If the media wants to get into Trump’s personal life and sex life so much, why not get into Michelle and Barack’s private life?

So the mainstream media wants to obsess with Mr. Trump’s personal life and sex life so much. They try all they can to dig deep into Mr. Trump’s private life and they think it’s okay to do. If they are capable of doing that then I’m sure they are capable of digging up the past of Michelle and Barack. I really believe the private life of Michelle and Barack should be investigated ’cause they aren’t really who the media says they are at all. Media wants to make people believe that Michelle and Barack are this sweet and happy go lucky couple who love each other so much when that is not true at all.

Michelle and Barack are not a real married couple at all. They were married by a 3rd party. If you do a little digging and research, it was Jesse Jackson who was the one who helped put them together. I’m sticking by my views about Michelle and Barack’s private life that Michelle is not even a woman. She (or a he) is either a man dressed as a woman or this person could be a she-male. Take your pick. More clues that Michelle was born a man is that watch her dance on the Ellen show and you can see her bulge. There are no photos of Michelle pregnant when she had her two daughters.

Barack’s personal life? Oh man, I can go on all day about this. Where’s the real birth certificate? Is Obama a homosexual hiding in the closet? Why won’t the media investigate the Larry Sinclair thing. Why won’t the media investigate the murders of Donald Young, Nate Spencer or Larry Bland? Why won’t they investigate Obama’s drug addiction? Obama looks to be having health problems too, he doesn’t look too good lately either… why won’t the media investigate that? Why won’t the media investigate Obama’s gay relationships with Reggie Love, Larry Sinclair and others? What about when Obama went to Jeremiah Wright’s church where he said “God Damn America”.

The media ignores that stuff and yet they are obsessed with Donald Trump’s personal and private life. Why don’t they dare look into the lives of the Obamas ’cause no one knows anything about them still? If the media wants to act like tough guys getting all over Trump, why don’t they investigate Barack and Michelle? So pathetic. I hate the media so much. Hate how one-sided and biased they really are.



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