethearts. Isn’t it strange that the liberal media treats the Obamas like sweethearts but treats Donald Trump like an enemy? If that isn’t liberal bias then I don’t know what it is.

According to gallup, Michelle and Barack were named “most admired people” and I’m like wtf?


What have they done to get people to admire them for? I can’t really think of anything positive about the Obamas. They’ve done nothing but treat America negatively. Barack Obama is a treasonous criminal while Michelle Obama is nothing but a racist to white people. Yet libtards in this country love them?

Once again, Michelle and Barack aren’t good people at all. Both of them are pieces of shits.

I’m tired of liberal America continuously and obsessively ramming the Obamas down our throats. Enough is enough! Quite frankly, it’s pissing me off and it’s annoying as fuck. You see the Obamas everywhere nowadays. You still see them all over entertainment media too. When you go to bookstores, you would see books about Michelle and Barack all over the stores.

What bothers me most is that liberals treats the Obama’s like if they’re king and queen. They haven’t done anything worth being admirable for. Only reason I can think of why liberals love them is ’cause they are black and that’s it.

That’s what bothers me about the left. They support people who they shouldn’t be supporting and it has been a problem for a decade now. They support a lot of people who shouldn’t be trusted like Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Elizabeth Warren and people such as those.

The reason you see the Obamas everywhere: in the news, in bookstores, entertainment media, etc. is Barack Obama is a narcissist and he just loves to see his name out there. I believe he’s paying the media a lot of money to do all this for him. Obama wants to be a celebrity type of person.

I always knew the media were pretty bad at ramming the Obamas down our throats during the Obama presidency, they’re now much worse at that now they are no longer in the White House. Are the Obamas this desperate to keep their name out there? Is that the reason for their billion dollar book deals and their deal with Netflix? No doubt Obama is a narcissist and egomaniac and all of this shows.

If you believe that Michelle and Barack are sweethearts of America then the media has you brainwashed pretty damn good. Is this how America is gonna be? Treat the Democrats like they’re good guys and treat Republicans like they’re bad guys? Yep, it has been that way in this country for decades and it’s gotten much worse for sure. Politics isn’t that black and white, ya know? Stop following the party line all the fucking time and just think for yourself. It’s not that hard.


Where is Michelle Obama? She (or a he) is no longer needed for Barack to help hide his homosexuality… that’s why you haven’t seen her with him lately…

So Barack Obama is no longer president. Why haven’t you seen Barack with Michelle lately ever since Barack left the White House??? Well, Michelle was used as a cover up to help hide Barack’s homosexuality during his presidency. Now that Barack is no longer the president, he doesn’t need her (or him) anymore. So will Barack and Michelle get a divorce soon?

To all you Barack and Michelle fanatics out there, you’ll have to admit this time that Barack and Michelle has been seen apart lately. This is just my theory on why.

You’ve seen Barack vacationing with Richard Branson which looks like Barack is having the time of his life:


You’ve got to admit that something is definitely going on. Barack and Michelle has always been a fake couple. They’re not real. They were married by third party. It’s true. Look it up.

So Barack and Michelle to come out of the closet very soon? If it does happen, the media will applaud them for it just like they applauded Caitlyn Jenner. The Caitlyn Jenner thing was just paving the way for Barack and Michelle to come out of the closet. Despite Barack and Michelle releasing a book soon, I don’t think you’ll see them two together again. Michelle was just around for his presidency to help hide his gay lifestyle and that’s it.

Each time I talk about this, a lot of people laugh at me and call me a delusional conspiracy theorist but there are plenty of hints out there that Barack maybe gay and hiding in the closet. Watch the Larry Sinclair press conference of him talking about it and also read up on the Donald Young murder, you’ll see.



If the media wants to get into Trump’s personal life and sex life so much, why not get into Michelle and Barack’s private life?

So the mainstream media wants to obsess with Mr. Trump’s personal life and sex life so much. They try all they can to dig deep into Mr. Trump’s private life and they think it’s okay to do. If they are capable of doing that then I’m sure they are capable of digging up the past of Michelle and Barack. I really believe the private life of Michelle and Barack should be investigated ’cause they aren’t really who the media says they are at all. Media wants to make people believe that Michelle and Barack are this sweet and happy go lucky couple who love each other so much when that is not true at all.

Michelle and Barack are not a real married couple at all. They were married by a 3rd party. If you do a little digging and research, it was Jesse Jackson who was the one who helped put them together. I’m sticking by my views about Michelle and Barack’s private life that Michelle is not even a woman. She (or a he) is either a man dressed as a woman or this person could be a she-male. Take your pick. More clues that Michelle was born a man is that watch her dance on the Ellen show and you can see her bulge. There are no photos of Michelle pregnant when she had her two daughters.

Barack’s personal life? Oh man, I can go on all day about this. Where’s the real birth certificate? Is Obama a homosexual hiding in the closet? Why won’t the media investigate the Larry Sinclair thing. Why won’t the media investigate the murders of Donald Young, Nate Spencer or Larry Bland? Why won’t they investigate Obama’s drug addiction? Obama looks to be having health problems too, he doesn’t look too good lately either… why won’t the media investigate that? Why won’t the media investigate Obama’s gay relationships with Reggie Love, Larry Sinclair and others? What about when Obama went to Jeremiah Wright’s church where he said “God Damn America”.

The media ignores that stuff and yet they are obsessed with Donald Trump’s personal and private life. Why don’t they dare look into the lives of the Obamas ’cause no one knows anything about them still? If the media wants to act like tough guys getting all over Trump, why don’t they investigate Barack and Michelle? So pathetic. I hate the media so much. Hate how one-sided and biased they really are.


The difference between Melania Trump and Michelle Obama… who is more patriotic???


The above pic is Melania Trump waving the crowd goodbye as she leaves the stage after a speech during a Trump rally in Wisconsin. The below pic is Michelle looking pissed off like she usually looks these days.

I’ll never forget when Michelle said back in 2008 when Barack’s campaign made her proud to be an American for the first time. A little flashback.


Listen to Melania’s speech below and compare Melania’s speech to Michelle’s speeches. Michelle has always been unpatriotic and disrespectful to America to her speeches so it’s nothing new.

Melania’s a class act and she’s way more patriotic than freakin’ Michelle. Sad thing that everybody worships Michelle and we can’t say bad things about her (or him).

Melania would make a better first lady for sure.


David Spade speaks the truth that the Obamas are always on TV, of course, liberals go mad!

I agree with David Spade… wholeheartedly. David speaks the truth that Barack and Michelle are always on TV… almost all of the time but liberals get mad like they typically do each time someone tells the truth about the Obamas.

Barack makes an appearance on some dumb reality show. He also made too many appearances on late night talk show over the years which includes Jay Leno, Letterman, Kimmel, etc. He also appears on quite a bit of interviews for news shows like Bill O’ Reilly and things like that.

Michelle appears on Ellen a bit too much and she appeared on a lot of late night talk shows as well.


I’ve always said for years that the Obamas have kept their focus on their celebrity status in Hollywood. It seems to me they want to be more like “celebrities” instead of political figures.

Sure Donald Trump is a celebrity and reality TV star but he’s not a politician, though. At least Donald Trump isn’t doing the next season of “Celebrity Apprentice” which is why he had Arnold take over as host. If Trump was ever elected president, I don’t think he’ll waste all of his time appearing on TV shows. He’ll spend most of his time in the oval office trying to “Make America Great Again”.

It is amazing how liberals get mad when someone wants to tell the truth about Barack and Michelle. When someone says bad things about them, that makes someone a bad person. It’s really quite sickening how this is. Fuck those dumbass libtards. Tired and fed up with ’em.


The conservative media wants to talk about Hillary’s wigs, what about Michelle Obama’s wigs?

Why won’t Matt Drudge mention this? Is the pic above is what Michelle really looks like under all that hair? Michelle seems to have different hairdo’s all the time as well. A little flashback Michelle sporting a bald head on her Jeopardy appearance a while back.


Michelle not happy with Barack Obama? What’s up???

Each time you see Michelle with Barack Obama she always has this frown on her face most of the time. The question you have to ask… is she not happy with her marriage with Barack Obama? That’s kind of what it’s looking like. Each time she travels with him, she looks angry and unhappy most of the time.

Looking at Michelle during the Pope visit videos, even though she was smiling a lot (of course she has to smile when the Pope is around), you can still see that she’s unhappy.

Barack and Michelle not getting along behind the scenes?  I would say she probably hates him just as much as the rest of us and he is probably a big pain in the ass to her. I would say that Barack is very controlling and verbally “abusive” to the family behind the scenes.

If Barack decides to step down from office in 2016 (If he does…), I have a feeling that a Barack and Michelle divorce is gonna happen sometime in the future.

It’s obvious they hate each other. Why do you think they spent so much time apart throughout Barack’s presidency? No matter what you think, something is definitely up with these two and it’s not good at all!



Where are Michelle Obama’s pregnant pictures? Find me some if you can…

I’ve always wondered this myself. There are plenty of photos of Malia and Sasha when they were babies but there is not one photo of Michelle pregnant. Was she ever pregnant?

Also where is Michelle’s birth certificate? I think her birth certificate is worth a look as well.

Most famous women over the years have shown pregnant photos of themselves but Michelle never had.

It’s pretty obvious that both Michelle and Barack has something to hide.


First look at the Barack and Michelle movie, “Southside With You”…

Yep, Michelle and Barack Obama are coming out with their own biopic movie. Oh yay, goody goody, I’m excited…. NOT!!!!!

The movie will focus on their days when they first met in the year 1989… where they also supposedly had their first date and their first kiss.

There is even a monument put up in Chicago in Hyde Park where Michelle and Barack supposedly had their first kiss. That’s what the movie is gonna be based on.

I have chosen the word, “supposedly” ’cause I don’t know if there is any truth to any of this ’cause like always, it’s hard to believe everything when it comes to Barack Obama. I’m sure this movie will be full of inaccuracies. I’m also sure this movie is gonna be an attempt to shoot down rumors of the Obamas sexuality. You know, Barack possibly being gay and Michelle being a man… they’re trying to squash those rumors.

This movie sounds like Oscar bait for sure and if they give this movie the Best Picture win, I’m gonna be pissed and will be done with the Oscars for good if that happens.

I’m gonna stay away from this movie and avoid it like the plague. I won’t even see it on DVD/BluRay and won’t wait for TV either. I probably will check out the trailer though but that’s about it.

Barack Obama and Michelle aren’t even an actual couple, they never were. I read they were put together by Rev. Jeremiah Wright and arranged them for the wedding. Look it up yourself. If you don’t know what an “arranged” wedding means, it means that the couple was selected and they weren’t found by each other as in selected by a third party. Barack married her to cover up his homosexuality and to get himself into politics later in the years. Remember Obama and Michelle married in 1992 and Barack’s career as Senator began in 2004 so that says something doesn’t it?

Who knows… I think the first kiss at Hyde Park may have never actually happened at all. I wouldn’t be surprised.


Just wait until Michelle Obama comes out as a transgender man!!!

If you think America’s obsession with Caitlyn Jenner is bad, just wait until Michelle Obama comes out of the closet as a transgender man. Whenever Michelle decides to do it, the media obsession about her coming out as transgender would get a lot worse. It’ll get much worse than the Bruce Jenner/Caitlyn stuff. As soon as the news of Bruce Jenner announcing that he’s Caitlyn, the world exploded. There’s all kinds of mixed reactions and a huge debate sparked out of this. Each time someone wants to get grossed out over Caitlyn Jenner, those fucking liberals will predictably attack you saying things like, “You shouldn’t judge” and all that stuff. Liberals are trying their best to get us to accept the transgender just like they try to shove gay marriage down our throats. First they shoved gay marriage down our throats, now they are doing that with this “transgender” bullshit. You can’t even have your own opinion on the “transgender” or “transexuals” whatever you want to call them.

Like I said, if you think Caitlyn Jenner was bad… just wait until all this happens with Michelle Obama. There’s no doubt at all that she’s a freakin’ man. It’s all pretty well-documented that the media seems to ignore. More and more people are starting to wake up and realize that Michelle is a freakin’ man. Just read all the comments in facebook whenever a news organization makes a post about Michelle, you’ll see people in the comments saying that she’s a “man”. You’ll see the same in youtube and other news articles when they wanna to talk about Michelle positively, people will say she’s a man. I think more people started to see it ’cause of Joan Rivers and Michelle’s appearance on Ellen when she was doing that dance.

When will Barack and Michelle come out of the closet? I predict pretty soon. Since they are trying to promote, “gay rights” and “gay marriage”, I think it’ll be pretty soon. Maybe toward the end of Barack’s presidency or after.

Whenever Michelle comes out as transgender man, the media obsession will explode. Liberals will be obsessed with her/him and this Caitlyn Jenner will be forgotten.

Is this a new way to get fame and fortune? Is this a clever way for a famous person to get richer? Come out as transgender and this is a major career boost for them. All this Chaz Bono stuff was bad enough.

I can’t stand today’s mainstream media. It’s getting worse and worse.