Hope Bernie is enjoying this day today, Bernie just got exposed by Rachel Maddow!!!



Bernie Sanders, the same guy who does nothing but rail against rich people, having a steal from the rich and give to the poor attitude. Enjoy your 3 homes, Bern, you hypocritical scum bag!

For a long while: Bernie, Hillary and all the NeverTrump idiots has been slandering Trump about not paying taxes. They begged and begged him to release his tax returns but since the dumb cunt on MSNBC, Rachel Maddow illegally leaked Trump’s past tax returns… the Never Trump crowd didn’t get the response they were looking for. They were looking to expose Donald Trump as a fraud who doesn’t pay his taxes but turns out that Trump does pay a lot of his taxes. Bernie pays less taxes… Obama and Mitt Romney too.

Instead of trying to expose Trump as a fraud, I think she just exposed Bernie Sanders as a fraud when she didn’t even realize it. Sure enough, Rachel defends herself and cries “1st amendment” and calls herself “real news”.

It is funny, though. The NeverTrump  crowd are imploding over this ’cause this wasn’t the response they wanted. They’re going crazy. They can’t find a way to defend themselves over this one.

Of course Trump pays his taxes, ya think? You that delusional? Trump owns a very successful empire so of course he have to pay his taxes so he can survive in business. If he never paid his taxes then he wouldn’t survive in entrepreneurship for this long. If he never paid  his taxes then his career in business would have been over a long time ago and he would have been locked up.

It’s interesting how the NeverTrump crowd are so obsessed over Trump’s tax returns. I don’t care about Trump’s tax returns. Obama never showed his real b.c. and never unsealed his other records either. Why always so one-sided on transparency?




One thought on “Hope Bernie is enjoying this day today, Bernie just got exposed by Rachel Maddow!!!”

  1. President Trump has a rally today starting at 6:30 from Tennessee it’s on live stream

    PS: Bernie Sanders is a Bum

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