NeverTrump idiot crowd, a new mental disorder???

I remember before the NeverTrump movement happened, liberalism used to be a mental disorder. Liberalism is still a mental disorder but it seems that liberalism has turned into the NeverTrump movement. Not only liberals are in the NeverTrump movement… there are also libertarians and some so-called “conservatives” that are in on the NeverTrump crowd as well.

I would definitely say that the NeverTrump idiot crowd is definitely the new mental disorder. Debating with those people is like talking to a brick wall for sure. I try my best not to debate politics with them but there are times when you feel that you must debate with them when they get out of hand ’cause they really do get out of hand a lot.

Most of those NeverTrump people are pretty much brainwashed by fake news MSM and social networking memes. Ya know, social networking memes… memes that attacks Trump on FB & Twitter. The NeverTrump crowd just love those anti-Trump memes. The funny thing is, most of those anti-Trump memes are always completely false and silly. They know this but they will never admit it. They just love attacking Trump out of pure entertainment and for their own amusement. They’re so obsessed with attacking Trump, it’s just crazy. They don’t care whether or not the info they share about Trump is wrong, they’ll do anything to attack Trump. That’s all they care about. That’s all they got, saying nothing but negative things about Trump… all the time.

I see liberals, libertarians and some so-called conservatives post anti-Trump stuff in FB everyday. No doubt, they are insane and misinformed people. Still thinking that the MSM is credible source of news. For many years on my blogs, I’ve tried my best to warn my readers not to trust the MSM but they never listen to me. Nobody really listens to me, unfortunately.

The NeverTrump crowd are a piece of work for sure. You say positive stuff about Trump or try to defend him, they’ll never listen to you. They’ll always think of Trump in a negative light no matter what you say. They really do think you’re wrong for supporting Trump. They’ll think you’re a despicable and horrible person when they find out if you do support Trump. That’s because the fake news MSM made them think that way. The MSM and FB memes are not a good way to get your political info. The reality is, it’s a good thing to support Trump and it’s what we really needed for the country.

There are those that still keep thinking that Trump doesn’t keep promises, more proof of MSM brainwashing. The reality is Trump has been keeping almost every promise ever since he got sworn in.

It’s really sad to me to see all these people in the NeverTrump idiot crowd continuing to get lied to and fooled by the MSM. They really believe they’re credible source??? I never trusted the MSM for a long time and still don’t.







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