Despite all the media attacks against Trump, he’s still 43% above Hillary in the “real” polls…

Media wants to continue to brainwash you into thinking that Trump’s campaign is failing. They make disgusting lies that Trump’s campaign is coming to an end. All of that is just a bunch of bullshit. Trump’s campaign is still alive and well. Actually, Trump’s campaign has gotten much stronger than ever before ’cause he’s still filling up huge arenas all over the US at his rallies.

Media wants to continue to make fraudulent polls that Hillary is in the lead but those are fake polls… here is the real poll.

The poll that matters most is Nov. 8th. That’s the day when we’ll prove the NeverTrump idiots wrong. Nov. 8th will be a history making day. I can’t wait to see the NeverTrump idiots reaction when Trump wins the General Election that day by a landslide. Election Day is like 3 or 4 weeks away.

I made a vow about a year ago that if Trump wins the election, I’ll make a celebration video of myself singing the “National Anthem” and celebrate with a bottle of champagne. I still plan to do that Nov. 8th.

America has spoken. We want Trump! Liberals and the media got Barack Obama as president. It’s our turn to pick who we want this time around!



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