Where is Michelle Obama? She (or a he) is no longer needed for Barack to help hide his homosexuality… that’s why you haven’t seen her with him lately…

So Barack Obama is no longer president. Why haven’t you seen Barack with Michelle lately ever since Barack left the White House??? Well, Michelle was used as a cover up to help hide Barack’s homosexuality during his presidency. Now that Barack is no longer the president, he doesn’t need her (or him) anymore. So will Barack and Michelle get a divorce soon?

To all you Barack and Michelle fanatics out there, you’ll have to admit this time that Barack and Michelle has been seen apart lately. This is just my theory on why.

You’ve seen Barack vacationing with Richard Branson which looks like Barack is having the time of his life:


You’ve got to admit that something is definitely going on. Barack and Michelle has always been a fake couple. They’re not real. They were married by third party. It’s true. Look it up.

So Barack and Michelle to come out of the closet very soon? If it does happen, the media will applaud them for it just like they applauded Caitlyn Jenner. The Caitlyn Jenner thing was just paving the way for Barack and Michelle to come out of the closet. Despite Barack and Michelle releasing a book soon, I don’t think you’ll see them two together again. Michelle was just around for his presidency to help hide his gay lifestyle and that’s it.

Each time I talk about this, a lot of people laugh at me and call me a delusional conspiracy theorist but there are plenty of hints out there that Barack maybe gay and hiding in the closet. Watch the Larry Sinclair press conference of him talking about it and also read up on the Donald Young murder, you’ll see.



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